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General Assembly Meeting #50 | July 25, 2022

On Monday, July 25 we explored vaccine injury treatment pathways with guests:

  • Dr. Ryan Cole (USA) – Health & Wellness Have Been Badly Spiked

  • Dr. Pierre Kory (USA) – Unspiking: The New Trend

  • Ted Kuntz (Canada) – Introducing “Uninformed Consent”: A New Documentary

Individual speaker presentations are also available to watch and share here:

This meeting is also available on Odysee and Rumble.

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  1. Thank you for this valuable work you are doing! I hope the documentary, ‘Uninformed Consent’ will be available on platforms other than YouTube in case it gets banned….

  2. Ryan I am the distributor of the BioFlex Laser Systems in SA. They are manufactured in Canada. You mentioned the use of Near Infra Red for Covid damage. We have been having truly amazing results with Covid and Long Covid conditions utilizing Photobiomodulation PBMT. The conditions that respond include chronic fatigue syndrome, impaired lung function, brain fog and general well being. Durban Neurologist Dr Ashleigh Bhanjan is achieving very effective results with PBMT and has presented on media platforms as well as presenting a Master Class to HCP’s around the world. I can send this presentation so please mail me for this at Dr Ronaldo Santiago from the Meditech company in Toronto who developed the BioFlex Systems, would be able to share much of the science backing this treatment and has much research to share. PMBT is a mitochondrial treatment offering a powerful boost for cellular energy and restoring normal cell function.

  3. Hi, I’m vaccinated with Pfizer. I got the 3 vaccines as mandated by work. Now I have an inflammation in my body and no doctor wants to give me ivermectin, which is the only thing that stops the inflammation. My son is also vaccinated twice and at school. they want to make a mandate for more vaccines this fall how can I help my son not to get more vaccines at school, we need your help, here no doctor wants to help, they just take me pills to calm the pain and I want a treatment that kills the spike protein, thanks and blessings