Unified Visualization – Pillars of Light: Guided Meditation Led by Elisabeth Lautenslager

Elisabeth Lautenslager joined us from New Zealand on April 28 to lead a Mind Health guided meditation and unified visualization.

About Elisabeth Lautenslager

  • Growing up, Elisabeth was often anxious and scared, it was part of life (or so she thought). She was raised in an era in which feelings were not openly discussed. It was not until the birth of her son that she was led into a deep dark tunnel and her journey to self-healing could begin.
  • Elisabeth attended various workshops in the quest of finding that switch to make her feel better. It was not until years later that she realised that lasting healing comes from within and a big part of this is to learn to accept and love ourselves.
  • She made a promise to herself to never stop learning about how she could heal and grow as an individual and what she needed to do to achieve a sense of peace within.

Elisabeth has shared the text for this meditation in hopes that others around the world will also start their own Pillars of Light meditation groups.

Thank you for joining in with our Unified Visualisation

Let’s create a sacred space, where you will not be disturbed and are comfortable.

You could light a candle, have some incense, or a special essential oil, crystals, gentle music, whatever resonates with you. Have a glass of water at hand.

Take in a few deep breaths to bring yourself into this moment and bring the group into an Energetic Alignment. Breathing in deeply and evenly through your nose, release whatever is not needed on the outbreath.

Bring yourself into your heart space, feel the beauty and power of your heart.

Now call in your own beautiful gifts, mastery, knowledge and more, that you have gathered from this and other lives.

We are powerful human beings; we can do a lot with our heart, mind, and intention; especially when we come together and have a common goal. This can create a real ripple effect and add to the Unified Field of Light for the upliftment of ALL, and this planet!

So, let’s Unite to create a new future and Timeline for this planet and beyond, with our intention, “for the good of ALL living beings”.

“With deepest Love and Gratitude, we ask for the protection and support of the Archangels, Angels, our Spirit Guides, and friends in Spirit as we join to create this powerful pillar of Light. See yourself and your friends surrounded by an orb of White Golden Christ Light, to keep our energies safe and strong, our thoughts, words, and deeds good and true, as we join, as ONE for the upliftment of All.”

I would like to invite you to visualise and allow, a pillar of Pure White Golden Christ Light coming down from above. Feel this pouring down through you, cleansing, clearing, and upgrading, whatever is needed for you in this moment.

Feel how Loved you are!! Feel how all the work you do to create a better future and World for ALL is very much appreciated!!

Allow these beautiful pillars to fill and surround the place you are in at this moment and from here to flow out to your wider surroundings.

Then allow your Pure White Golden Christ Pillar of Light to move deep down into the Heart of Lady Gaia, to cleanse, clear and transmute any lower frequencies.

Let us Visualise your Pillar of Light merging with this circle of friends, to strengthen the groups Pillar of Light.  Allow our collective Pillar of Light to increase in its intensity and energy until it grows to a Mighty Pillar of Pure White Golden Christ Light.

Let’s hold this visualisation for a few moments.

Then see this Pillar of Light move across your country, energising, purifying, and infusing all the ley, and crystal grid lines.

Under the Law of Grace pour this Mighty Pillar of Light, into your place of government, and any other places of interest in your country,        to gently transmute any lower frequencies, and or, energies that are not aligned with the highest good for ALL living beings in your country. Allowing these lower frequencies to be transmuted by the Golden, Silver, Violet Flame back to the Light.

Let’s also set our intention that this Mighty Pillar of Light will deflect and not allow any lower frequencies to enter this planet.

Now see emerging within the Mighty Pillar of Light all that we wish to bring into Being for our Beautiful New World, manifesting this into our reality so we can move forward as ONE, building fair governance in an inclusive society, living in a vibrant reality that honours Lady Gaia, each person, animals, nature, inclusive comprehensive health care, the arts and creativity, education, sports, and technology. Please add to this anything else you can think of that is of benefit in OUR enlightened New World for ALL. 

Allow these energies and Mighty Pillars of Light to move out from your country to the rest of this world.

See this planet being lit from within with the White Golden Christ Light as it pours through the ley lines and crystal grids, vibrating out these Mighty Pillars of Light like a sun in all directions of space and time.

Let us stay in this beautiful nurturing space.

I will call you back when it is time.

It is time to slowly draw our circle to a close. But before we come back, let’s set our last intention for tonight “That the Energies we have created together will stay in place until such time we will meet again”.

Let us give Thanks and Gratitude to All Beings who have gathered and supported us here, Archangels, Angels, our mighty Friends in Spirit, and whoever supported and protected us. As together, we create the Life and World we step into. 🙏

Now gently and easily, please come back to this sacred space you have created, feeling into the beautiful energies you have called into Being.

Make sure you are grounded, feeling your feet on the ground connect to Lady Gaia, down into the centre of the Earth. When you are ready and in your time, gently open your eyes, maybe have a stretch, a sip of water.

Thank you from our hearts, to yours, for your time and energy!!   

So It Is, So It Is and So It Is Done. 🙏

We are building a New World together!!

The WCH Mind Health Committee hosts live guided meditations on Telegram. Each session is uploaded to our website, so you can access it whenever you want.

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