General Assembly Meeting | March 28, 2022

Rewatch the full March 28, 2022 World Council for Health General Assembly Meeting with guest speaker Dr Loretta Bolgan (Italy). Dr Val Fraser joined us from the United Kingdom to introduce us to WCH Coalition Parter Safer to Wait and Dr David Weller joined us from New Zealand to introduce us to Coalition Partner NatuneHeal. A transcript of this meeting can be found below.

Dr Loretta Bolgan: Demystifying Vaccine Contents

Dr Loretta Bolgan is a scientific consultant with a PhD in Pharmaceutical Science. Experienced in chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, cellular biology, and registration dossier of medicines. Dr Bolgan has experience in vaccines and environmental damage.

Dr Val Fraser introduces WCH Coalition Partner, Safer to Wait

Dr Val Fraser is a former teacher, university teacher educator, and school inspector. She is interested in natural health and natural health for children.

In May of last year, Dr Fraser joined with other professionals in the fields of medicine, science, education, and law to launch, Safer to Wait, a campaign dedicated to providing information to parents for informed consent for children’s
Covid injections.

Dr David Weller introduces WCH Coalition Partner, NatuneHeal

A trained and experienced Scientist for over 20 years, Dr Weller’s background includes the fields of Biomedical Science and Cell and Molecular Biology, as well as Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

In 2018, Dr Weller founded NatuneHeal, a Holistic Wellness & BioEnergy Therapy Centre. NatuneHeal has moved away from a purely biochemical focus to a combined one that incorporates BioEnergy Medicine to assist with a full restoration of our natural harmonic resonance. Its services include Natural AntiCancer Support, Ayurvedic Naturopathy, BioEnergy Scanning, and Frequency Therapy, Herbal Medicine, Ozone Therapy, Quantum Energy Healing, and Vibrational Medicine. In 2020, the Wellness Centre received the Award for Best Holistic Health & Spa Centre of the Year (New Zealand).

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on March 28, 2022. The full meeting can also be found on Rumble and Odysee.


WCH – GA Meeting – March 28, 2022 === [00:00:00] Dr. Katarina Lindley: Thank you everyone for joining us today, March 28th, 2022 at the World Council for Health General Assemby. It’s a pleasure and an honor to be with you today here. My name is Dr. Katarina Lindley. I’m from Texas and my co-host today is Dr. Maria Hubmer Mogg from, uh Austria So thank you all for joining us and coming to spend some time with us today. World Council for Health is for the people from the people, and we are delighted to be hosting speakers from around the world on our platform and welcome different perspectives. We would like to point out however that the opinions of our guest speakers don’t necessarily represent the opinion of the World Council for Health. This meeting is live and not rehearsed. Therefore errors and emissions are possible. Please keep yourself on mute during the meeting, please adhere to the code of conduct to facilitate respectful and open discussion. To our partners in the meeting, please write your questions in the chat [00:01:00] with the Q at the front, and Maria will help me. And we will never ask for remote control of your screen. Please voice any requests that come through that seem unusual to you. Our mission statement is that we are a nonprofit organization for the people that is informed and funded by the people. Our global coalition of health focused organization and civil society groups, seeks to broaden public health knowledge, and sense-making through science and shared wisdom. We are dedicated to safeguarding human rights and freewill while empowering people to take control of their health and wellbeing. There is a better way. And we are committed to creating it together with you. Our values are freedom, community integrity, transparency, and empowerment. As you can see that we have many partners from over 50 countries and we are delighted to have your participate here with us today. And this a save the date [00:02:00] poster. We are very, very excited for our first live conference Better Way Conference May 20th through 22 in Bath, UK, and is going to be a live conference. There is a better way, and we are committed to creating it together. So please, look for the, more information to register. We have a guest speaker, Dr. Lauretta Bolgan from Italy, our partner introduction, Dr. Val Frasier from Safer To Wait in UK and Dr. David Wella from New Zealand from National Health/Nation Heal Clinic. Dr. Loretta Bolgan — Dr. Katarina Lindley: And let’s start with our first speaker today. As we have heard from Dr. Loretta Bolgan, she is a, uh, certificate consultant with PhD in pharmaceutical science, from Italy experienced in chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, cellular biology, registration, dossier of medicine. She has a lot of experience in vaccines and [00:03:00] environmental damage. So Dr. Bogan, thank you for joining us today. Dr. Loretta Bolgan: Thank you very much. Thank you for the invitation. Dr. Katarina Lindley: I’ll ask you some questions, so that way they can all hear the question if you don’t mind. So you told us a little bit about your involvement in research in vaccines substances, and it goes back before these hasty manufacturer COVID-19 jobs. So can you tell us a little bit about the findings? Dr. Loretta Bolgan: Yeah, we are talking about the, the work that, I made with an association in Italy that is called Corvelva and, uh, this work was the consequence of another huge piece of work that I made with the Italian Parliamentary Commission on, uh, army people, and, uh, from this commission, the result was the, uh, vaccines, uh, made on army people that have never wanted to, [00:04:00] um, say to them outside of Italy, in places where, uh, they do operative exercise, we had a very high number of, uh, young guys that died mostly from cancer. So their results was the, uh, the, the procedure that was used to vaccinate these, uh, these guys. So I decided to perform an analysis of the vaccines, uh, considering that the same vaccines, so that they’re made for army people, they are the same and that they use it for children. And in that time, and we had, the huge problem in Italy of the compulsory vaccination. So, um, in 2017, [00:05:00] we had the law for compulsory vaccination, ten of them eh, ten of them and, uh, eh, let’s say that, that the main results are that we had from this kind of analysis was that, uh, the, vaccines have inside measles, rubella, chickenpox, and, mumps, um, that they are highly contaminated with, uh, fetus cells lines DNA. So we can say that these kinds of vaccines are fetal DNA vaccines and not altered live virus vaccines. So actually with these results, we brought it to the national registration authorities and also to EMA, [00:06:00] but so far we didn’t have any results from, from them They say that they answer to me many times that the vaccines are fine, like they are made and contamination are not absolutely a danger for the children and also they didn’t want to perform any new analysis to confirm our results. Also we analyzed that the 61??? Vaccine, the one that is a protein based vaccine with aluminum inside and also the, uh, papillomavirus vaccine Gardasil 9. And these two kinds of vaccines, they’re highly contaminated by chemical impurities. And, uh, and those are where we have a problem [00:07:00] that the protein changes the conformation inside of the vaccine and becomes… the protein becomes. Um, insoluble and make like a very big deposit in the vial and this is not a very easy to, um, to destroy, to try to analyze it. So after another kind of analysis that we made, that we can say that the aluminum, that he used like adiuvant inside of the vaccines. They, they create an aggregate that is very similar to prions you know, some kind of protein so that. they cause encephalitis that can really damage the children because the aluminum with this kind of practice [00:08:00] can pass to the lymphatic system and deposit in the brain of the child that is vaccinated. So let’s say that there is a lot of studies that tell us that vaccines from children that are highly contaminated, and for sure that can be considered ineffective vaccines and they shouldn’t be put on the market for sure. Dr. Katarina Lindley: It’s such an incredible work. Thank you. so what response have you had to your work from the public and from the Italian public health authorities? Dr. Loretta Bolgan: So you see we took our to different institutions because they were very severe results, you needed to consider that, er, we performed analysis metagenomic analysis, and, Mass spectrometric analysis we have completed one . We repeat the [00:09:00] analysis with the same samples in another level, so we did the Interlevel validation and, uh, and we did for more than one sample, more batches of vaccines. so the results were confirmed. The institution didn’t answer to us, so we are still waiting for an answer from them. So they didn’t care at all about our studies, and their answer was, since we didn’t perform an analysis in the labs that are from, the institution, like EMA laboratories. they didn’t have any value actually. Dr. Katarina Lindley: Thank you. And, um, you have also going to do some publication to demystify vaccines and the potential side effects. [00:10:00] Can you tell us a little bit more about, uh, the articles that you published? Dr. Loretta Bolgan: Regarding the pediatric vaccines, have we made it to publication. One it was peer reviewed and published in PubMed and this is also the, uh, protocol that we use to analyze a vaccines metagenomic protocol, NGS, uh, um, analysis. And, uh, the other was, was the mass spectrometry protocol. But this one, eh, we is still in preprint because actually we couldn’t finish completely the testing of the vaccines regarding the chemical contamination so unfortunately we should close this one before we can be able to, to publish with the peer review, we will be able to so [00:11:00] something, but it’s very expensive most of it, so we have some limitation to finish to this kind of work. Instead for the publication of this one regarding the COVID-19 and vaccine, I didn’t publish anything with peer review, I just, uh, publish on my website, many kinds of small books that you can download in PDF, described the, mechanism of the damage of vaccination damage for, mRNA vaccines and, uh, the damage of a spike protein, and, uh, that I’m finishing the one, uh, with the, the adenovirus vector vaccines, plus, uh, I’m continuing to study the vaccination damage, now we have a lot of publications let’s say [00:12:00] that, that we can, uh, that they can support, the knowledge about the mechanism for damage. Dr. Katarina Lindley: And Dr. Bolgan what’s your website for those who would like to see the papers you have on your website? Dr. Loretta Bolgan: Yeah, actually it’s in Italian. The first book was translated to English also. If you can see, and I can, write on the chapter. Dr. Katarina Lindley: Great. Then we’ll share that in the chat. Dr. Loretta Bolgan: Yeah. And the first book was actually, uh, regarding the FastTrack authorization that they did them and, um, or already it was possible to know what were the, what the could be the, the main problems with these kind of vaccines. So already in May, 2020, we could, have a prediction of most of the, of the vaccination damage that we are seeing now. So they are really [00:13:00] not justified to FastTrack the authorisation with this kind of product, medical product… Yeah. Dr. Katarina Lindley: So together with Dr. Spichani you have founded The Italian Society of Doctors. Can you tell us a little bit more about the organization? Dr. Loretta Bolgan: I’m collaborating with many doctors, biologists, many other, professionals that work on the, health, issue, most of, uh, any kind of, professional, uh, figure that they can take care of the health of the people. And, uh, you know, the main problem in Italy is that, the, physician, nurses, biologist, they can’t work, uh, if they’re not vaccinated and, this is a really serious thing. Let’s say that this very big problem for the people because [00:14:00] they can’t get cures, you know, so there are many immediate, uh, limitation also for people that want to go to the hospital. Let’s say during the time they change them many times, these things, so these things so can’t say that the, from the beginning was so severe the problem, but in Italia many, um, physicians and doctors, biologists, said that they are not in the condition to work. So the idea to create this society, Italian Society of Medicine, comes from this, necessity to put all together, the professions that want to react to this, problem that, uh, gave me to the possibility to, to work, uh, for, for doctors mostly. I know that the, now the society is, doing a very strong legal action also [00:15:00] to try to see if it can, uh, get back to work and got most of the money back for the months that they didn’t work and they didn’t get paid. Dr. Katarina Lindley: Thank you. And, um, I’m from Croatia and I lived in Italy for a while. I lived in, Bassano Del Grappa. I was probably close to where you are, so I wanted to ask you, how is the situation in Italy now and what are, what is, what are the things that everyone is struggling with? Dr. Loretta Bolgan: From the beginning of April, there will be the possibility to, to do more things without the vaccination, let’s say this. Uh, but the problem of the Green Pass is still there, we have still the limitation to do many things, if you don’t have the Green Pass and, to have Green Pass you needed to do a rapid test, the COVID test. And, this is, uh, something that is really unacceptable [00:16:00] because you consider that we don’t have any more, any kind of epidemic in Italy. And, uh, the purpose is just to keep this control on the population with the green pass, actually. So, uh, movement. Yeah. People are moving so many manifestations, I mean, people go to protest for that . But, you know, we don’t have too many results and let’s say that to be a, some sentences, very good or legal, sentences that, give us some moral opening, but there are too much trust on our politicians because we know that, they don’t care too much about these things, so they decide without considering if the people, agree or not, uh, I will say that the people definitely do not agree. They vote for more anyway. So it’s not the very easy situation, [00:17:00] at all. Dr. Katarina Lindley: And from your work, I understand that you believe that we need to reform the vital sectors of the society with more of a local community approach independent from the current system. So kind of more decentralized where we are right now. So, can you tell me a little bit more about that? Dr. Loretta Bolgan: Yeah. I’m thinking about this too, because on one side I’m working on vaccination damage because I think that the people that, has severe or even not the severe vaccination damage that they needed to be cured. We need also to prevent the vaccination damage where it’s possible. And this is a major work because I’m afraid that, that, uh, the number of vaccinated people that are going to have severe damage is going to grow. So I’m working with many doctors in Italy to try to study this. But besides this I’m taking [00:18:00] care also the, preparation for what we call the new reset for us not The Great Reset that they want to do on the other side. So let’s say that the, the points are the main points of this work to cover all Italy, so it’s a national problem, we are trying to, uh, to find credit how you say … Moneta Credito? Credit currency. Eh, this credit currency is, is very important because it helps to exchange, um, goods primary goods in particular, but also services and services like preschool and health, like private visit from doctors. [00:19:00] So this kind of plan uh, is already advanced that they say that, that we, we have already, two, three coins so that we can use them with the system and the credit, um, coin is, uh, already circulating in Italy. And maybe we need to do some testing. They say some experiments to see for the, um, this kind of work it can, uh, can be, uh, feasible. And also we are working a lot on energy autonomy. So we are finalizing different projects, um, how to put, uh, a family or a community in a situation that they can be, um, uh, can be able to, to provide, uh, energy, let’s say gas [00:20:00] and electricity without having to spend too much money. I think this one is, is, uh, a big issue in this moment. Let’s say that the the workers, it’s necessary to put the people in contact with each other. So we need also a platform and a platform that people can meet and exchange things.. And for there to be plenty of platforms so that they’re growing -some of them are, they’re very strong, very, very bigger already and, uh, I think that is this kind of work is going to help very much the people to connect with each other. That’s the main thing that we need to do. Let’s say that there is a huge movement in Italy for this thing and that is going to go, let’s say against what they’re doing, our [00:21:00] politicians, because we are trying to build up from the, population, this thing. My opinion would be, it would, , going to have a good, the results for this kind of work, hopefully. I will say that the personally I’m taking care about the, agriculture, to put the, the farms together, so they can exchange their goods through all Italy, with this kind of system. Dr. Katarina Lindley: I think one of the things that pandemic showed us is that, uh, how important is community and working together and the human connection. Dr. Loretta Bolgan: You can create a close group community where you can have people stay in one place and pretty big place, but you can have all the things that you need. The idea right now is to put the people, to connect the people from where they are, because we don’t have time to [00:22:00] grow new community. There are many communities already in Italy that are really born before COVID-19 but eh, still in this moment is very important and when you are from your house or your home, you can connect to the people and to try to exchange what you have and that it can be a good or can be a service that can go to the community. Let’s say that we have plenty of solutions. Dr. Katarina Lindley: Well, thank you so much for answering all these questions. In the chat, there was a question about, the website for your organization, for the one with Dr. Speciani . And Dr. Maria, are there any, are there any questions you would like to ask? Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg: Yes. Hi everybody. There are questions. One of them from [WCH] steering committee member, Mark Trozzi, Mark asks, with human fetal cells and DNA [00:23:00] in these various vaccines, should we expect this as a trigger to a variety of auto immune diseases like vaccinated against human cells? Dr. Loretta Bolgan: Yeah. Dr. Deisher, Theresa Deisher did a big study about the risk to have this kind of a contamination in vaccines for children. We have different, different possibilities because the fetal DNA can integrate in another genome. Uh, they say a hundred percent of integration. So this kind of, uh, reaction of the vaccine can, uh, damage the DNA violently and, uh, the person where the integration comes, because, you know, if there are, uh, genes that regulate the, um, [00:24:00] the replication of the cell, we can have a tumors so cancer, or if it goes in another kind of, uh, genes, like the one related to the developmental of the child, we can have, uh, diseases related to the development, like, autism uh, or syndromes that, we can see a huge growth unfortunately on the children that are vaccinated. they say that, uh, autism could be one of the main diseases so that they can be related to this kind of contamination. Auto-immune diseases here can be in this one too, for sure, because is, DNA from another human being so we can have auto-immune diseases against the DNA of the person, so can be very severe auto-immune [00:25:00] diseases. Thank you. We have another question from Stefan Becker; have you ever seen in other vaccines, the huge variation of active or passive ingredients, like it has been demonstrated with the mRNA vaccines, they have huge intercharge variations. Let’s say that the pediatric vaccines , they demonstrated to be, heavily contaminated. This contamination are not, controlled by the pharmaceutical company or the, authorities. So there were user variation between one batch to the other ones, I didn’t analyze, uh COVID vaccines, so I don’t know really what is the content and so, there are some results from, uh, some tests in the data with the electronic microscope, but it seems more [00:26:00] than that. So I think we need to wait for more control studies for COVID-19. But since, let’s say the, vaccines for the children, they are very defective that’s for sure. Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg: Thank you. Again from Mark Trosdey????, if we do not support their COVID agenda, claiming that these injections of viral genetic material and various undisclosed ingredients are vaccines, what do you like to call them to be accurate and not support the fraud that these are just vaccines. And Mark says he generally calls them forced injections. Dr. Loretta Bolgan: We talk about the, uh, from the pharmaceutical point of view, these are vaccines, because you need to consider that the definition of vaccines is that, you inject them to help the people produce [00:27:00] antibodies that can, this should have been necessary to protect the person against that infection. Certainly that to be protected, from infection of the virus. And the consequences is that we are protected against a disease caused by a virus. So it actually, in retrospect, we know, that the complication of COVID is not really, caused by the virus because we know that this is the immune system that attack all the tissues when the virus is not there anymore. So we can’t say that the virus is the main cause of COVID because sometimes what happens is, the person is even asymptomatic, doesn’t have any symptom, but is impacted, it can infect other people. [00:28:00] The complication is caused by the activation of other microorganisms like other viruses or other bacteria that they are very serious and they can really damage the person. So we can call them GMO vaccines, or genome based vaccines. Because for the first time we introduced only the gene that produces the protein that is able to induce the production of antibodies. We can distinguish them from the, uh, traditional one that they are protein based vaccine and they’re normally contain a adiuvants, but from mRNA vaccine so adenoviral vector vaccines and protein based vaccine despite protein is still [00:29:00] always the, sorry, it’s still the antigenic protein. So it might be nice corrected to call them vaccines even if they are a new generation of them. Uh, we have to consider also the path that this kind of vaccines, they’re not really different in the, in the mechanism of action from the attenuated live virus vaccines, because let’s say that the, the attenuated virus vaccine, so the, in this case, the virus is able to replicate inside the cells and the mRNA vaccines they are made to avoid the adverse reaction caused by this kind of traditional [00:30:00] vaccines. So in their mind, this kind of a new generation of vaccines, they are an improvement on what we had and they should be better in terms of efficacy and also safety. So you can imagine the, traditional platform and whatever they are, this should be a better improvement. Dr. Katarina Lindley: We have one last question from, um, Dr. David Vela from New Zealand, um, to your knowledge, have there been any proper risk assessment on the genetic DNA components detected in the vaccines? There was a publication where they, they did the NGS sequencing of the mRNA vaccine of Pfizer, but it was in my opinion fraud, beacuse when I know that there was a [00:31:00] lab that they try to use the same analytical methods to replicate there is doubts they did what they need to do to do. And so actually, I don’t know anybody that was able to, to perform at the sequencing of the mRNA vaccines, so I put that to somebody will be able to make it. Personally I didn’t see anything yet. Well, Dr. Bolgan, thank you for your time and thank you for answering all of my questions. And, uh, we are grateful for your time here today with us. Dr. Loretta Bolgan: Welcome. Dr. Valerie Fraser — Dr. Katarina Lindley: So our next speaker is Dr. Val Fraser. Dr. Val Fraser is a former teacher, university teacher educator and Ofsted school inspector. She continues in her current role as an education advisor for a local authority in the UK. As well as her specialism in education, she has had a long interest in natural health and in particular natural health for children. In may of last year, [00:32:00] she joined with other professionals across the fields of medicine, science, education, and law to form a group which launched the Safer To Wait campaign. This is dedicated to providing information to parents for informed consent for children’s COVID vaccination. And at this time, especially in UK, this is more important than ever. So thank you, Dr. Fraser for joining us today. Dr. Valerie Fraser: Thank you. Thank you for having me. Okay So I’ve, I’ve structured this, presentation into a few parts, basically, what is Safter to Wait, which is the campaign. My involvement alongside others, how it came about, what we did and continue to do and how successful it has been. And then obviously there’ll be some questions and answers. So we’ve got an introductory slide there and I’ve asked Zoe to do these slides for me. I should say that the slides coming up there aren’t very many of them, they may be a bit text-heavy, but I want to reassure you not to panic because they mostly serve as visual [00:33:00] aids because everything I’m going to show you is really the structure of the website we’ve got and a few other things, and you can have a look at that in your leisure and read it. So there really isn’t a great deal of reading to do. And, if we could, remove the slide presentation for a while, I’ll just talk a little bit of background. The campaign was to provide information for parents, factual information, and it was designed to inform consent or lack of consent, but facts. And whilst I’m the face of this this evening, I should say, I work very closely with a small group of people, three others, and we have been largely anonymous. In fact, this, we haven’t done any interviews. Uh, we haven’t. Um, in fact, this is the first time we’ve presented. I’ve presented to a wider audience, um, than just our closed communities. And there’s been a reason for that. We wanted to be anonymous. So, I mean, you know, we’re not trying to build ourselves up as some kind of, Banksy artist and the enigma that goes with him. If you know his work. [00:34:00] We very much felt that the campaign needed to stand on for, by itself. We wanted it to have its own authority. We didn’t want it to be, um, contaminated by personalities and characters. And particularly we didn’t want to be targeted because we had such important work to get information out to parents that we couldn’t risk that, we felt. Um, so I’m an educationalist that’s already been explained and it was almost like my two worlds collided really in my whole professional life, trying to help children become the best versions of themselves. Plus my interest in natural health, just converged really into this campaign. There happened to be a group of professionals all around May time, 2021 in the UK who were alarmed when we were alerted that the government were going to roll the COVID vaccines out to children. And you’ve had Dr. Ross Jones, the retired pediatrician on here, she instigated a large group of scientists, doctors, lawyers, teachers, parents, [00:35:00] and from the, and they informed the campaign. They gave us the evidence-base. They gave us the science and the references and the data. And then a small group of us worked on the Safer to Wait campaign, in terms of producing a leaflet for parents. Um, and we had a very, very conservative message, which was urging caution: it was safer to wait. Um, We didn’t go in. We don’t jab your kids or anything more dramatic than that. And it was deliberate because we needed, it was a political strategy really. We needed to meet the parents where they already were. It wasn’t that we were just wanting parents who believed in that we, what we believed and all due respect to Loretta who’s pointed out, you know, the, um, the, the harms in vaccines in general. I mean, that’s, that’s where I come from with my children being 30 and 27. They’ve not been vaccinated, but we couldn’t produce a message to parents that assumed that. [00:36:00] We didn’t want to be judging their past decisions. So we actually had a line in our leaflet, the addressed to parents we’ve said, as we know, children’s vaccines are safe and effective. And that was a compromise on, on all our parts. And especially me, I’ll take ownership for, for that writing or lots of input from others. Um, but we needed to meet them where they were. And we needed to say, yes, you’ve been a good parent. You know, you’ve done what you’ve done, but please, please pause before you consider that this is being a good parent, you know, this, this, you might want to have another think about. So that is where we were. Now, subliminally, there was also the Safer To Wait in a state of huge panic and fear across the country about illness, the Safer To Wait served that purpose. Um, I mean, I have to say it was probably even subliminal to us because we only reflected on that later, but, but nevertheless, um, we realized that that was part of the [00:37:00] drawing. Okay. So this is the leaflet that we produce. And Zoe, if we could show my second slide. Okay. So that was, that was the address. You don’t need to read it, you’ll find the updated version of this on our website. It was like a letter to parents and it was, and I’m quite used to writing letters to parents, you know, in my role as an educator. And so it was on the day, the mainstream media, announced this to the general public, that the government were going to roll it out that I wrote that it’s gone through various versions and had lots of input from others. And then, the next slide, this is the input, this is the evidence, the data, the arguments that our doctors and our scientists, that we’re indebted to. And so, that’s what we produced and that was ready to go in June the following month. All credit to my, my coworkers on all of that. So we knew that we could send it around on social media, but we also were aware that is, could be an echo chamber and we needed it to reach a wider audience. So we wanted [00:38:00] hard copies and we wanted them through letterboxes. That’s where my work came in really. I took some responsibility for how it was distributed. We have a movement in the UK, which, is called a stand in the park. It particularly took off in the UK, but it’s over the world. And we had 600 parks across the UK where people meet face to face, advertised on websites, where their park is and strangers meet, but who are aligned with the countering the COVID narrative. I was so fortunate that stand in the park wanted to work with me and support this. So we did work together. The organization took place face-to-face and via social media and those parks across the UK organize themselves, distributed leaflets locally. I was also able to work with the Workers of England Union who were on our side, who offered all the printing at cost. What I also did is, again, we got most [00:39:00] people involved because they could be anonymous, because it was just posting through letterboxes and they didn’t have to talk to people. However, I did construct a code of conduct, which was basically just giving them a few hints about if they did have interactions and, you know, a few scenarios and what they might say, but I also wanted to appeal to them that we come from a mind of compassion and a heart of compassion. We’re not there to be angry at parents. I asked them to consider that we need to behave like the elders of a tribe who can hear the danger coming, but our tribes people can’t. And so we’re going to try and alert them to the danger. And if we have to go into protective mode, then this leaflet is about protecting the tribe from the bottom up with the, with the youngest, with the children. Then we produced our websites and that had more detail and more resources. So this is our website. Now just a really interesting fact. Our [00:40:00] leaflet proceeded this, there was a little bit of a lag and we didn’t realize, but we had a rival organization, a counter opposing force in pounce position. From the minute we launched our website, they popped up, they only had one page. They were discrediting us and they were suggesting that this was a professional outfit no doubt with lots of money involved in launching it. Oh, how we laughed. There was no such thing, we’re all working on our kitchen tables, I can tell you. But the annoying thing is, theirs is called and it’s Google that finds that one, it doesn’t find ours. So we really have to spell out the website in order to get people to it. So it worked for their point of view. They’ve never updated it. They never needed to. So we have this landing page and this landing page is breaking news or the latest news and we try to update that whenever there’s a relevant issue to do a children’s COVID vaccines. And that’s the graph that goes with it, so it’s a [00:41:00] whole page and split into two for these slide purposes. And then we have these 10 tiles and these are aspects of the COVID vaccines as they affect children. So we’ve got things like a tile which says, low risk. We’ve got another, which says they’re not drivers. We’ve got another one that says , vaccines are new, no long-term data. And you can click on any one of those and it’ll take you to more resources. So if we go to the next slide, That will show you the serious and fatal adverse reactions, which have been reported, that’s just one aspect of it. Our attempt was to be authoritative, august. We wanted it evidence-based, we knew that readership was lay mostly, but we wanted it to be therefore reader-friendly, but informed. We wanted parents to know that they could trust our evidence. So we have the arguments here, we then have the visuals, so they can actually [00:42:00] see it. We were appealing to all different types of readers, you know the visual learners and readers as well. We want you to show them exactly where that secure evidence base, where all the references to the arguments that we’re making, we wanted it to be academic. We wanted it to be authoritative. They could trust us if you like. And this was where we had all the help from all our doctors and scientists who are working on these issues. And we didn’t set out to inform adults on adult vaccines, but actually when you’re talking about some of this, you know, new vaccines, no long-term data, it, of course it does inform adults about their own choices. And, we’ve got some evidence that actually, this also lowered the uptake for adults. Something like relative versus absolute risk. It was a real educative tool that the scientists and doctors gave us, which we could then put there so that parents [00:43:00] could understand it for children. So basically what are we doing now? We are updating our website. We’re putting up new resources. We’re putting updated references on there all the time. I say we I’ve had zero to do with this as I’ve already explained, I was involved in the distribution of the leaflet and of course I contribute to it but the website itself is two other colleagues. I kind of think of myself as being the Amazon driver really of this, but my creatives, my two colleagues have done wonders I think. We’ve got new projects planned, we’ve got a video Tik Tok with boards a bit like the Bob Dylan, subterranean blues, er, a child discarding boards with messages on them. We’ve got a singing project, children in train where children are singing ‘stop in the name of love’, but obviously we’ve reworked the lyrics. We’ve also got a five to 11 leaflet planned because 1st of April, which is only later this week, that’s when [00:44:00] our government are targeting the younger children. So I guess the last part really of the Safer to Wait thing is how successful have we been? Well, we had a vigorous uptake of the adult population and the children 12 to 16 has been on average 50%. So, in many ways, yes, it’s still a lowish take-up. Our success criteria wasn’t to produce a good leaflet, it was to try to reduce uptake. So we have been looking at that as carefully as we can. We knew that the jab uptake was highest in the highest socioeconomic areas. And there is also some evidence that where the campaign coverage was highest, that’s when the jab uptake was lowest in children. So I took my own area because obviously I was very invested in looking at the uptake figures and in Nottinghamshire which is the county that I live in, [00:45:00] in UK, 50,000 leaflets were delivered through letterboxes. And we had an uptake of 37%. And that was the lowest outside London and the 10th lowest in the country. So we know that when we do this, it reduces uptake or at least it would suggest it does, let’s put it that way. And we also coincidentally… Well, is it a coincidence? When I looked at the adult third dose booster, as it was called, then until we got the fourth It was also 37% and we were the 10th, same statistics, 10th lowest in the country, lowest outside London. So we think there has been some wash back effect. We’ve had some evidence from Northern Ireland who have rolled out the jab four or five weeks earlier than us, they have had a 2% uptake. So here’s hoping that the message is getting across. Now, of course we haven’t done all of that because the vaccine itself has done a [00:46:00] terrible PR job, hasn’t it, in terms of what we’re hearing reported and parents are reading those news reports and other things and their own experiences. And then I’m just going to finish with two examples of where my local Stand (in the Park) just took things a little bit more creatively, if you like and got very enthusiastic. They raised funds and we got an ad van. So this is a Bob Moran cartoon. If you don’t know the work of Bob Moran, please look him up. He’s a marvelous artist and he’s got this monster, holding a jab. We’ve got the mama bear as Terry would say, and her child behind and ‘stand firm’. They hired this van for eight hours to travel across the whole of our county in shopping centers, in car parks, in busy areas for people to see that. And then they also organized for a sky banner to go across when the [00:47:00] premiership and championship football teams were playing on a Saturday afternoon. And we joined up with Yorkshire and we did most of Nottinghamshire and most of south Yorkshire as well. And that was flying in the sky and you could see it says, ‘Hey Pfizer, leave our kids alone’. That actually is not down to me, that was a Yorkshire member who thought of that. Our website, Twitter and Instagram contact details Dr. Katarina Lindley: Dr. Fraser Thank you so much. It’s an incredibly important campaign as a mom of five. I really am grateful for what you guys are doing. And this poster, like you said, it’s so powerful. And they say until they came after the children, people were standing by, trying to understand what’s going on, but now mama bears, like you said, and papa bears are coming and saying, that’s it, you know, don’t go after our children and the poster is incredible. Thank you so much for all your work in this field. Dr. Valerie Fraser: Thank you. Dr. Katarina Lindley: [00:48:00] And Maria, if you could ask some questions from our chat room please. Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg: Yes. Thank you for the great presentation and for sharing that important information with us. we have a question from Stephan Becker. He asks ‘is there an age limit in the UK where children or teens can choose to get the jab without the consent of at least one parent that’s a big issue in some countries?’ Dr. Valerie Fraser: Oh, what a great question and it’s a big issue here as well. So we have something called Gillick competence. Now I’m old enough to remember when Victoria Gillick, a mother, wouldn’t let her child have contraception. She was nearly 16 and actually the doctor wasn’t prosecuted for giving her that medicine because it was decided that she was competent to make her own decision that became known in law Gillick competence. It’s never been applied to vaccines ever, but we have had that law apply to our [00:49:00] children from 13, they’ve said, actually it’s not in law, but they said they could apply it to anybody 13 and over. Coincidentally, they decided all that when they wanted to roll it out to 12 to 15. However, we do know of random cases where children have been vaccinated and the parents didn’t know about it, but very random. It does seem as though most or authorities, because it took place in schools largely, the head teachers and so on have been very reluctant to use that without having consent from the parents. So, yes, sorry it’s a complicated answer, but it’s been a very complicated issue for us in the UK. Certainly they could not apply that to lower than 13. So we feel we’re on safe ground when it comes to the next rollout of the next age group. Dr. Katarina Lindley: Thank you. Another question from Paola Almadi Were you represented at the rally in London on Saturday 19th?’ We haven’t done that. As I say we’ve largely flown under the radar, believing our [00:50:00] interfaces with parents and we haven’t sought to attract anything to us as individuals. Dr. Valerie Fraser: So we haven’t done that. I do go to a lot of the marches in London, personally and individually, but, but not as a representative of Safer to Wait. Dr. Katarina Lindley: We do have a question from the newsroom from Mike Austin, he’s asking what about the COVID 19 risk to children? One child age five to 15 of 7.3 million in England and Wales died with only COVID 19 on the death certificate after December, 2021. So he’s just saying, even having that one registered, what do you think about the risk of the actual vaccine? Dr. Valerie Fraser: I have to rely on all the doctors who keep me informed because whilst I am a doctor, I’m not a medic. So I have to take advice from my colleagues on that. I know the risk is very, very low and therefore I’m a advocate for children not having the vaccine. [00:51:00] I should say, I do speak out on education. How schools should never been closed. Children should never be masked. I could wax lyrical on how much masking stops learning. Nevermind all the health, but he stops learning. Dr. Katarina Lindley: Well, I have to share something with you because I recently gave a testimony to Australian Senate, and that was my testimony. What the masks have done to our children when it comes to speech therapy needs, or them not to be able to understand the emotions and the development of emotions behind the words. And then, immunity, like you talked about, we have so many studies that showed that immunity children is so good. So I appreciate you actually saying those words because it’s incredibly important. Dr. Valerie Fraser: Just very quickly, what doesn’t seem to be getting across is the fact that children cannot move from learning and knowledge to understanding if they don’t get to talk about their learning. They have to be talking in groups, they have to access the higher order [00:52:00] thinking skills in order to process the learning, so it becomes what we call a flexible knowledge, where they can apply outside of that context. Otherwise it’s just knowledge and facts, which they can do a limited amount with, and that is something that I feel is just not getting the kind of traction, but anyway, we’ve gone off topic, I’m sorry about that. Um, Safer To Wait, yeah. Dr. Katarina Lindley: Well thank you so much for the campaign and just want to let you know if you have a chance to look at the chat later on, there’s so many great, positive messages coming there from you, and we all appreciate the work you’re doing. So thank you very much. Thank you very much for having me and thank you for listening everyone. Dr. David Weller — Dr. Katarina Lindley: Thank you, Dr. Valerie Fraser: Our next speaker for tonight’s general assembly is Dr. David Weller, who has spent numerous here researching, studying, teaching, practicing, and providing consultation in the area of health and environmental science. He’s a trained and experienced scientists for over 20 years. His background [00:53:00] includes the field of biomedical science and cell and molecular biology, as well as alternative and complimentary medicine. In 2018 through variable innovation. Dr. Weller founded NatuneHeal, a holistic wellness and bioenergy therapy center. NatuneHeal has moved away from a purely biochemical focus to a combined that can incorporate bioenergy medicine to assist with a full restoration of our natural harmonic resonance. Its services include natural anticancer support, ayurvedic naturopathy, bioenergy scanning and frequency therapy, herbal medicine ozone therapy, quantum energy healing and vibrational medicine. In 2020, the wellness center received the award for best holistic health and spa center of the year in New Zealand. So Dr. Weller, it’s an honor to have you here and to learn from you. So thank you for coming. [00:54:00] Dr. David Weller: Hello, thank you so much for inviting me to introduce myself and the center today. It’s been a pleasure listening to all the previous presenters. I enjoyed that immensely. So thank you to you too. I guess I just wanted to provide you with a brief update of my personal journey of how I got here, because it’s been quite a diverse journey, I must say. So back when I was at high school, I remember how one of our teachers mentioned that none of us would be able to pass the biology subject and I thought that that was quite a, a remark to make to a bunch of high school students that were in his class. And so then I later went on to study biology. I don’t know if it was to challenge him or not, but that was my path in the University of Wales in the UK. And I must say I loved learning about biological [00:55:00] processes both in humans and nature. Later on after I finished at a young age of about 22, I think I was, I was given the privilege to lead, a quite an important medical analysis laboratory in Spain, where I learned a lot about medical testing and managing people wasn’t that easy at such a young age. I found because many of the staff I dealt with could be up to a generation older than me. And so they found it hard to, I guess, have me there to start with. But in this job is when I first started to notice how some medical services, because we worked with many medical centers, could be more oriented towards the business side of things rather than towards the true pursuit of health for their citizens. And that shocked me a little bit. I guess I was a bit young and [00:56:00] naive back then. Later on I was offered a two week long training course for a different type of job, it was actually a sort of medical sales rep position for a pharmaceutical company, which included many perks. You know, the usual company, car, laptop, and a good salary. And again, in that course, we were taught how to use ‘micro marketing techniques’ they called it, with the GPs. Basically a sort of offering of goods in exchange of them prescribing a specific medication. This was my first time learning about the influence of the pharmaceutical companies on GP’s prescription behavior. Needless to say, of course, that I did not continue that job after day one. And that’s how long I lasted in that job. And since then, I’ve worked in several discipline areas, such as environmental science, health and safety, risk benefit assessments for a [00:57:00] number of years, health promotion and biomedical science, all the way from universities to regulatory government departments. I went on to pursue post-graduate study at a later age, in cell and molecular bio science in genetics, in microbiology, right up to PhD level, probably the hardest thing I ever did. It did give me a good scientific exposure to, to the world though, which I greatly enjoyed with conferences that were provided in Corsica, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. And then in 2015, the trigger that really led me to investigate and train in natural medicine was while supporting my late mother’s nine-month cancer journey. When she was on chemotherapy. I started studying courses in Bach and New Zealand native essence therapies, moved on to courses and [00:58:00] understanding trauma, ayurvedic naturopathy, went to Sri Lanka to meet ayurvedic doctors there. And of course, this was complimented with my own self study and research into the vast world of holistic medicine, which I found that was quite immense bigger than than I ever thought. And even quantum physics. So that’s a bit of a summary of my journey of how I ended up going from one discipline area to another. And so in 2018, it was clear to me that starting a business in holistic medicine is what I wanted to do for the years to come. And so I became what you call, I guess, an entrepreneur, which was a little daunting for me and exciting at the same time, it was really putting into practice all the spiritual values as well that I had learned so long ago to become empowered of one’s own [00:59:00] destination, to manifest reality really, through creation, innovation, but above all to be of service to others. I realized at the time, of course, that my business skills were not the best as it was not really part of my previous scientific training. And so I really also ended up investing a little to upgrade myself in that area too, with Business Blueprint in Australia, which are wonderful. And I spent a year with them, learning different skills, I guess. And so that same year, the NatuneHeal Clinic was born with the assistance of a number of practitioners that were offering services back then, such as flotation therapy, massage therapy, Chinese medicine, and acupuncture. That’s how it originally started in 2018. And of course it’s morphed, a little bit and grown other services since then. The relax services have been [01:00:00] moved away a little bit, although it’s a very integrative part of holistic medicine and others have been the focus of the business right now. The vision in mind, of course back then was to provide unmatched holistic health services using a combination of modern and ancient traditional techniques for health, but it was also to provide honest education, because I found that without awareness, without acceptance into what health really is all about and how we are connected in all aspects of our bodies, it would really be hard to offer any service whatsoever, because of that lack of awareness. And so also encouraging the proper practice of natural health and bio energy science for deeper healthcare in New Zealand was also a part of it. And then in 2020, I was [01:01:00] quite pleasantly surprised to receive that award that came all the way from the UK, when I was contacted. So the, the work that I do now really acknowledges the various interconnected dimensions of health. So how the emotional body or the mental, physical body is all connected to the spiritual body, and how we can use that to prevent and assist with healing chronic disease really. We have moved from the conventional purely biochemical focus to a more combined one that incorporates also by energy medicine and now I talk a little bit about that in a while and some services we provide them remotely and we do home visits as well. And that has been to acknowledge that some people are not mobile, especially cancer patients because of the lack of energy. And they can’t make it sometimes to, to the clinic.[01:02:00] We mainly cater for those that suffer chronic diseases. So if they’ve been suffering a disease for more than three months, then we focus on those types of people, whether it may be arthritis, asthma, depression, IBS, Lyme disease, and cancer. And I guess one of my preferred therapies is by energy frequency therapy because I’ve found it’s it’s so diverse. It is so profound. We using an encyclopedia 700 pages long to try and find the right frequencies to use sometimes. And in my journey, my spiritual journey of seeking the truth I have been inspired by many. Nikola Tesla was certainly one of those brilliant pioneers in his time that really nailed it for me with one of his quotes. I really fell into tune with that. And he said ‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, you must think in terms of [01:03:00] energy, frequency, and vibration’. And so that’s what we’re about too. And of course it’s important to remember that energy is ever, ever present and omnipresent. So, in Ayurveda, we say that all disease is considered to occur as a result of either lacking Qi or Prana, the life principle – an imbalance of that life principle, or interruption of the life principle. And when this happens, energy is prevented from flowing smoothly through the body’s energy centers, through the meridians. And this can create them issues with absorption of nutrients, a buildup of toxins, which can then interfere with our cells electroporation. So the way the cell uses ionic pumps to pump nutrients in and waste out, and that’s one of the main problems of health today, I would say. I [01:04:00] learnt about how energy moves as waves and vibrates at a rate or a frequency. In fact, we entirely vibrate at a rate of frequency, all our cells, our DNA and there’s research to show that very interesting and so the rate of vibration is usually measured in Hertz units. So one Hertz is really a wave cycle per second. That’s the kind of speed of vibration. And our frequencies really vary depending on the stresses to which we subject ourselves. So for example, let it be emotional, physical, mental, or chemical. Those are all stresses. And when is the optimal speed and spin rotation of our particles is altered, our cells can lose their optimal energy frequency, which can then promote pathogen and parasite growth or abnormal cell proliferation. [01:05:00] And so I found that understanding energy frequency was fundamental to undoing many true causes of disease because we do focus on the causes rather than the symptoms or patching up a symptom because we have found that, of course you can do that for a certain amount of time, but without addressing the causes, the current chronic disease will never disappear completely. And so really energy frequency therapy is based on the premise that our atoms are molecules and our cells are all vortices of energy and they’re all affected by other energy frequencies through the universal law of resonance, whether the origin of course is, is from chemical contaminants or lack of appropriate nutrition pathogens, or even a mental, emotional distress, which has a frequency of itself that can then lead [01:06:00] to the creation of toxins or how we call it amma in (some Indian religion). And of course, with this in mind, we can see energy positively or negatively influencing our chemistry, our biology, our genetics, our immune system, our psychology, even our behavior and emotional, mental, or spiritual states. When working with energy frequency therapy we do follow the vast energy frequency maps that have already been produced for a couple of decades, at least I will say two or three for most human pathogens that we do have maps of energy frequencies for the parasites and the erratic cells, basically the frequency of rate at which they vibrate. And so, for example, at the energy frequency of the various strains of mycoplasma, which is quite a worrisome and troublesome microbe that can [01:07:00] cause autoimmune diseases. They can range between 254 and 6,218 to be precise Hertz. And then we can match some of those frequencies to disrupt those pathogens, the toxins, or even change the electroporation of ourselves, I guess, in the same way that an opera singer matches the frequency of a glass and can actually burst the glass. And so that’s also based on the law of resonance. So I hope this has provided bit of an insight into our world of bioenergy frequency and how it affects disease and its role in achieving good health as well and that it hasn’t been too detailed for an introduction. Thank you very much. Dr. Katarina Lindley: Thank you, Dr. Weller. This is a great presentation. There’s so much to learn. I feel like I could spend all day just listening to you. So now Dr. Maria ask a few questions from our newsroom and from chat. Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg: Yeah, of course. [01:08:00] Thank you so much for the presentation. I think some of us here in this meeting and listening to us live stream also had a journey towards the fields that you described. And I think that we have to be aware that we are not just bodies and that we do not need mechanic medicine, but we have to think about we as being spirit, soul, and body, and so energy and healing through frequencies and all this and that is clearer than to, to us. Um, if we are aware of that. And so I think this is the future medicine that we need worldwide. And it’s great to hear that you have, such a great center and probably if you also do courses for doctors to get knowledge, how to or to, to other colleagues or naturopaths, probably. That’s my question to you now, um, are you offering somehow courses to colleagues on the tour paths in New Zealand? Dr. David Weller: Thank you for that. [01:09:00] Not currently, but there is a vision to accomplish that. And of course, to provide, education and awareness to other professionals in the field, because of course we have found that that is lacking, you know, even the basics of nutrition. But when you start talking about frequency therapy, it just goes above people’s head and they find it hard to even relate to that kind of topic. And so absolutely I think raising awareness and education in this area is paramount for achieving a good health. I guess a, a step closer to that has been, providing workshops and seminars that we have been doing at mainly at national spiritual festivals that occur in New Zealand, usually during the summer with anywhere between 500 to 3000 attendees. And so we have been part of that, talking about energy, talking [01:10:00] about quantum energy healing, doing workshops around these kinds of topics but not so much into the further detail as in frequency therapy, because really you could write a PhD just alone in that subject. So it is something that I do wish to pursue in future. Absolutely. Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg: Thank you. Thank you for that. Then there is a question from Zoe Strickland, ‘can you please tell us more about what ozone therapy and quantum energy healing involves? Oh yes. They’re quite different. One from the other, so I’ll start with ozone therapy. Ozone therapy is very well known or has been for a very long time. Back in the day, decades ago, ozone was used to sterilize the operating theaters before operations that’s until you know, the current disinfectants took over. So [01:11:00] ozone is an amazing natural sterilizer but by sterilizer, I mean, sterilizer of pathogens and as such can be used with hardly any side effects to remove pathogens from the body. So as we know, we are a micro world of not just pathogens, but beneficial microbes. We do not want to affect the beneficial microbes or even our human selves/cells and ozone really the only side effect that I’ve noticed from using ozone is people getting a bit of nausea certainly after, or during the therapy or feeling a bit light headed for half an hour or one hour. And then that goes away and the reason for that, apart from the increased amount of oxygen that’s been inputted into your body is also the rupturing of the microbial cells that [01:12:00] release their own toxins, the micro toxins into your bloodstream, which can then create that slight nausea while your body is naturally getting rid off of those toxins too. And so as soon as that’s happened, those symptoms disappear. Ozone is extremely effective, I think there’ve been studies showing more than 99% efficacy at killing pathogens. And so we do administer that either rectally or vaginally for various infections or for cancer. It can be candida infections, it can be all sorts of other disease, inflammatory disease usually and then it has a three-way effect really, ozone therapy has an effect of getting rid of the pathogens, increasing oxygenation in the body, which for cancer patients is extremely important and also [01:13:00] stimulating and promoting the cascading effect of the immune system. So it works in those three ways. And the other route of administration is through the nose, but it’s not directly ozone as we know that ozone can interact with the epithelium of the lungs. It’s mainly through ozonide. So we transform ozone into ozonide and then ozonide is harmless to the epithelium of the lung can be breached to for up to half an hour and can be used for things like asthma, bronchitis and all sorts of lung afflictions, even lung cancer. So that’s a bit about Ozone therapy. Quantum energy healing is quite different. Quantum energy healing works with the field of energy that surrounds us similar to Reiki. However, a little bit more profound in detail as it works with the 33 codes of light [01:14:00] that compose our body of light. So we have a body of light, a spiritual being, if you like in the form of a Merkaba, which is like the star of David. If you were to imagine that in three dimensions, it would be 64 tetrahedrons. A tetrahedron is a kind of triangle with a base, like a pyramid. So the 64 of those that compose the merkaba within the merkaba, there are 33 codes of light. Each code of light is, based on numerology and the sacred geometry and can activate and expand our Merkaba to align all of our bodies to the present moment and to optimize the spin of our electrons so that we can reach a higher vibrational state and therefore, a higher health state by increasing [01:15:00] the spin and rotation and optimizing the rotation of our electrons. So that’s, that’s how it works. There’s much more to talk about, but I think that would be another probably. Another three weekend seminar. And so thank you. We have another question from Katarina Lindley, our host tonight, and she asks ‘for how many treatments on average takes to return someone into optimal level of energy or frequency?’ Dr. David Weller: Okay. That’s a good question. It’s very hard question to answer because everybody’s different. And so my answer to that would be, it would depend number one, on what disease the person is manifesting. Number two on how long they’ve been manifesting that for. And number three, in what state their body is at, i.e. how long [01:16:00] they’ve been deficient in nutrients for, or how long they’ve been toxic for? All of that is going to determine how many sessions on average it would take for that person to come back to health. But I can give you an example, for example, a cancer patient will take between six months to more than 12 months to get back to optimal. State of health, i.e. to having their energy back to be able to continue with a normal kind of quality of life because it’s taken already many years, sometimes more than 10 years to manifest that disease in the form of tumors or cancer cells all around the body and so it does take a while to reverse that back. It’s not an overnight thing. That’s for cancer patients, which I find are the most difficult to deal with because of all the [01:17:00] other common infections they have as well. Um, but for someone like let’s say, uh, someone with, with arthritis or, um, the effects of a stroke, um, It would only probably take between six and eight sessions. Uh, and I’ve definitely seen, um, much significant improvement, uh, from a stroke patient that we had a few months ago. And this patient had facial paralysis, quite a significant limp on one of his legs, inflammation in the knee, uh, memory loss, et cetera, et cetera. And the only talk eight sessions to completely remove the facial paralysis. Uh, the link was reduced by more than 50%. Um, and the knee inflammation probably by 70, [01:18:00] 75%, uh, was reduced as well as, so it does really depend on a lot of factors. Thank you. Um, another question, um, out of the newsroom, would it be necessary to detox before using also in therapy? Um, well, therapy does the detox itself, uh, you can detox before. Um, if, if the person wants to do that, it’s not a necessary proof we could sit to, to having to do so. Um, it would depend of course, on the, on the toxic load that the patient has. Uh, but this is an amazing detoxify it because it not only interact with pathogens, but it also [01:19:00] can remove toxins from the. Then we have another question. Um, because you talked about frequencies, um, uh, somebody from the newsroom asked, can you describe, uh, the process of measuring these frequencies? Um, yes. Well, we don’t actually measure these frequencies ourselves. Um, you know, other researchers that have been working in the field like, uh, Dr. Nina Silva, uh she’s I guess one of the go-to people in the world, uh, in fact, you know, she is one of the people that has written this encyclopedia, which is more than 700 pages long, and several additions, um, with, uh, Various types of frequencies [01:20:00] that compose all the different bacteria and microbes and pathogens that we find ourselves subjected to in the course of our lives sometimes. Um, and so I guess there’s someone like who would be more, more qualified to talk about the exact methods, um, and how they go about measuring these frequencies really, um, seeing us that wouldn’t be my level of expertise, the measurement of the frequencies. Um, we, we use more the, um, I guess the, the maps, uh, the programs that we have loaded, uh, with the specific frequencies that have been found in research to, to work. Um, and, uh, and then we, we observe the effects, um, after that, Thank you so much. So we have some other questions in the chat. Um, but if it’s [01:21:00] okay for you, um, I, I come to one last question. Um, somebody from the newsroom tasks, um, that she’s playing, um, 528 Hertz, um, positive entity sound as background, uh, whilst she is at her desk working, I guess, um, the frequency for general health, or can you do probably an overdose of, um, probably, um, too much of frequencies all day long, um, ESO 528 Hertz is very well recognized for the positive effect that it usually has on the heart. Um, the it’s has been found that they had can vibrate at 428 Hertz. So. That is why the, uh, 528 is usually used, um, to, to [01:22:00] re-establish the balance of, uh, of the hat. Um, like all parts of our body, you know, cells, tissues, et cetera. Uh, we resonate at different frequencies and sometimes the there’s an optimal frequency. Uh, but sometimes we can deviate from the optimal frequency you can go above or below that, uh, frequency. And so been, uh, we can be established, have any, or balance, uh, by, for example, listening to a certain frequency of energy. Um, again, through the law of resonance, uh, whereby uh, playing like will, uh, end up, uh, the recipient will end up assimilating, like and vibrating at the same frequency. Um, I hope that’s answered it. Does that answer the question? Thank you so much. [01:23:00] Um, and Catarina probably. And Dr. Weller, if you would be so nice to answer some of the questions in the jets now, um, because there are some other questions yeah. Stuck in Dr. Weller, take you for your time. And there are a few questions you will find in the chat with the queue next to them. If you don’t mind answering that, that would be wonderful. And, uh, we have. Come to the, um, end of our general assembly. Matters Arising — Dr. Valerie Fraser: This is the time to bring any of the matters arising from around the world. If anyone would like to speak, please put your hand up and we’ll on YouTube and welcome you to let us know what’s going in your part of the world while we’re waiting to hear from someone Dr. Maria, do you mind giving us a little bit of an update from Austria and from the weekend that you guys just have this Saturday, the [01:24:00] wonderful conference. Um, as, as an activist doctor and mother, um, my voice is just with me. So the thing is, um, we had a beautiful, um, art meets science event in cologne in Germany this weekend. Um, we had. With speakers online, like Dr. Test Lori from our wealth counselor for health. And we had professor from, uh, it’s broken to roll in Austria, and we had professors who share it back. They also, um, attending online and, um, uh in-person we were in, uh, cologne, um, um, um, a professor in politics. Her name is . I think we should have her as a guest speaker in the weld council for health [01:25:00] in the future. And, um, I was able to speak there. And so Dr. Bookout. I need to take care about my son. So it was a beautiful meeting. And, um, I think we have a replay in the replay, um, option in the newsroom of the wealth council for health. So, um, we had it live stream and we had interpreters to translate it into English and test Lori was, um, inter it was translated into German in the, in the whole where the concerts took place. And what is really the, the, um, really nice part of it. The art meets science means that we had, um, an opera singer there and she was doing, um, great songs and great, um, opera, um, uh, parts. And, um, so we had great discussions as the pit for the panelists and music. So that was a really nice event. Thank you. Thank you, Maria, for sharing, anyone else would like to bring anything up in matters? Rising?[01:26:00] Well, I don’t see anyone. So, um, okay. Before we leave tonight, yes. Stop the Treaty — Dr. Valerie Fraser: Hi, just to perhaps mention that, uh, you and I did a wonderful interview today with CHD Africa, for CHD children’s health, defense, and C to D TV, and the recorded version will probably be updated today. If not tomorrow. Of course, we spoke about the hashtag stop, the treaty, lots of questions from the panel, really building discussion and the enthusiastic response to joining the campaign as well as we spoke about the better way conference, of course, coming up in me in the UK from the 20th to the 22nd super exciting number, hoping that the CHD team come and join us in the UK. And of course, all of our [01:27:00] partners and friends from around. And we closed up of course, cafe talking about the will of CHD Africa against UCT university of Cape town, injection mandates, where that’s been retracted. And so a really good wind in the African continent as well. So look out for that, uh, program PhD TV it’s T with Polly, I will share the link with our coalition and discussion channel today. If not today, then tomorrow. Thanks. Thank you Shannon for sharing. Closing — Dr. Valerie Fraser: So to finish off tonight, we’re going to share a song or poem by Kahlil Gibran. And I apologize if I’m mispronouncing the name, it’s my accent and all that. But the poem is on fear. And I think all of us have gone through periods during these two years, when fear has was a little bit stronger than it should have been some real have processes, emotion deeply. So this song talks about fear. It is said that before [01:28:00] entering the sea a river trembles with fear, she looks back at the path. She has traveled from the peaks of the mountains, the long winding road, crossing forests and villages. And in front of her, she sees an ocean so fast that to enter there seems nothing more than to disappear forever, but there is no other way. The river cannot go back. Nobody can go back to go back is impossible in existence. The river needs to take the risk of entering the ocean because only then will fear disappear because that’s where the river will know. It’s not about disappearing into the ocean, but it will becoming the ocean. And I can tell you from personal experience, I’ve had moments like this. And what I’ve learned during this journey is to step in, don’t [01:29:00] look back and the grace and kindness just go forward without fear. My favorite three words are courage under fire, and I think, um, I’m grateful for all of our partners, for my colleagues, uh, for teaching me that, uh, together there is a better way. I appreciate your time today. And for me, it’s about two o’clock. Well, it’s actually three o’clock in the afternoon, so appreciate you sharing your day with us. And, uh, we are for the people and from the people. So we appreciate your donations and your help along the way. And there is a better way, and I hope you join us in our journey. Thank you. Have a great night, everyone.[01:30:00]

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