Defeat the Mandates DC | Dr. Tess Lawrie: A New Opportunity for Change Has Arrived

“The opportunity for real change has arrived,” Dr. Tess Lawrie said speaking to thousands gathered in Washington, DC for the historic Defeat the Mandates DC march. Tess spoke earlier today to deliver a message of remembrance for love, connection, courage, and freedom. 

See the blog post about the day here.



Hello USA. Land of the brave. Welcome to a new day. The day that we remember who we are. We have been living in a world full of fear and we’ve forgotten how we thrive. So I’m here on behalf of the World Council for Health, to help you remember. Human beings are courageous and resilient. We are loving and trusting. We are joyful. We are connected. And most importantly, we are free. It’s together we thrive. Together with love together, with friends and family and in communities as part of nature. We thrive outdoors. We thrive with respect and autonomy. We thrive with privacy and purpose. We thrive when we feel safe and heard, we thrive with different points of view and we thrive with meaning to life. The process of undermining the human spirit did not begin with COVID-19. It began a very long time ago. Disconnecting us from one another is key to controlling us. And when we forget who we are, when we disconnect from each other, we are easy game. So I remind you again, human beings are courageous and resilient. Thank you. Forget what we do. We do because we choose to do we think because we think, because we choose to. What we learn, we learn because we choose to learn and what we are, we are because we choose to be, nobody should make us to think, learn or be anything we do not choose. We are responsible for ourselves. Because we are free. I am free. You are free, remember? it’s time to step away from fear starting today. This is reality. The opportunity for real change has arrived. We will no longer tolerate interference and our rights and our choices. We will say, ‘No, thank you.’ We remember what is good for us. There’s a better way. And we are creating it together. We will take it from here. We are one. Sending you much love and courage, D.C., from the World Council for Health, we wish your easeful and impactful day. Thank you.

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