Christof Plothe: The Sugar Trap | Why You Should Take It Seriously

Speaking at General Assembly Meeting #63 on Monday, October 31, Christof Plothe, D.O. gave an eye-opening presentation on the dangers of consuming sugar.

Who is Christof Plothe?

  • Christof Plothe, D.O. is an osteopath and author. He works in the field of integrative medicine, combining naturopathy, environmental medicine, and holistic dentistry with conventional medicine. Christof is a beloved member of the steering committee for the World Council for Health and also sits on the Board of Directors for EbMCsquared.

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on October 31, 2022. This video is also available on Rumble, Odysee, and Bitchute.

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  1. Would love to listen in more of a long form interview. This was too fast and too much information for the time allotted.