Deanna McLeod: Evidence-based analysis of the Pfizer 6 month trial

Deanna McLeod: More Harm Than Good: An evidence-based analysis of the Pfizer 6 month trial

Deanna McLeod is a medical peer-review publications expert, an evidence-based data analysis expert, as well as a Covid data analysis expert.

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on December 20, 2021. The full meeting can be viewed here.


Here’s what WCH members, staff, and affiliates are saying about Deanna’s presentation:

“Brilliant, clear presentation.”Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg

“This great analysis by CCCA. Shows again the level of deception and shenanigans in the covid agenda.” -Dr Mark Trozzi

“Thank you very much, great work and great analysis.” -Ghizlaine Casablanca

“Vitally important presentation, Deana. We will share widely.” -Dr. Tess Lawrie

“Thank you for a great presentation.” -Kat Lindley

“Really wonderful!” -Maria Emilia Gadelha Serra

“Thank you Deanna, fantastic!” -David Wiseman

“So clear, thank you.” -Emma Brierly

“Thank you, that was brilliant.” -Sue Grey

“Thank you, Deanna! Amazing presentation!” -Zoe Strickland

“Thanks Deanna! Great critique and presentation.” -Karen eg

“So good to see the scientific method being used properly. Science and bioethics need to be reinstated asap!” -Rob

“Excellent presentation.” -Rochagné Kilian

“AMAZING!!! Thank you much!!! This is the light in the tunnel of these “vaccination s”!!! We are grateful!!” -Zafeiria Kakaletri Greek Medical Freedom Alliance

“Outstanding presentation.” -Rima

“Thanks Deanna, I watched the CCA video and shared it on my twitter account. It has received lots of comments and many people shocked about what it reveals. Well done!” -Nathi Mdladla

“Thanks Deanna, a highly informative presentation.” -Carmen

“Thanks Deanna. Big respect to the CCCA team!” -Dr Mark Trozzi


  1. Thank you for all efforts being made to give evidence based information freely to the public. It is immensely appreciated and although it is not always evident it is supported and valuable.

  2. Very well done. This analysis, along with the VAERS data should be the nail in the coffin to these experimental gene therapies. So many people will be held accountable in Nuremberg 2.0.

  3. On the “this morning” TV program UK Dr Hilary Jones stated that the yellow card scheme was a waste of time. Untruthful etc to “tear it up”. Conflict of interest – owns a vaccine company

  4. I am grateful for a Canadian Dr who took it upon herself to share important data with the WHO. So proud of any Dr who speaks up in Canada as they are persecuted for it. Many doctors in Canada are cowards who don’t even try to see their patients in person. My family doctor has not seen me in person in two years and I am 65. The government healthcare system is backfiring in this Covid time. Dr’s can make money with phone appointments. They don’t need to be good because they get paid anyway. If the majority of Dr’s in Canada really stood up to the government, the government would have to listen. In Canada, they have let people die because they banned all out of hospital early Covid treatment of Covid for 2 years and postponed other major physical and mental health treatments for patients and scared people so much so they don’t dare go to the hospital for anything.

  5. I am grateful Canada has sites like this that are looking for the truth. No medicine, or drug, is fool proof. We humans are created unique and none can fit all of us. Most know this so also realize the quick development was a sham. No safety measures are in place. It seems fear is the game being played to scare us to do .. ?
    Anything we are told? I hope not.
    This is refreshing and like was said above, it’s a lonely thing to walk with knowledge people are too frightened to acknowledge. The ingredients in these gene therapy/vaccine shots are also not all that is in them.
    It is all unknown…an experiment. We are the subjects. The governments have bought into it and how do we get help for even ordinary things when we are unsure who is okay to go to?

  6. Deanna McLeod – would you mind responding here about the claims from Afp factcheckers about your presentation?

    Thanking you in advance!

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