General Assembly Meeting #70 | December 19, 2022

On Monday, December 19, at 7 pm UTC/GMT (2 pm EST) we heard from Sue Grey, Jane Gunn, and Karen Churchill at World Council for Health General Assembly Meeting #70.

🇳🇿 Sue Grey: The Fight for Blood — An Urgent Update from New Zealand

Sue provided us with an update from New Zealand on the fight for mRNA-free blood.

Watch Sue Grey’s presentation.

  • Sue Grey is an environmental lawyer based in Nelson, New Zealand, and the co-leader of the New Zealand Outdoors and Freedom Party.
  • She works to promote medicinal cannabis rights and to highlight the health issues around COVID-19 vaccination and 5G technology.
  • Sue has been in court representing the request of parents of baby Will – in need of urgent life-saving heart surgery—to have unvaccinated blood during a necessary blood transfusion.

🇬🇧 Jane Gunn: Medical Negligence & the Principles of Mediation

Jane gave a stellar presentation on medical negligence and the principles of mediation.

Watch Jane Gunn’s presentation.

  • Jane Gunn is a former city solicitor, now a full-time mediator with 20 years’ experience of mediating commercial cases.
  • She has mediated hundreds of disputes and is frequently chosen for her extensive mediation experience as well as her ability to handle complex and emotive cases.
  • Accredited in 1996 (CEDR) she is a Mediator Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators a CMC registered mediator and an IMI (The International Mediation Institute) Certified International Mediator

🇬🇧 Karen Churchill: Action Against 5G UK Court Case

Karen updated us on the forthcoming Action Against 5G Hearing in February 2023.

Watch Karen Churchill’s presentation.

  • Karen Churchill holds a BSc in Astronomy, Physiology and Biology, has worked for 10 years as a Computer Systems Analyst/Programmer and has a diploma in Vibrational Medicine.
  • She has been working full-time for the last three years to challenge the UK government on the biological impact of EMF wireless radiation including 5G. She is one of three claimants on the Action Against 5G Judicial Review. She is also passionate about studying and applying alternative medicines having been diagnosed with ME CFS and a Functional Neurological disorder.
  • Karen will be speaking about the forthcoming Action Against 5G Hearing on Monday 6th & Tuesday 7th February.

Matters Arising | December 19, 2022

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  1. I think mediation is out the window as far as any public authority/government organisation is concerned, and we are wasting our time with civilised, reasonable arguments, let alone a display of credible evidence to support the genocide that is going on. 5G is a continuing part of such genocide along with weather manipulation now, and pushing of the vaccination of babies and children on-going. Still, some of us plod on with informing the public and writing the never-ending letters that are ignored. I publish the World Council for Health website on my garden gate along with other evidence of death and destruction. What I can say, is that the public reaction to 100 Dead , mainly young people displayed on A3 paper in the town centre certainly made an impact a couple of weeks ago and this has also, been done at the HSJ Conference in Manchester and UK Health Security Conference in Leeds last month. Having protocols to help the poor people who are vaccinated is our focus and important for anyone seeing these images.
    We have also, informed local people around existing cell towers regarding the high levels of RF emitted, which they are living with. This includes one person who reported severe headaches to the doctor before he received information regarding 5G. He was diagnosed with migraines but quickly established from a holiday how these disappeared. Much appreciate having the knowledge and support from these very professional people across the world. Thank you.