Follow the Money: Conflicts of Interest with Fahrie Hassan

Fahrie Hassan is a Molecular Biologist and MSc in Chemical Pathology, specializing in Molecular Genetics, Enzymology, Immunology, and Biochemistry.

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on July 18, 2022. The full General Assembly Meeting is available here.

You can download Fahrie Hassan’s presentation here

Here’s what WCH members, staff, and coalition partners are saying about Fahrie’s presentation:

“Fahrie, thank you so much for this thorough work! Very illuminating.” – Dr Tess Lawrie

“Thank you so Much for daring showing public and live this incredible proof of such corruption and immense conflict of interest!!!….” – Zafeiria Kakaletri

“Thanks so much for your brilliant presentation Fahrie.” – Christof Plothe DO

“Amazing research, Farrie. Thank you.” – Glen Jung (BLNews)

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  1. Thank you for your amazing work. Now the question is if “those” people or can be removed from they’re positions how would the world look and can it be done?

    1. If “these” people were removed we’d live without an oppressor class. But probably not for very long. Because the REAL WHOLE problem goes much deeper than “these” people.

      The fact that “these” evil people rule is only ONE part of the equation. The pack of leading criminals do not operate in a vacuum, and never have. There are 2 destructive human pink elephants in the room and they are MARRIED — study the free essay “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room”… (or

      The criminals in power are in those positions and do what they do ONLY because of the mostly willful activities, or inactivities, of the majority of self-entitled “decent” or “good” or “compassionate” or “awake” or “religious” people — the 90-95% of the herd — and because they do NOT really want the truth but comforting fantasies.

      “Our current ‘state’ is the dictatorship of evil. We know that already, I hear you object, and we don’t need you to reproach us for it yet again. But, I ask you, if you know that, then why don’t you act? Why do you tolerate these rulers gradually robbing you, in public and in private, of one right after another, until one day nothing, absolutely nothing, remains but the machinery of the state, under the command of criminals and drunkards?” — from a White Rose Pamphlet, the ‘White Rose’ was a German resistance group fighting Hitler’s Nazi regime

      If you have been injected with Covid jabs/bioweapons and are concerned, then verify what batch number you were injected with at

      “… doctors and scientists are now on the same lever of public confidence as the scum living in the swamp.” — Unknown in 2022

  2. Hi Fahrie, I watched the clip ‘Criminal Syndicates’ and unfortunately it wasn’t saved. I was totally devastating to see that Adrian Gore is in bed with the WEF. Where can I view this clip again as it probably is one of the best presented clips I’ve seen.
    All my best
    Robert Zelie