Dana Loesch Radio Talks with Dr. Tess Lawrie On The Suppression Of Her Work

In this remarkable interview on The Dana Show, Dr. Tess Lawrie touches on a meeting with Dr. Hill from the 18th January 2021.

An early advocate for ivermectin, Dr. Hill was then about to publish a highly significant study with conclusions that would have provided the strongest case so far for ivermectin’s approval to fight covid.

But in an extraordinary move, just before publication, Dr. Hill flipped the conclusions to advise against using it.

Under intense questioning by Dr. Lawrie about his reasons for the sudden change, there is a very awkward moment when Dr. Hill has to calculate what this change of conclusions could mean for the number of lives that could have been saved.

The views expressed by Dr. Tess Lawrie are her own and not those of the World Council for Health or BiRD Group.


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  1. This is not only shocking but also tragic.

    A promising young researcher was corrupted;
    many thousands of innocent people died-
    (or were disabled),
    for no good cause.

    If we follow the money,
    it appears that the sponsor showered largesse
    not on Dr Hill, but on his institution,
    the University of Liverpool.

    This raises questions.
    Did the Vice-Chancellor know?
    Does the University even have an Ethics Committee?
    What do alumni currently feel about it?

    This appears to be another instance
    of the wrong sort of “public-private partnership”
    where institutional integrity as well as academic freedom
    gets destroyed,
    where the University ends up looking like a criminal enterprise ,
    having much blood on its hands.

    Shame on Liverpool!

  2. Wow. I’d heard about Tess Lawrie’s conversation with Andrew Hill previously, but actually seeing it in action is something else. You just can’t avoid the fact that crimes against humanity were committed here.

  3. I have been using Ivermectin since Dec 2020 as a prophylactic, and have not had so much as a cold. I am in a vax control group and have to do a medical questionnaire every month in which I have nothing to declare as regards health. I would not have the jab as I don’t feel I need it, I am 70.