Dr Mike Yeadon: Why the Depopulation Agenda is Real and What We Can Do About It

Joining us for General Assembly Meeting #66 on Monday, November 21 was Dr Mike Yeadon (🇬🇧), who spoke about why the depopulation agenda is real and what we can do to stop it.

Who is Dr Mike Yeadon?

  • Dr Mike Yeadon, a retired pharmacologist, was previously vice president and chief scientist for allergy and respiratory at Pfizer and is co-founder and former CEO of the biotechnology company Ziarco.
  • He has more than 30 years of experience leading new medicine research in the pharmaceutical industry.

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on November 21, 2022. Dr Robert Malone and Dr Roger Hunter also spoke at the meeting. Find this video to share on Rumble, Odysee, and Bitchute.

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  1. Hi there, what about someone who uses midazolam alot to bring them out of a seizure? Is this very dangerous?

  2. it happened while we were sleeping

    inspired by ‘Gray State’ by David Crowley. murdered along with his family for its production

    Gray State – Official Concept Trailer – YouTube

    more than ever darkness scheming towers o’er fields of revealing promise. heretofore and hence
    heretofore harms evinced all those scars now hardened. hence the maims yet needing to be done

    and while past folly seemed to lack wherewithal, it does seem choice and purpose were diminished
    or admonished. or something. so, we march towards perverse fealty and how small we’ve become

    fealty to fire-bombing nationals and nuclear and gain-of-function bets. abject vassals us, the threat
    all tones a gray edge. run from the ethereal, from that that we’ve done. run to prospects, not a one

    now you’re a forlorn wanderer staring into the abyss; behold the pale horse appearing in your midst
    a death-worshipping forever force manifesting the long; oath-takers taking cruel all that they’ve won

    behold that truth has no angle, and politics but rates of gain; blood sacrifice is thus answer and result
    perpetual servitude the main. as you wish. all and every weapon now upon you. enemy of the state

    No, there is a limit to the tyrant’s power,
    When the oppressed can find no justice,
    When the burden grows unbearable, he reaches
    With hopeful courage up unto the Heavens
    And seizes hither his eternal rights,
    Which there abide, inalienable,
    As indestructible as the stars themselves.

    – From “The Rütli Oath” by Friedrich Schiller, 1759 – 1805

  3. 2007 True Story of Bilderberg book outlines exactly what’s happening. They plan to exterminate over 7 billion.

    Bilderberg Group planned a New World Order, “a One World Government with a single, global marketplace, policed by NATO as the one world army, and financially regulated by World Bank using one global (CBDC) currency” with or as part of the IMF. Their “wish list” included:

    — one international identity (observing) one set of universal values
    — centralized control of all foreign and domestic policies; “one size fits all globally”
    — no democracy, no middle class, only “rulers and servants”
    — zero-growth society, “global welfare for obedient servants, non-conformists targeted for extermination”
    — centralized control of education to train servants
    — centralized “mind control” to control public opinion

    Bilderberg Group planned projects included:
    — destruction of the US dollar through debt
    — exploiting Swine Flu to create a WHO global health dictatorship
    — ending national sovereignty
    — imposing a global tax on “world citizens”

  4. This is an excerpt from a book I wrote and was first published in May 2016
    I will describe certain aspects of the education system later, but for now, let me make something very clear. The education system is totally faulty. Having our textbooks chosen for us, and a lecturing professor make statements that have to be accepted by students; is the foundation for an unbalanced one-sided education system. Memorizing facts (some unvalidated) and theories to be regurgitated as delivered and taught, is a path to a servile brainwashed society. Not allowing opposing views to be voiced for open discussion and debate, lends to static, tepid knowledge, not a seeking of facts and fundamental truths.
    True science is defined as the search for real facts and ultimate truth. It is found by research, discernments, analytical and carefully thoughtful removal of faulty precepts and cognitive errors. By comparison of every factor and point of view of each subject, an intelligent free thinker makes his own decisions, not those chosen by the teacher. We need to be skeptical researchers of everything important to us. The illusion of knowledge is as bad, or worse, than ignorance.
    I have not attended many college courses, but have learned this by careful independent research and learning in my search for truth. That we have a faulty education system is evidenced by the adherence to deceptive, problematic, and harmful world systems by those who have become “professionals.” That more doctors have not stepped up to expose the deception is evidence that they fall into one or more of these categories:
    STUPIDITY- They just absorbed all the information unquestioningly, and using memorization, “faked through” all the tests and their thesis. The eight plus years of their lives spent hard at learning, and the half million dollars they spent, was to be a copy machine for the perpetuating system. They are a tool of the pharmaceuticals. They are incapable of free thought.
    SELFISHNESS- They are well aware that they are phonies, and don’t care. Since you are stupid enough to go to a doctor to heal you, you are stupid enough to give them your money for useless and sometimes harmful medicines. They will not make an attempt to show you truth. They consider you as a sucker, and take your money without a second thought, “just looking out for number one.” SOLDIER BEHIND ENEMY LINES- They are aware of the truth, do not prescribe harmful medicines, and do their best to educate colleagues and patients to the truth “within the system”  
    HELPLESS COWARDLY COG IN THE WHEEL- They are aware of the truth, but still do everything as taught to; they prescribe medicines and take your money, wallowing in guilt and self-condemnation. Perhaps they are under the thumb of the world powers, the medical system, have large debt to pay and must make money to “keep afloat.” They are cowards, unwilling to man-up and take a stand for truth. Needing to work to maintain the standard of living is not a good excuse, guys. You don’t need a high-end car, a fancy house, expensive restaurants, months vacation, etc., especially not when you get it by deception and playing with people’s health.
    TRUE COURAGEOUS HEALER- Is aware, has researched carefully as to what really works- the truth. He exposes the lies, presents truth and courageously stands his ground against exploitation, manipulation, and coercion. There are a few good doctors doing this. One is Dr. Mercola. Look him up on the web.

    Let us take a couple of fields of health and debunk them quickly. Pharmaceuticals of western medicine= Pharmacea is a Greek word defined as “witchcraft.” You should be aware that the word “chemistry” is rooted in “alchemy,” which was practiced by such reputable people as Rasputin and Nostradamus, and was the “science” of such “facts” as turning iron to gold.
    What good working medicines are there for us today? Penicillin? No longer effective. What good has all the research done? All medicines are short-lived, few cure diseases, all are potentially harmful, many are addictive, most are not natural, all are expensive, the more advanced the science, the less effective the “cure.”


    I understand that many doctors died from the vaccines due to stupidity and ignorance. But some nurses in the hospital nursing homes were saying, back in April 2020, that the staff knew that the procedures were killing the patients. They did it anyway, and collected great profits. These health professionals are not stupid. They are bought. My next book showed that doctors and nurses have no excuse for their ignorance. They are not ignorant. Nobody is that stupid. As somebody known for exposing world systems, I have had nurses ask me to get them out of there. They know how harmful the system is and don’t want it to continue.

    Furthermore, I have been in hospitals as a visitor. As I pass the rooms, I notice that there are monitors for every patient, going beep..beep…beep. They have green lines which vacillate going in patterns of recording heartbeats. I noticed that once in a while the machines give off alarms, indicating a dangerous change in the patients’ condition, but every time, these alerts are ignored by the nurses and doctors. I saw why they don’t care that the machines have sounded an alarm to draw attention to the patients. The patients were sleeping and not in any danger from heart attack or anything other than the condition that they were hospitalized for. These expensive monitors are basically useless.

    Let us take it further. As a child, when I was suspected of being sick, a glass thermometer with mercury in it was held under my tongue for two minutes, and an accurate reading of my temperature was delivered- exactly 98.6 degrees when healthy, and slightly more (101-102) when ill. Now the nurse at a medical facility will swipe your forehead with a new-fangled thermometer- takes one second, and get a reading. It will say 95, 97, or perhaps 99 or 101; whatever, but take it a few minutes later, and you have a whole different result. Something is very wrong in the system. These observations brought me to investigate.


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  5. People must be aware that there was never a virus. Viruses don’t exist. Follow terrain theory and you will come away with no doubt that germ theory is WRONG. Once you know this, you will then never fear viruses, or for that matter, bacteria (they are the clean-up agents) again. Toxins are the enemy.
    COVID was all about fear and coercing in order to take an injection. They used the fake virus as the fear mechanism. The illness comes from the injections and from previous injections and other toxins in the environment. Likely this is what they did in Lombardy. Dr Andrew Kaufman video very good to explain about viruses. People get ill, generally in the winter because of vitamin D deficiency, which is what fires the immune system to get rid of the various toxins. Eat healthy, get outside, keep vitamin D levels sufficient (and zinc), try and avoid toxins.

  6. Good to listen to Dr Yeadon. A concise appraisal of what’s been going on.
    Thank you. I am aware, but failing with neighbours, relatives and friends so far.
    Cash is King.

  7. Thank you Dr Mike. There are more of the enlightened out here than you think! You’ve been very brave over the last 3 years and I’m positive you have done a lot of good in the world with your wisdom. We will prevail. Good always wins. With love, Fiona

  8. Thank you for consistently trying to help humanity. I tried with one of your early videos and am still chipping away but it’s still as hard today as it was a year ago.

  9. Michael, do you believe people can be harmed by breathing in spike proteins via the shedding of spike proteins by those who are vaccinated?

  10. Thank you so much, Doctor, for your restless work for trying to reach and inform people as much as possible. You are very much appreciated. You can sleep in peace for having done your humanitary duty. Love to you.

  11. Thank you so much, Doctor, for your restless work for trying to reach and inform people as much as possible. You are very much appreciated. You can sleep in peace for having done your humanitary duty. Love to you.

  12. Thank you Dr Yeadon for your succinct and excellent summary further attempting to expose the satanic new world order agenda being currently agressively imposed upon this world. But God! God bless you and keep you safe through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Yeshua Hamaschiach, the only way and path to salvation 🙏✝️

  13. Thank you, Dr Yeadon, and may God bless you in your efforts to educate people asap. I respect your humility and appreciate your initiative. Will try to do my part, and your talk will be a big part of that effort.