Dr. Tracy Chandler: A new form of grief and how to heal

Dr. Tracy Chandler: A new form of grief and how to heal, Introducing the WCH Colleague support committee

Dr. Tracy Chandler has degrees in both biochemistry and medicine as well as diplomas in sport and exercise medicine. She is a passionate educator for nutritional and quantum healing and has been featured in The NZ Listener, Simply You, Australian Woman’s Weekly, and Nadia Magazine. Tracy is the global liaison to New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science (NZDSOS) and serves on the steering committee for World Council for Health.

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly on November 8, 2021


[00:00:00] [00:00:30] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Now I’d like to ask Tracy Chandler, who is a member of our steering committee, and really look forward to her, talk on a new form of grief and how to heal. Thank you so much Tracy. [00:00:40] See you’re the best. Thank you so much. Come on forward. And we look forward to hearing from you. [00:00:45] Dr. Tracy Chandler: Thank you, Jennifer. And hey thank you everyone for being here. I really appreciate how valuable everyone’s time is at the moment. Thank you for professor Schubert for providing the science to support my talk. [00:00:57] That was a welcome surprise. For those that don’t know me, I’m on the World Council for Health and New Zealand doctors speaking out for science steering committee with incredible and inspiring other steering committee members. I’m speaking today, partly to announce the new world counsel for health subcommittee called colleagues support. [00:01:14] The remit of this team is to provide practical advice to any one of our members who are being harassed for speaking their COVID truth, but as also for those needing mental, emotional, spiritual support in these challenging times. This team will create a support network of practitioners who are able to help members and create a portfolio of helpful resources. [00:01:36] The first resource in this portfolio is a piece I’ve written on grief, which I’m honored to share with you today. It is part journal and part poem. Why am I talking about a new model of grief? Because it is so new, it will likely be unrecognized in you and your patients. As we have to bring awareness to issues in order to heal them. [00:01:57] Professor Schubert provided fantastic evidence of the impact of psychological effectors on the immune system. So this awareness has even more impact. Before I start, I will give you a very brief 30 second background of me. Before my medical degree, I did a degree in biochemistry and was the archetypical science nerd. [00:02:14] And still am. In addition as a functional medicine and minor surgery specialist, I particularly loved dissecting biochemical pathways and prescribing supplements to address any biochemical issues. Therefore, me talking about grief would seem unusual, but I feel and have experienced the greatest healing we offer our patients comes from our own personal stories. And in typical biochemistry and surgical fashion, I have dissected this space called grief. It may seem like a gloomy topic, but there are solutions which I’ll provide at the end. Interestingly, I started writing this article two weeks ago. It is definitely divine timing as the very next day my ex-husband with whom I have shared care of my children, jabbed my 13, 15 and 17 year old girls with the COVID vaccine. Unfortunately my girls were too scared to stop him. The situation was compounded by discovering the pharmacist had not asked my girls to fill in the consent and told them the only possible side effect might be a slight sore arm. [00:03:15] To explain the fear, rage and grief. I felt as being like my heart and soul being ripped out does not do it justice. [00:03:21] And my tears have not begun to fill this hole. The experience makes the rest of the speech piece so much harder to read and write, but it is my calling and is my gift to you. Writing this has definitely been very healing, but please forgive me if I cry. There is much written about the grief of losing a loved one, our careers, our health, and so on, but not much has written about this latest model of grief. [00:03:47] Usually we only have one thing to grieve at a time, but it seems with COVID, there is often more than one for many of us, which compounds the problem. This is the case with me as harsh and illegal New Zealand mandates mean I officially cannot see patients in person after next week and yesterday our New Zealand group lost an important court case against the mandates. [00:04:09] So again, this piece has come at divine timing. So onto this new model of grief, which is a form of stress. There are many similarities with discovering a loved one with a terminal illness has a set time left on earth, but this new model of grief has so many complex layers. It deserves special analysis. [00:04:28] One of the layers is the obvious fear of losing our loved ones to COVID jabs side effects. Of course, as humans, there is always a subconscious and occasionally conscious fear that our loved ones could become sick, injured, and even passed. The knowledge we all have here in this group about jab side-effects have made these fears so much more conscious. [00:04:49] And for some of us, we are already grieving our loved ones who have chosen or been forced into having the jab. The newness of this type of grief is in that the potential loss has been initiated either from a forced or voluntary jab, not from an unexpected diagnosis. I class myself as a very positive person, a number one fan of the law of attraction. [00:05:12] But since discovering my baby girls have been jabbed, I found myself looking at them wondering how long I have with them. How long before I witnessed the ill health or worse. The grief is also generational with wondering about potential loss of grandchild. Thank goodness for the wonderful work of people like my dear friend and colleague Naseeba, Dr. Kat for chairing a World Council for Health committee, creating COVID jabs side effect and other essential protocols. There is always hope. Thanks to my faith and spirit source, God, the universe, whatever you want to call it. And for my babies’ sake, I’m learning to process these feelings of grief. I take them out daily. [00:05:53] I listened to them tenderly and I give them a metaphorical hug so they know I’m not ignoring them. And to save them later showing up as physical symptoms in me. Recently, I sat holding the frail hands of a crying 79 year old lady who reluctantly had her first jab because she was so frightened about not being able to buy food. [00:06:14] And I felt her grief for her own potential loss of health from side effects. I also felt the grief of those who will likely experience apartheid in New Zealand due to its harsh mandates. Holding this elderly lady’s hand also reminded me of the impending situation of me not being able to hold my patients’ hands or hug them, a practice I regularly use as part of my healing toolbox. The impending loss of a marriage creates grief for many even more so when it is due to opposing opinions about the jab. Marriage isn’t the only relationship that can be lost of course. [00:06:51] Many are grieving the loss of family and friends over opposing jabbed beliefs. Even if relationships are lost, there’s the grief associated with the change in the relationship with many families now and able to talk about the jab. And some, for example, being unable to even visit family members, unless they’re jabbed. [00:07:09] There is the mind blowing grief of having a patient dying of severe jab side effects in a hospital that I couldn’t help because the hospital doctors wouldn’t implement our post jab protocols. The frustrated grief of not being able to save my patients jobs with our harsh New Zealand no jab mandates, and the New Zealand government making medical exemptions invalid. Then there is the angry grief of lives lost through suicide. And those that see having a jab to save their job as worse than death. Lastly, there is the loss of our ego, another layer of this new form of grief, which sounds bizarre, but hopefully I can explain this. [00:07:49] The jabbing of my babies injured, my ego, as I felt the grief of not being able to protect them. It’s my job as their mom to protect them and having a 21 and 22 year old. I know that feeling doesn’t stop when they leave home. To my recovering perfectionist mind, I had failed as a parent. Thankfully, I remembered what a colleague once told me that we are always doing the best we can with the knowledge and resources we have at the time. [00:08:16] This is even more so for those of us spending so much time in these types of committees, away from our families, in an attempt to save them by saving our world. To further explain this, I will briefly describe another personal situation. My parents decided recently to have their third go COVID jab, despite my pleas. [00:08:37] I went through alternating, anger and sorrow with that news, it was not until I posed them the question, why are you choosing to listen to your government who has a vested interest in you having the jab? Over me, your daughter who loves you is well read on the jabs and has no financial interest in you not having the jab that I realized the deeper issue at stake. [00:08:59] My ego felt attacked. In that moment I realized I had to let my ego go. If not completely, then even more than previous. I’ve done much work using multiple modalities, such as meditation over many years, in an attempt to let go of my ego, but realized that ego we have in relation to our friends and families is the hardest to let go. [00:09:21] I personally believe this is due to the energetic cord we have with them. Thankfully, there is healing that can be done with all types of grief. I have many tips on my website to help and I can put the address in the chat, but for grief, I’ll briefly summarize my personal favorites. As I said at the start as a biochemist and surgeon, I love dissecting biochemical pathways. [00:09:45] However, by far the most healing for both me and my patients has been by teaching my patients, quantum and mind, body medicine tools. So let’s move on to my juiciest tips. My first tip is to acknowledge our feelings by leaning into them in an inquisitive way. To heal grief it is essential we first recognize that we have it and then explore it by talking about it and leaning into it. [00:10:11] A beautiful one paragraph poem by Hiatus describes this process beautifully. And I respectfully request that you close your eyes just briefly for 30 seconds and put your hands on your heart while I read this paragraph. This being human is a guesthouse. Every morning, a new arrival. The joy, the depression, the meanness. Some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor. [00:10:40] Welcome and entertain them all. Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows you violently sweep your house empty of its furniture. Still treat each guest honorably. He may be clearing you out for some new delight. The dark thought, the shame, the malice, meet them at the door, laughing and invite them in. Be grateful for whatever comes because each has been sent as a guide from beyond. [00:11:05] In other words, our feelings are signs of work that needs to be done. You can open your eyes now or revel in the stillness. As I read the rest of my tips, being in our bodies, being embodied, grounding, mindfulness, whatever you’d like to call it is my next tip. It wasn’t until I felt such wild and raw grief over my daughter’s jabbing that I found the edges of my soul and could be properly in my body. [00:11:32] An analogy is: in order to see what a house looks like we have to explore its edges and step outside of it. To explain this more. I will use my example. I grew up in the UK where expression is frowned upon, particularly in my family, but with the news of my daughters’ jabbing, I became fully embodied for the first time ever by spontaneously howling like a wounded animal. [00:11:55] And then I settled. I listened to music that moved me in a practice called intuitive or freeform dance. You probably all know the book "The Body Keeps The Score". Well intuitive dancing with your eyes closed ideally is one way of releasing painful and all stuck emotions, but a walk in nature can work too. [00:12:16] The other thing I did in those initial days, is soothe myself with physical touch, which helps regulate our autonomic nervous system to turn down the fight or flight and turn up the rest of the repair nervous system. Especially for an English reserved girl like me, this tip can be initially challenging. I, so I introduced my patients to this with the following technique, which is just to caress your face and hands like this. It’s so simple. [00:12:41] So effective. Just try this. Just stroke your face mindfully, whilst belly breathing. It’s very settling. Try to visualize a different outcome for your families. I visualize that even if they do have the jab, they will remain perfectly healthy. Put an energetic, protective bubble around them. Whatever works for you. And the World Council for Health has great post-jab protocols. HeartMath is a beautiful technique for connecting with your emotions. This is a technique to modulate heart rate variability, to a more coherent and therefore healthy state. Hugs, very un-PC these days, but a six second hug releases oxytocin. And lastly look for the learnings in this new teacher of our time. [00:13:26] She may be whispering inaudibly in your ear, but she is there. For me, I discovered I have a far greater support network than I realized. And I also discovered the edges of my soul. So let us get this form of grief out into the light that is real and needs to be heard. If we want to heal it and help lessen the severity. [00:13:46] It may also trigger people to realize how concerned we are about the jab. The science to support our claims may not be enough. We may need to bring love into this battle. Love for our family and love for our friends. This is how we truly tap into our power. So lean on me, if you can’t lean into your feelings yet, dear ones, you are more loved and supported than, hope. [00:14:09] This is my experience when I reached out. I’m eternally grateful for my other family. All of you in the World Council for Health and my local group Ends It TSOS for supporting me. And as one friend told me, holding my heart in their hands. As I mentioned, I’m chairing a new World Council for Health team for colleagues being harassed by governments, colleagues, friends, and family, but it’s also support anyone needing mentor, emotional, spiritual support for any reason. If anyone would like to be in this team or can suggest practitioners for the support network, I promise it won’t be full of tears. [00:14:46] Please contact me at [email protected] which I’ll pop in the chat. And thank you for listening and holding space for me. Namaste. [00:14:55] Zoe Strickland: Thank you so much, Tracy. That was absolutely beautiful. Our chair, Jennifer’s computer has just died, which is why I’m now talking, but maybe I can hand over to Tess to take over the chairing. [00:15:08] Dr. Tess Lawrie: Yes. Yeah. Tracy, thank you so much. The chat is just full of words of gratitude and appreciation for your communication, for sharing your experience and your learning and guidance and with regard to what has happened to your girls, we all feel so we are so with you and feel certain that [00:15:32] with the science and medical input that there’s so much on detox and we all working on it. We are optimistic for the future and that we will find ways to detox spike protein and actual fact, as we heard earlier from Rob that work is already underway. Our hearts are with you and we’re very grateful for you for setting up this new colleague support, because we all know at one time or another we will need that. [00:15:58] Are there any questions in the chat specifically for Tracy. [00:16:03] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: I’d like to make a comment, Tracy, thank you so much for your talk. And I empathize with you 100%. I have a 21 and a 23 year old who by, because of family pressures, et cetera, they chose to go and get the vaccine tube. And I totally planned to bring them over the finish line and make sure that they’re healthy. [00:16:22] So I do believe that we’re going to find a way for them because the social pressures and psycho-social pressures and all of that’s going on with their colleagues and friends and the family in particular. And you just one step at a time, it’s the pathway that we’re going through. [00:16:38] And a lot of us, I think I could talk to a lot of you and probably more than 50% of you have got the same story that I’m giving you. And as Tracy has given. We will walk together. And we will find our way. Just like we found the early treatments. We found COVID long haul treatments. We’re working on post jab treatments. [00:16:55] We’re just going to keep moving ahead and it’s going to get better and better together. Thank you. [00:16:59] Dr. Tracy Chandler: There’s always hope. [00:17:00] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: We’re going to get there. [00:17:02] And Ralph, you have the screen on there. Can you unshare for a moment? [00:17:07] Zoe Strickland: I don’t see any screen being shared Jennifer. [00:17:10] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Oh, okay. I did. I guess maybe it was just talking, you know what? I’ve got it on the speaker view. That’s all. It was. Any questions? Any further questions. Tess, did you see anything? [00:17:19] Zoe Strickland: There is a question for Christian. I noticed, I don’t know if. [00:17:23] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Certainly bring it forward. [00:17:24] Zoe Strickland: It was from Rhema Neighbor. Does Dr. Schubert feel that if the population were less stressed and in better general health the novel COVID 19 technologies would be effective against the alleged pandemic? [00:17:37] Christian Schubert: And I suspect of course, that without taking stress into the equation the new messenger RNA technique is dangerous to humans. So no doubt about that. I think that the psychosocial aspect, when you integrate it in the consideration on whether these vaccination technology is successful or not, then I think you can have a good mediator. [00:18:01] So when you are surrounded in, or you’re in a context, in a positive psychosocial context with loving relationships and you get the vaccination, I’m sure that your immune system is in a better shape or a better condition to get rid of maybe in your response failure or even side effects. And on the other side, when you’re stressed this technology, maybe it’s really risky and dangerous, could be really harmful. Because stress is interfering with everything in your body. [00:18:32] It’s not just the immune system. It’s very important to say that. It’s also connected with a correlation system for fibrinogen increases under stress. [00:18:42] So when you’re stressed, you have increased coagulation and together with the vaccination you, you could have the, all these severe side effects on inflammation, disease in the heart or thrombosis or something like that. So I think it’s an acceleration of something and you can do of course, many things to, and when I am asked, for example by parents, they say, Hey my, my young son, 15, 16, or something like that, would like to be vaccinated because he would like to have his freedom back and they are really yeah stressed and sad. And then I say, you, you have to embrace your kid and you have to hold it and to increase attachment, because we know that psychoneuroimmunology see finds or have enough evidence for good immune system functioning when people are in good social relationships. [00:19:41] So social relationship is a life elixer. And I think we have a treasure which should be used in this situation. [00:19:49] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Thank you very much. [00:19:51]

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  1. Really sorry the way your girls have been treated. Please try to rationalise it, most side effects come soon after the vaccine. You can only do your best, which you have done. I assume they are on Vitamin D supplements to minimise all health issues and they must insist on aspiration if they have another jab. But perhaps in NZ aspiration is standard procedure, unlike the US and UK.
    I’m in the UK and whilst not a fan of Boris, I am not forced to have the vaccine.

  2. Thank you so much Tracy for sharing your story and this Information with us.
    I see you have some knowledge about Homeopathy and I would like to mention the success that we have been having using Homeopathy to help people here in New Zealand with jab side effects.
    Thank you, again for your work.

    1. Thank You for sharing Tracy, I have all but lost my battle to keep my 12 year old boy from the Jab. Our exemptions received with thanks have now become null and void because of so many government overnight changes, but the biggest battle is of that with my husband. He refuses to see things from my side and letting our 12 year old decide whom Thinks it’s safe and a good idea because yep his friends have done it and he doesn’t want to miss out. The grief and pain I am experiencing is so debilitating and inflicting on my already wobbly MH. I’ve watched your video just now for some hope as I feel helpless and unable to protect my little boy. My older girl decided to do it for Uni so it’s been a heart wrenching time. I know the time is drawing close but already it’s impacted my marriage which is falling down too. I need some hope help and healing to get through this, I’m unsure if I will cope with this moment. I will steer myself to your page and search for more answers and assistance. Warm Regards and so so sorry about your daughters xx Suze C

  3. Thank You Dr Tracey!
    For your heart felt story!
    For sharing your story of your girls, for being there for us kiwi’s when they needed your help & most of thank you for just being you. 💕

    1. Oh my goodness! Do you really not know? If not….maybe you could do a little research on the adverse effects of the experimental gene therapy. Try using duckduckgo as your search engine, google is heavily censored.

  4. I’m of sorry your going through this, I know another mother’s who father did the same. I have 7 children, 2 of them vaccinated. My oldest daughter husband is very pro vax. The other day, visiting which is very rare. I tried to pick my grandson, baby and was by son in law humiliated as he screeched at me, and he grabbed the baby. Any information I give is labeled misinformation. It’s called huge division.
    I’m also afraid my 12 and 15 will be jabbed. It’s a huge grief. My mother passed away from cancer in March 2021
    Thankyou for sharing

  5. Tracy I am deeply sorry for the pain that you are living through. These are very odd times in which we live. Our government basically has an agenda of war against NZ. This is seen on so many fronts. Sadly it all clicks together to form one horrific beast. It is not just the jab or not to jab. There is so much going on. I believe this government has to go. I want to encourage you to read the Bible, prayerfully. God is not far from any who diligently seek Him. I can recommend starting at Matthew and every time you find a reference to the Old Testament, stop and look it up. Se the prophecy and fulfilment of it. God is faithful. You know we often hear that if God were truly loving He would not allow such things. That is not a good starting point. Sin exists because of original sin. God can be known personally. Jesus said “Come to Me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest”. May God bless you Tracy:)

  6. Thank you Tracy for your sharing of such a deep emotional happening. I am also a kiwi living 30 mins south of your location and also feel like you and others the pressure of so many surrounding us to be jabbed. For me to work in the hospitality industry , go out to a cafe etc and even go on holiday, soon will be almost a non event unless I get the jab.. So your talk regarding grief and covering the ‘new’ areas of this are very welcomed. Thank you for standing up and also being NZ’s representative on the WCFH. Namaste

  7. So sorry for your grief. Thank you for having the courage to share your pain and speak the truth. I appreciate your love and compassion for humanity. I am a teacher in South Africa and have not taken the jab. We have just finished the academic year and I worry about vaccine mandates in the future. I am reaching out for support. Please may I have your email. I couldn’t make out from the video what comes after @

  8. thank you for sharing this from such a heart felt space . Doctors so often speak from their heads and forget their is a human story to everything…..You are doing wonderful work in NZ – your understanding and extensive study and research on the vaccines as well as covid is not only impressive but also a relief to see when so many doctors know so little.