Dr. David Weller: About NatuneHeal

A trained and experienced Scientist for over 20 years, Dr Weller’s background includes the fields of Biomedical Science and Cell and Molecular Biology, as well as Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

In 2018, Dr Weller founded NatuneHeal, a Holistic Wellness & BioEnergy Therapy Centre. NatuneHeal has moved away from a purely biochemical focus to a combined one that incorporates BioEnergy Medicine to assist with a full restoration of our natural harmonic resonance. Its services include Natural AntiCancer Support, Ayurvedic Naturopathy, BioEnergy Scanning, and Frequency Therapy, Herbal Medicine, Ozone Therapy, Quantum Energy Healing, and Vibrational Medicine. In 2020, the Wellness Centre received the Award for Best Holistic Health & Spa Centre of the Year (New Zealand).

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on March 28, 2022. This presentation is also available on Rumble and on Odysee. The full General Assembly Meeting is available in our Video Library. A transcript of this presentation can be found below.

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“Great journey, David, thank you…” -Stephan Becker

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Our next speaker for tonight’s general assembly is Dr. David Weller, who has spent numerous years researching, studying, teaching, practicing, and providing consultation in the area of health and environmental science. He’s a trained and experienced scientists for over 20 years. His background includes the field of biomedical science and cell and molecular biology, as well as alternative and complimentary medicine. In 2018 through variable innovation. Dr. Weller founded NatuneHeal, a holistic wellness and bioenergy therapy center. NatuneHeal has moved away from a purely biochemical focus to a combined that can incorporate bioenergy medicine to assist with a full restoration of our natural harmonic resonance. Its services include natural anticancer support, ayurvedic naturopathy, bioenergy scanning and frequency therapy, herbal medicine ozone therapy, quantum energy healing and vibrational medicine. In 2020, the wellness center received the award for best holistic health and spa center of the year in New Zealand. So Dr. Weller, it’s an honor to have you here and to learn from you. So thank you for coming. Hello, thank you so much for inviting me to introduce myself and the center today. It’s been a pleasure listening to all the previous presenters. I enjoyed that immensely. So thank you to you too. I guess I just wanted to provide you with a brief update of my personal journey of how I got here, because it’s been quite a diverse journey, I must say. So back when I was at high school, I remember how one of our teachers mentioned that none of us would be able to pass the biology subject and I thought that that was quite a, a remark to make to a bunch of high school students that were in his class. And so then I later went on to study biology. I don’t know if it was to challenge him or not, but that was my path in the University of Wales in the UK. And I must say I loved learning about biological processes both in humans and nature. Later on after I finished at a young age of about 22, I think I was, I was given the privilege to lead, a quite an important medical analysis laboratory in Spain, where I learned a lot about medical testing and managing people wasn’t that easy at such a young age. I found because many of the staff I dealt with could be up to a generation older than me. And so they found it hard to, I guess, have me there to start with. But in this job is when I first started to notice how some medical services, because we worked with many medical centers, could be more oriented towards the business side of things rather than towards the true pursuit of health for their citizens. And that shocked me a little bit. I guess I was a bit young and naive back then. Later on I was offered a two week long training course for a different type of job, it was actually a sort of medical sales rep position for a pharmaceutical company, which included many perks. You know, the usual company, car, laptop, and a good salary. And again, in that course, we were taught how to use ‘micro marketing techniques’ they called it, with the GPs. Basically a sort of offering of goods in exchange of them prescribing a specific medication. This was my first time learning about the influence of the pharmaceutical companies on GP’s prescription behavior. Needless to say, of course, that I did not continue that job after day one. And that’s how long I lasted in that job. And since then, I’ve worked in several discipline areas, such as environmental science, health and safety, risk benefit assessments for a number of years, health promotion and biomedical science, all the way from universities to regulatory government departments. I went on to pursue post-graduate study at a later age, in cell and molecular bio science in genetics, in microbiology, right up to PhD level, probably the hardest thing I ever did. It did give me a good scientific exposure to, to the world though, which I greatly enjoyed with conferences that were provided in Corsica, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. And then in 2015, the trigger that really led me to investigate and train in natural medicine was while supporting my late mother’s nine-month cancer journey. When she was on chemotherapy. I started studying courses in Bach and New Zealand native essence therapies, moved on to courses and understanding trauma, ayurvedic naturopathy, went to Sri Lanka to meet ayurvedic doctors there. And of course, this was complimented with my own self study and research into the vast world of holistic medicine, which I found that was quite immense bigger than than I ever thought. And even quantum physics. So that’s a bit of a summary of my journey of how I ended up going from one discipline area to another. And so in 2018, it was clear to me that starting a business in holistic medicine is what I wanted to do for the years to come. And so I became what you call, I guess, an entrepreneur, which was a little daunting for me and exciting at the same time, it was really putting into practice all the spiritual values as well that I had learned so long ago to become empowered of one’s own destination, to manifest reality really, through creation, innovation, but above all to be of service to others. I realized at the time, of course, that my business skills were not the best as it was not really part of my previous scientific training. And so I really also ended up investing a little to upgrade myself in that area too, with Business Blueprint in Australia, which are wonderful. And I spent a year with them, learning different skills, I guess. And so that same year, the NatuneHeal Clinic was born with the assistance of a number of practitioners that were offering services back then, such as flotation therapy, massage therapy, Chinese medicine, and acupuncture. That’s how it originally started in 2018. And of course it’s morphed, a little bit and grown other services since then. The relax services have been moved away a little bit, although it’s a very integrative part of holistic medicine and others have been the focus of the business right now. The vision in mind, of course back then was to provide unmatched holistic health services using a combination of modern and ancient traditional techniques for health, but it was also to provide honest education, because I found that without awareness, without acceptance into what health really is all about and how we are connected in all aspects of our bodies, it would really be hard to offer any service whatsoever, because of that lack of awareness. And so also encouraging the proper practice of natural health and bio energy science for deeper healthcare in New Zealand was also a part of it. And then in 2020, I was quite pleasantly surprised to receive that award that came all the way from the UK, when I was contacted. So the, the work that I do now really acknowledges the various interconnected dimensions of health. So how the emotional body or the mental, physical body is all connected to the spiritual body, and how we can use that to prevent and assist with healing chronic disease really. We have moved from the conventional purely biochemical focus to a more combined one that incorporates also by energy medicine and now I talk a little bit about that in a while and some services we provide them remotely and we do home visits as well. And that has been to acknowledge that some people are not mobile, especially cancer patients because of the lack of energy. And they can’t make it sometimes to, to the clinic. We mainly cater for those that suffer chronic diseases. So if they’ve been suffering a disease for more than three months, then we focus on those types of people, whether it may be arthritis, asthma, depression, IBS, Lyme disease, and cancer. And I guess one of my preferred therapies is by energy frequency therapy because I’ve found it’s it’s so diverse. It is so profound. We using an encyclopedia 700 pages long to try and find the right frequencies to use sometimes. And in my journey, my spiritual journey of seeking the truth I have been inspired by many. Nikola Tesla was certainly one of those brilliant pioneers in his time that really nailed it for me with one of his quotes. I really fell into tune with that. And he said ‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, you must think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration’. And so that’s what we’re about too. And of course it’s important to remember that energy is ever, ever present and omnipresent. So, in Ayurveda, we say that all disease is considered to occur as a result of either lacking Qi or Prana, the life principle – an imbalance of that life principle, or interruption of the life principle. And when this happens, energy is prevented from flowing smoothly through the body’s energy centers, through the meridians. And this can create them issues with absorption of nutrients, a buildup of toxins, which can then interfere with our cells electroporation. So the way the cell uses ionic pumps to pump nutrients in and waste out, and that’s one of the main problems of health today, I would say. I learnt about how energy moves as waves and vibrates at a rate or a frequency. In fact, we entirely vibrate at a rate of frequency, all our cells, our DNA and there’s research to show that very interesting and so the rate of vibration is usually measured in Hertz units. So one Hertz is really a wave cycle per second. That’s the kind of speed of vibration. And our frequencies really vary depending on the stresses to which we subject ourselves. So for example, let it be emotional, physical, mental, or chemical. Those are all stresses. And when is the optimal speed and spin rotation of our particles is altered, our cells can lose their optimal energy frequency, which can then promote pathogen and parasite growth or abnormal cell proliferation. And so I found that understanding energy frequency was fundamental to undoing many true causes of disease because we do focus on the causes rather than the symptoms or patching up a symptom because we have found that, of course you can do that for a certain amount of time, but without addressing the causes, the current chronic disease will never disappear completely. And so really energy frequency therapy is based on the premise that our atoms are molecules and our cells are all vortices of energy and they’re all affected by other energy frequencies through the universal law of resonance, whether the origin of course is, is from chemical contaminants or lack of appropriate nutrition pathogens, or even a mental, emotional distress, which has a frequency of itself that can then lead to the creation of toxins or how we call it ‘ama’ in Ayurveda. And of course, with this in mind, we can see energy positively or negatively influencing our chemistry, our biology, our genetics, our immune system, our psychology, even our behavior and emotional, mental, or spiritual states. When working with energy frequency therapy we do follow the vast energy frequency maps that have already been produced for a couple of decades, at least I will say two or three for most human pathogens that we do have maps of energy frequencies for the parasites and the erratic cells, basically the frequency of rate at which they vibrate. And so, for example, at the energy frequency of the various strains of mycoplasma, which is quite a worrisome and troublesome microbe that can cause autoimmune diseases. They can range between 254 and 6,218 to be precise Hertz. And then we can match some of those frequencies to disrupt those pathogens, the toxins, or even change the electroporation of ourselves, I guess, in the same way that an opera singer matches the frequency of a glass and can actually burst the glass. And so that’s also based on the law of resonance. So I hope this has provided bit of an insight into our world of bioenergy frequency and how it affects disease and its role in achieving good health as well and that it hasn’t been too detailed for an introduction. Thank you very much. Thank you, Dr. Weller. This is a great presentation. There’s so much to learn. I feel like I could spend all day just listening to you. So now Dr. Maria ask a few questions from our newsroom and from chat. Yeah, of course. Thank you so much for the presentation. I think some of us here in this meeting and listening to us live stream also had a journey towards the fields that you described. And I think that we have to be aware that we are not just bodies and that we do not need mechanic medicine, but we have to think about we as being spirit, soul, and body, and so energy and healing through frequencies and all this and that is clearer than to, to us. Um, if we are aware of that. And so I think this is the future medicine that we need worldwide. And it’s great to hear that you have, such a great center and probably if you also do courses for doctors to get knowledge, how to or to, to other colleagues or naturopaths, probably. That’s my question to you now, um, are you offering somehow courses to colleagues on the tour paths in New Zealand? Thank you for that. Not currently, but there is a vision to accomplish that. And of course, to provide, education and awareness to other professionals in the field, because of course we have found that that is lacking, you know, even the basics of nutrition. But when you start talking about frequency therapy, it just goes above people’s head and they find it hard to even relate to that kind of topic. And so absolutely I think raising awareness and education in this area is paramount for achieving a good health. I guess a, a step closer to that has been, providing workshops and seminars that we have been doing at mainly at national spiritual festivals that occur in New Zealand, usually during the summer with anywhere between 500 to 3000 attendees. And so we have been part of that, talking about energy, talking about quantum energy healing, doing workshops around these kinds of topics but not so much into the further detail as in frequency therapy, because really you could write a PhD just alone in that subject. So it is something that I do wish to pursue in future. Absolutely. Thank you. Thank you for that. Then there is a question from Zoe Strickland, ‘can you please tell us more about what ozone therapy and quantum energy healing involves? Oh yes. They’re quite different. One from the other, so I’ll start with ozone therapy. Ozone therapy is very well known or has been for a very long time. Back in the day, decades ago, ozone was used to sterilize the operating theaters before operations that’s until you know, the current disinfectants took over. So ozone is an amazing natural sterilizer but by sterilizer, I mean, sterilizer of pathogens and as such can be used with hardly any side effects to remove pathogens from the body. So as we know, we are a micro world of not just pathogens, but beneficial microbes. We do not want to affect the beneficial microbes or even our human selves/cells and ozone really the only side effect that I’ve noticed from using ozone is people getting a bit of nausea certainly after, or during the therapy or feeling a bit light headed for half an hour or one hour. And then that goes away and the reason for that, apart from the increased amount of oxygen that’s been inputted into your body is also the rupturing of the microbial cells that release their own toxins, the micro toxins into your bloodstream, which can then create that slight nausea while your body is naturally getting rid off of those toxins too. And so as soon as that’s happened, those symptoms disappear. Ozone is extremely effective, I think there’ve been studies showing more than 99% efficacy at killing pathogens. And so we do administer that either rectally or vaginally for various infections or for cancer. It can be candida infections, it can be all sorts of other disease, inflammatory disease usually and then it has a three-way effect really, ozone therapy has an effect of getting rid of the pathogens, increasing oxygenation in the body, which for cancer patients is extremely important and also stimulating and promoting the cascading effect of the immune system. So it works in those three ways. And the other route of administration is through the nose, but it’s not directly ozone as we know that ozone can interact with the epithelium of the lungs. It’s mainly through ozonide. So we transform ozone into ozonide and then ozonide is harmless to the epithelium of the lung can be breached to for up to half an hour and can be used for things like asthma, bronchitis and all sorts of lung afflictions, even lung cancer. So that’s a bit about Ozone therapy. Quantum energy healing is quite different. Quantum energy healing works with the field of energy that surrounds us similar to Reiki. However, a little bit more profound in detail as it works with the 33 codes of light that compose our body of light. So we have a body of light, a spiritual being, if you like in the form of a Merkaba, which is like the star of David. If you were to imagine that in three dimensions, it would be 64 tetrahedrons. A tetrahedron is a kind of triangle with a base, like a pyramid. So the 64 of those that compose the merkaba within the merkaba, there are 33 codes of light. Each code of light is, based on numerology and the sacred geometry and can activate and expand our Merkaba to align all of our bodies to the present moment and to optimize the spin of our electrons so that we can reach a higher vibrational state and therefore, a higher health state by increasing the spin and rotation and optimizing the rotation of our electrons. So that’s, that’s how it works. There’s much more to talk about, but I think that would be another probably. Another three weekend seminar. And so thank you. We have another question from Katarina Lindley, our host tonight, and she asks ‘for how many treatments on average takes to return someone into optimal level of energy or frequency?’ Okay. That’s a good question. It’s very hard question to answer because everybody’s different. And so my answer to that would be, it would depend number one, on what disease the person is manifesting. Number two on how long they’ve been manifesting that for. And number three, in what state their body is at, i.e. how long they’ve been deficient in nutrients for, or how long they’ve been toxic for? All of that is going to determine how many sessions on average it would take for that person to come back to health. But I can give you an example, for example, a cancer patient will take between six months to more than 12 months to get back to optimal. State of health, i.e. to having their energy back to be able to continue with a normal kind of quality of life because it’s taken already many years, sometimes more than 10 years to manifest that disease in the form of tumors or cancer cells all around the body and so it does take a while to reverse that back. It’s not an overnight thing. That’s for cancer patients, which I find are the most difficult to deal with because of all the other common infections they have as well. Um, but for someone like let’s say, uh, someone with, with arthritis or, um, the effects of a stroke, um, It would only probably take between six and eight sessions. Uh, and I’ve definitely seen, um, much significant improvement, uh, from a stroke patient that we had a few months ago. And this patient had facial paralysis, quite a significant limp on one of his legs, inflammation in the knee, uh, memory loss, et cetera, et cetera. And the only talk eight sessions to completely remove the facial paralysis. Uh, the link was reduced by more than 50%. Um, and the knee inflammation probably by 70, 75%, uh, was reduced as well as, so it does really depend on a lot of factors. Thank you. Um, another question, um, out of the newsroom, would it be necessary to detox before using Ozone therapy? Um, well, Ozone therapy does the detox itself, uh, you can detox before. Um, if, if the person wants to do that, it’s not a necessary prerequisite to, to having to do so. Um, it would depend of course, on the, on the toxic load that the patient has. Uh, but Ozone is an amazing detoxifier because it not only interacts with pathogens, but it also can remove toxins from the body. Then we have another question. Um, because you talked about frequencies, um, uh, somebody from the newsroom asked, can you describe, uh, the process of measuring these frequencies? Um, yes. Well, we don’t actually measure these frequencies ourselves. Um, you know, other researchers that have been working in the field like, uh, Dr. Nina Silva, uh she’s I guess one of the go-to people in the world, uh, in fact, you know, she is one of the people that has written this encyclopedia, which is more than 700 pages long, and several additions, um, with, uh, Various types of frequencies that compose all the different bacteria and microbes and pathogens that we find ourselves subjected to in the course of our lives sometimes. Um, and so I guess there’s someone like who would be more, more qualified to talk about the exact methods, um, and how they go about measuring these frequencies really, um, seeing as that wouldn’t be my level of expertise, the measurement of the frequencies. Um, we, we use more the, um, I guess the, the maps, uh, the programs that we have loaded, uh, with the specific frequencies that have been found in research to, to work. Um, and, uh, and then we, we observe the effects, um, after that, Thank you so much. So we have some other questions in the chat. Um, but if it’s okay for you, um, I, I come to one last question. Um, somebody from the newsroom asks, um, that she’s playing, um, 528 Hertz, um, positive energy sound as background, uh, whilst she is at her desk working, I guess, um, the frequency for general health, or can you do probably an overdose of, um, probably, um, too much of frequencies all day long, um, ESO 528 Hertz is very well recognized for the positive effect that it usually has on the heart. Um, the it’s has been found that they heart can vibrate at 428 Hertz. So. That is why the, uh, 528 is usually used, um, to, to re-establish the balance of, uh, of the heart. Um, like all parts of our body, you know, cells, tissues, et cetera. Uh, we resonate at different frequencies and sometimes the there’s an optimal frequency. Uh, but sometimes we can deviate from the optimal frequency you can go above or below that, uh, frequency. And so been, uh, we can re-establish harmony or balance, uh, by, for example, listening to a certain frequency of energy. Um, again, through the law of resonance, uh, whereby uh, playing like will, uh, end up, uh, the receptor will end up assimilating, like and vibrating at the same frequency. Um, I hope that’s answered it. Does that answer the question? Yes Dr. Weller, thank you for your time. And there are a few questions you will find in the chat with the Q next to them. If you don’t mind answering that, that would be wonderful.  

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