Christian Schubert: The current dominant medicine is characterized by various epistemological errors

Prof. Christian Schubert: The paradoxes of the vaccine program from a neuro / psycho immunological point of view

Professor Christian Schubert’s work for over 25 years had been researching, together with colleagues, the interactions between psyche, brain (nerve cells and neurotransmitters), and the immune system (immune cells and cytokines). In short: psychoneuroimmunology.

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly on November 8, 2021


[00:00:00] [00:00:30] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: And without any more delay, professor Christian Schubert, we look forward to hearing your talk and thank you so much for being here. [00:00:39] The floor is yours. Please tell everyone a little bit about yourself before we go into your talk. [00:00:43] Thank you. [00:00:44] Christian Schubert: Can you see my presentation? [00:00:45] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Yes, we can. [00:00:46] Christian Schubert: Super thank you. So thank you very much for invitation and giving me the opportunity to show you yeah, something on COVID crisis and especially on vaccination program from a holistic medical perspective. In current conventional medicine, sorry, in school medicine, so to speak we are confronted with a few of people that is very mechanistic. Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, focus on the material aspects of our life. [00:01:25] Cells, molecules, genes, biochemistry, physics, et cetera, et cetera, are the focus when people are sick and that the intent is to me, to help them. [00:01:37] We’re right within a machine paradigm in medicine, consequently, the current dominant medicine is characterized by various epistemological errors. Dualism and reductionism are to be seen centrally. Dualism means that body and mind and soul are viewed separately. Reductionism assumes that health and illness can be best understood when we analyze the smallest parts of humans. [00:02:08] And from these results, bottom up draw conclusions about the big picture. Ie the human functioning in everyday life. This is exactly what happens in the COVID pandemic, the virus, this little tiny thing, material thing. What’s the central it’s the central force. The immune system and with the immune system, the human being went out of focus and was neglected. [00:02:38] So this is typical for school medicine focusing on the tiny little part of our life and forget the whole, the human being a new bio-psycho-social perspective in medicine sees people from a holistic perspective and recognize that health illness can only be understood and explained if one takes into account the highly complex non-material aspects of human life. [00:03:04] For example, psyche and social relationships from a bio-psycho-social perspective, these more complex entities such as psyche and social top-down are likely to have more powerful influence on our body biology than vice versa. Biology on psyche. This in turn implies that failure to take into account psychological and social factors in medicine can result in paradoxes associated with more harm to health than benefit to humans. [00:03:40] In my opinion, this fact is particularly relevant in the COVID-19 crisis. This is for psycho neuro immunology or short PNI comes into play. The PNI is a new branch of research [00:03:54] In psychosomatic medicine that deals with interactions between psychological factors and immune system. One could also say that PNI represents the empirical realization of a new bio-psychosocial paradigm in medicine. In PNI, psychological factors, sorry, I need the presentation here. Yeah. [00:04:18] Psychological factors. The endocrine system, the nervous system and immune system are seen as a network like collection. For example, if a person is acutely stressed, for example, because they hear that a new type of dangerous virus is threatening humanity. The cellular immune system is activated. Why are the sympathetic nervous system causing a brief increase in inflammation? [00:04:44] This increase in inflammation represents a defensive wall in order to be able to deal with viral threat appropriately. Once this short-term increase in inflammation has fulfilled its task. The cellular immune activation is feedback regulated. Here, we have the feedback regulation. Why are the parasympathetic nervous system? [00:05:07] So the nervous vagus. The cortisol system and the humoral immune system so far so good. But if people are chronically stressed, for example, because fear and panic persist, then too much cortisol is released. We call that hypercortisolism in the long-term and the immune response, the immune protection is permanently suppressed. [00:05:39] The consequences are now allergies, infectious diseases and cancer. The basis for the occurrence of diseases related to chronic stress is a decrease in a number of essential immune protection factors. Essentially here in the context of my lecture are the pink coloured consequences. Namely the reactivation of latent viral infections, such as Epstein, BARR, virus, or herpes simplex virus, the increased incidents of respiratory infectious diseases and the poor immune response to vaccination EG against influenza and maybe SARS-CoV-2. [00:06:26] There is no doubt that the functioning healthy immune system is essential if vaccination is to be successful. A number of studies, impressively show that stress, depression, loneliness, and harmful behavior, such as poor nutrition and little exercise worsens the immune response to a vaccination. It is also well known that psychosocial stress leads to an increased prevalence and severity affects nation related side effects. [00:06:56] This knowledge can be generalized across several different types of vaccination and should therefore also apply to the new vaccination technologies against SARS-CoV-2. [00:07:10] It should be taken into account that since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis in early 2020, the prevalence of mental illnesses, sorry, here, the last point here, the prevalence of mental illnesses, such as depression, anxiety disorders, trauma, et cetera, has risen dramatically. And the vaccination against COVID is everything else, but not a medical success. [00:07:32] In a recently published review on stress and use disorders of the vaccine response medicine colleagues summed up that unfortunately, the COVID 19 pandemic itself has aggravated many of the risk factors for poor vaccine responses, such as stress, and then sedentary, Ines over all these risk factors are so prevalent that if not addressed, they could significantly reduce the overall efficacy of SARS-CoV-2 vaccine candidates. [00:08:05] So taking together or sorry, if psychological and social factors are not taken into account in medical intervention, such as the COVID vaccination, mechanistic medicine runs the risk of causing more harm to health than good. We already know of a sharp increase in vaccination breakthroughs and vaccination damage, including death as short-term results of the COVID vaccination. [00:08:32] This damage must not be only be related to the vaccine or the new vaccination technology itself, but can also be the result of collective immune suppression, which in turn has been linked to the great psychosocial stress that people have suffered over the past two years. So taking together, I would like to point out again that current medicine treats people like machines and sees mind and soul separated from the body. [00:08:59] Pscyhoneuroimmunology (PNI) tries to overcome this dualism in research. It can be assumed that the disregard of psychological social factors in medicine leads to paradoxes that are associated with more harm than good for those affected. If one does not take into account, for example, that many people around the world are currently stressed by the measures to contain the Corona virus and are there for immune compromised, one need not be surprised that the vaccination programs of the prevention and containment of the pandemic are unsuccessful and connected with more harm to help than benefit. [00:09:38] I consider the COVID 19 crisis to be a huge crisis in western medicine. Possibly the COVID-19 crisis represents the end of machine paradigm in medicine and the transition towards a new bio-psychosocial paradigm. Let’s hope that I’m right. Thank you for attention. [00:09:56] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Dr. Schubert, thank you so much. That was something we need a lot more information coming forward about, because you’re right, the separation of the mind and soul from the body is what current medicine has been practicing for quite a while. And we’re seeing the effects of it right now. And certainly the psychosocial effect on everybody from the isolation and wearing masks and the depression of the immune system certainly plays out in a very negative way. [00:10:21] Certainly bringing forward these vaccines on top of that. So really appreciate the information that you’ve brought forward. And I hope that more of you will come forward to discuss these issues in more depth as time passes too, because it’s terrible the effect on the human race. [00:10:38] So thank you so much for your presentation. [00:10:42]

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  1. Brilliant information and totally logical. What is wrong with the WHO and the governments running countries that have used such a ruthless and heavy handed approach to solve covid with lockdowns and fear mongering and such a inflexible approach to the anti covid vaxers. It is not surprising there are such mixed results and opinions. Thanks Dr Shoebert

    1. It is not about the vaccine but the spike protein to get in to you to kill you. Has nothing to do with medicine but population control. It amazes me that governments are doing this. When all is said and done one will be a Prime Minister of what. All alone and no one to even talk to or associate with.

  2. Understand that the government doesn’t want a cure to covid the government wants to depopulate the people because people are a liability, the virus is the vaccine! open your eyes it’s full of mrna, nanots, graphen the objective is to control the people with the virus vaccine, wake up Covid is certificate of vaccination ID to buy sell and travel while being under servilance, wake up.

  3. Very thoughtful approach to understanding the factors that influence our immunity…
    What we need from our elected officials, health authorities and the media is assurances that we are going to be O.K.
    At the same time, the general public needs to be educated on proper self-care and all of the immune boosting strategies.
    The fear mongering , the scarce information about the “new” vaccines, the secrecy surrounding the side-effects of vaccination has been going on far too long. It only promotes distrusts and pessimism.

  4. This is good, but overstates general view in medicine as being a machine-only view: bio-sycho-social holistic view is not a new approach. Generally in medicine, even at school, body-mind is described as a unity in terms of health.
    Psychological medicine is not restricted to purely mental suffering; but anxiety, depression, fear etc are implicated in all aspects of bodily health and functioning, especially in terms of stress-immune function. In fact. placebo effect is psychosomatic knowledge.

    Of course, the covid narrative driven by agenda for global control/NWO and so forth, with the ruse of the magic-bullet remedy and goal of of (coercive) vaccination for all, does portray a machine view of health.

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