Dr. Charles Hoffe: The Abandonment of Medical Ethics & the Censorship of Science

Dr. Charles Hoffe joined us from Canada to discuss the recent abandonment of medical ethics and the current censorship of science.

Dr. Hoffe is a family doctor in Lytton, BC, Canada. He has worked as a rural family physician and emergency room physician for more than 30 years. After seeing numerous cases of severe Covid injection injury in his own patients, Dr. Hoffe became an outspoken advocate for patient safety and the Hippocratic Oath: “First do no harm.”

Dr. Hoffe has been threatened, persecuted, and disciplined by the medical authorities for the crime of causing “vaccine hesitancy” because he questioned the safety of the experimental injections and advocated for the safety of his own patients who have been injured.

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on February 14, 2022.

The full General Assembly Meeting is available in our multimedia library.

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Here’s what WCH members, staff, and coalition partners are saying about Dr. Hoffe’s presentation:

“Precisely! Well said Dr. Hoffe!” -Anette

“Time to step out of fear. Thank you so much Dr Hoffe!!!” -Christof Plothe

“So refreshing to hear this ethical and critical thinking, so tragically lacking the last 2 years.” – Emma B.

“Thanks Dr Hoffe for all that you did.” -Keren

“Thanks Dr Hoffe. Good talk!” -Jackie Stone

“Big thanks and respect to you Dr Hoffe!” -Mark Trozzi

“Thank you Dr Hoffe, a very precise talk.” -Feisal Mansoor

“Thank you Dr. Hoffe for your message and your leadership.” -Dr. Kat Lindley

“Excellent summary of all the issues being targeted against doctors – all similar around the world- good to connect and share experiences and so be stronger. Thank you so much.” -Anne O’Reilly


Charles Hoffe === [00:00:00] Dr. Tess Lawrie: So I would like to welcome Dr. Charles Hoffe. Dr. Charles Hoffe is a family doctor. He lives and works in Lytton, in Canada. He is a graduate of the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, and moved to Canada in 1919. He has worked as a rural family physician and emergency room physician for 31 years. And after seeing numerous cases of severe COVID vaccine injury in his own patients, Dr. Hoffe has been an [00:01:00] outspoken advocate for safety and the Hippocratic oath. First do no harm, Dr. Hoffe has been threatened persecuted and disciplined by the medical authorities for the crime of causing vaccine hesitancy by daring to question the safety of the experimental gene therapy vaccines and for advocating for the safety of his own patients who have been injured by the COVID jabs. Welcome Dr. Hoffe. It’s a pleasure to meet you here at last. Dr. Charles Hoffee: Thank you. Thank you very much for the invitation. So I wanted you to talk about the abandonment ~of, of, ~of medical ethics and the censorship of science. ~And, ~And it has troubled me, or firstly, I should say that as a doctor, the oath that every doctor takes. The Hippocratic oath is to do no harm. And it is a beautiful ethic. ~I mean, ~If the whole world lived by that ethic, [00:02:00] it would be so different. ~And, ~And doing no harm also means preventing harm because it means that if you see somebody else in danger and you do nothing to protect them from that danger, you become complicit in their harm. And so here in Canada, medical doctors are regulated by ~the colleges, ~the colleges of physicians and surgeons in each province. ~And, and, ~and the duty of the college is basically fundamentally to protect the public. It’s to ensure that doctors have the appropriate training and credentials, and to ensure that what they’re doing is keeping people safe. In other words, that doctors are honest that they do no harm. And,~ um,~ and that there is,~ um,~ effectively that they’re never exploiting vulnerable people. ~Um, and, and, ~and over the years I’ve been amazed at how pedantic they have been. I once received a letter of warning from the college about 25 years [00:03:00] ago,~ um,~ that I was warning me and just informing me that I was not allowed to give medical care to my own family, because it was contrary to their code of ethics. ~Um, ~It was astonishing. It was absolutely amazing. ~They, ~They, there were very pedantic about doctors, never having any business dealings with their patients or, um, and, and particularly keen on informed consent and the fact that patients should never be coerced into having a treatment that they don’t want, and ~that, ~that patients needed to be fully informed about the risks and benefits so that they could make an informed choice. So something has seriously changed in the world with this pandemic, as I think you’re probably all aware. The fact that right across the world, there is so much fear and deception and a complete abandonment ~of, ~of ethics and of common sense really makes me think that this is a spiritual [00:04:00] problem that because I just cannot otherwise understand how so many intelligent and professional people across the world can all be, have all have gone off the rails so badly. So ~as, ~as was mentioned in the introduction,~ I,~ I firstly,~ was,~ was warned,~ um,~ and put under investigation for questioning the safety ~of, ~of these shots ~um, ~when I,~ when,~ when I saw harm in my own patients and then was fired as an emergency room physician for explaining the concept of natural immunity to an emergency room nurse, and basically explaining why somebody who had natural immunity did not need to be immunized. ~And, ~And so I, I became very concerned that a doctor who was concerned about patient safety and medical ethics should be persecuted for doing so, because I’ve had that firsthand. ~And, ~And in fact,~ um,~ next month, the doctors in British Columbia who have not had the COVID jabs will all have their licenses suspended. In other words,~ uh,~ this is the [00:05:00] decree of our medical authorities that if you believe- in fact, our medical health officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry here ~in, ~in, in BC has said ~that, ~that if you, if a doctor will not have these shots, they should not be a doctor. In other words, if you believe in the ethic of informed consent, you should not be a doctor. So this is from the highest levels at an absolute abandonment of medical ethics. And so early on ~in this, ~in this pandemic, the first evidence I saw before I was reprimanded ~of, ~of the abandonment of ethics was the withholding of treatment where they- Doctors knew that hydroxychloroquine was effective against the first SARs virus. So there was no reason why it shouldn’t have been effective against the second. That had been known since 2006. ~And, ~And doctors had known that ivermectin had, was an effective antiviral and an effective anti-inflammatory. So it [00:06:00] was a logical thing to try. But the fact that there’s been a ~such, ~such misinformation and active withholding of treatment to people who are seriously ill. Even something like vitamin D. ~You know, ~There was a study from Malaysia that showed that if people have adequate vitamin D levels, their mortality risk from COVID literally drops to zero. So the fact that they would not advocate even for vitamin D was just a glaring red flag, that something was very seriously wrong. So then of course, when the shots came out ~and, ~and there was no informed consent, that was another huge red flag for the abandonment of ethics, because informed consent involves four things. Firstly, a patient needs to be informed about the risks and with a vaccine that is experimental and we have no knowledge of what the long-term consequences might be or what it will possibly [00:07:00] do to fertility or to children or to your immune system in the long-term. There’s no way a person can give informed consent if we don’t even know what the risks are. And the fact that- and then of course, in terms of the benefits, people were told that this was their duty to society to get vaccinated, to keep others safe, which was a complete lie! Because it, I think everybody has now realized that it doesn’t stop the transmission of the virus. So its benefits are very minimal. And now with Omicron, which does, which it gives no protection against Omicron whatsoever. So there’s literally no, no benefit to it. ~Um, ~And, ~so, ~and then of course, the ~th ~the four aspects of informed consent, which are the foundation ~of, ~of medical ethics,~ um, um, ~are the risks, the benefits, the alternatives. They would not give people any alternatives. That ~they, they, ~they, they actively suppressed science and knowledge about [00:08:00] alternative treatments so that people had no alternatives. And then of course, the fourth aspect to informed consent is that there must be no coercion that a patient must be completely free to decide whether or not they want that treatment. And so of course, a child, for example, cannot give informed consent because there’s no way that they can understand the risks and benefits and the alternatives, they just haven’t, don’t have enough knowledge or life experience. And that is why minors in medical treatments down the years have never made this decision for themselves. That has always been their parents’ responsibility to make these decisions for them. ~So, ~And then of course, ~you know, ~the Nuremberg trials,~ um, in, ~in December of 1946, the trials of the doctors occurred in Nuremberg, Germany, where 23 Nazi doctors were put on trial for using experimental treatments on people, [00:09:00] against their wishes. And the outcome of ~those, ~those trials were that,~ um,~ nine of them were jailed and seven of them were executed by hanging for doing cruel experiments on people without informed consent. And so the Nuremberg code arose from that. And so there, there has been, ~I mean, I, ~I made a speech about this ~in, ~in Victoria and have received two complaints from the college about it. ~Um, it, ~It is absolutely astounding, this complete abandonment of ethics,~ um, and, ~and ~censorship of science, ~censorship of science, not just about effective treatments, but about natural immunity. There are now 150 studies showing the effectiveness of natural immunity. Yet these are actively suppressed and the authorities weren’t even mention it. ~They worked, ~They won’t look at the science, they it’s just about getting as many jobs into as many arms as possible. And ~so, ~so in terms of [00:10:00] trying to, fortunately there are more and more people waking up and realizing that the stories that we’ve been told by the authorities ~are, ~are- just don’t make any sense. People were told ~that ~that, that it was their duty to society to protect their fellow man to get vaccinated. But obviously a vaccine that does not stop the spread of a disease, doesn’t keep anyone safe. And we were told that everyone needed to be Vaxxed in order to get herd immunity, but you can’t get an immunity from a vaccine that doesn’t make you immune. So this is absurd. It is absurd to mandate a vaccine that doesn’t stop the spread of a disease. There’s no community benefit to it. Secondly, I think most people are starting to realize that all of the travel restrictions and vaccine passports make absolutely no logical sense. To, [00:11:00] to restrict travel, to stop the spread of a virus that is already everywhere, completely defies all logic. ~I mean, ~It is absolutely absurd that anybody could possibly support vaccine passport. The virus is in every country, every city. So how having- and with a vaccine that doesn’t stop the spread of it in any case, it is absolutely absurd. This is an abandonment of science in every way. And of course, persecuting doctors who dare to question the safety of it? If all these restrictions that have been put up upon us are all about safety, the masks, the distancing, the lockdowns, the shots, it’s all about safety, but yet the fact that they withhold treatments, the fact that they refuse to recognize natural immunity, the fact that they persecute doctors,~ who,~ who dare [inaudible] [00:12:00] should make people really wonder is this really about safety? And then of course, if you look at the various data,~ um,~ and the latest is from the 4th of February, there are 23,000. This is just in the US, 23,000 people dead. I think it’s 40 some thousand permanently disabled. And 1.1 million vaccine injured. And the numbers from Europe from the EudraVigilance ~are, ~are even more horrifying with three and a half million vaccine injuries and almost 40,000 people dead. So ~th th ~th ~this, ~this mantra that it is safe and effective while we have more Covid than ever before is absolutely absurd. And then of course the most absurd ~is, ~is their desire to vaccinate children with the most dangerous vaccine ever rolled out upon humanity to protect them against the disease that [00:13:00] poses no risk to them is the most absurd of all. So hopefully people are starting to wake up and realize ~that ~that something has gone seriously wrong,~ but,~ but the power of mass formation and of hypnosis and of brainwashing people through the media, the power of fear is quite awesome. So I think ~that ~that sums up, I think just what I wanted to say about it, and I’d certainly ~be, ~be,~ um,~ open to any comments or questions. Dr. Tess Lawrie: Thank you very much, Charles. Your frustration is just, ~you know, ~it comes through ~so, ~so strongly in,~ and,~ and I feel for you being at the front line and just seeing the,~ um,~ the harms,~ uh, and, ~and ~being, ~being powerless ~to, to prevent, ~to prevent it really. ~Um, uh, ~But,~ uh,~ but ~having to, ~having to deal ~with, with, ~with the fallout and help as many people as you can. So thank you for everything that you’re doing. ~We upload, ~We applaud you. Mark,~ uh,~ Dr. Trozzi, Trozzi- do you have any questions in the chat for Charles? ~Uh, ~ Dr. Mark Trozzi: Yeah~ so, uh, ~lots of [00:14:00] love and support. ~Um, ~And I’d like to, ~you know, ~shout amen for all that. ~Um, ~For those that, that I’m in most of us probably do know a lot about what Dr. Hoffe’s been doing since the beginning of this, but,~ uh,~ just phenomenal amount of ethics and science and,~ uh,~ really honored to consider your friend and colleague. ~Um, so, you know, ~An interesting point,~ uh,~ that came up in the chat and this is other people’s chance to type in a question if they’d like. But if I say that it’s interesting from Faisel Mansour, interesting how,~ um,~ the Omnichron arrived just when only the,~ uh,~ quote vaccinated could travel. ~Um, ~And then a lot of gratitude as well for different things you’ve done. And for, ~you know, ~teaching about all the real medicine, lots of comments about just the malfeasance, the injustice, the criminality of the whole thing. And,~ uh,~ so lots of blessings to you, Dr. Hoffe from everybody, including myself. Dr. Tess Lawrie: I see there is one, a new question that’s just been posted,~ um,~ from Canada,~ uh,~ thanking you and saying you were very outspoken early on about the micro clots that you were seeing following,~ uh,~ the vaccines and based [00:15:00] on the- ~, uh,~ could you speak a little about your research and observations on this. Dr. Charles Hoffee: Yes, absolutely. ~Um, ~I,~ when,~ when I started seeing horrible injuries in my patients, and initially they were mostly neurological, some of them ~are, ~are pulmonary and cardiac,~ but,~ but I asked questions. I was trying to figure out the mechanism of injury for this. And when we discovered that unlike conventional vaccines,~ these,~ these shots do not stay in your arm. They go intravenous around your whole body, which means that the little packages of messenger RNA absorbed into the cells around your blood vessels, in the cappelary networks, everywhere. So in other words, that’s where the spike proteins were going to end up once they were formed by your body. It seemed logical that people would develop micro clots. And so I did, I started doing tests in my own patients with a D-dimer test to see if this micro clotting ~was, ~was happening. ~Uh, ~And I was [00:16:00] horrified initially, I think after the first, I think nine people came back to the tree. 62% had elevated D-dimers and what I was trying to do is to get a D-dimer their shot, which was my control, and a D-dimer after a week after their shot. So that because there are some, there are other factors that can sometimes affect D-dimer. And so that was my idea was to try and have this control group. Each patient would be a, have a control of their own so that you would know what their baseline was. And ~so, ~unfortunately,~ um,~ shortly I was so horrified initially ~when I, ~when I saw such that more than half of people were getting this micro evidence of micro clotting. And by the way, these were not vaccine injured people. These were people who thought their shot went fine. ~Um, ~And I started speaking about this and then about 10 days later, my practice was burned to the ground. The whole town was,~ um,~ in a devastating fire in June of last year and ~so, ~so we no longer have a lab. We no longer have any health facility [00:17:00] in this town. Fortunately, my house survived.~ But, but, ~But ultimately I only had 15 patients in my study and only four of them ~had ~had a control, in other words, had the D-dimer before ~their, ~their shot. ~So, ~So it ended up, so I haven’t, I just had desperately wanted to get bigger numbers to try and make it more statistically meaningful. ~But, ~But ~that’s what, ~that’s what I had tried to do. And so maybe I should just mention that I know other,~ uh,~ doctors around the world,~ um,~ have been doing D-dimer tests on vaccine injured people in emergency rooms and finding massively high D-dimer levels,~ um,~ in people who have no evidence of clots on scans. And it’s because the clots are microscopic they’re too small to see on a scan and they’re too scattered, but yet, ~you know, ~when they’re in your brain or spinal cord, nervous tissue, heart lungs,~ um,~ this is very serious because these ~are, are, are, ~are tissues that cannot regenerate. And so the damage is permanent and will accumulate with every shot. Dr. Tess Lawrie: Yes. Thank you. And Dr. Hoffe, did you do any,~ uh,~ immune,~ uh,~ studies, particularly [00:18:00] T-cell counts, ~CD ~CD8s and so on? Dr. Charles Hoffee: No, I was literally just doing a full blood count. I wanted to see if platelets were dropping as well as cause sometimes when you get a lot of clotting, the platelets, the platelets get consumed. And ~so, ~so that was all I was doing. I was sort of limit that. Yeah, it was pretty limited and it was just the start and unfortunately it ~got, ~got wiped out,~ but,~ but it was my effort to try and figure out what went wrong in my patients when nobody else could tell me. ~There’s one, ~ Dr. Tess Lawrie: There’s one more question that Mark has for you, Mark, would you like to,~ uh,~ ask it please? Dr. Mark Trozzi: Yes, please. Oh, yes, please. ~Um, ~Charles, we have a question from,~ uh,~ Robert Bernstein and,~ uh,~ two parts. So have the medical boards always been tyrannical or have they become worse during COVID? ~Um, ~and then the second question, is there any reason to suspect that some people receive placebo? So medical boards always tyrannical getting worse. And what about placebos? Dr. Charles Hoffee: Yeah. So firstly, with regard [00:19:00] to the medical boards being tyrannical,~ um,~ they were very particular about ethics and patient safety and ~almost to the, ~almost to the, to being pedantic. ~Um, ~I thought, ~I mean, ~I’ve here in Canada. I’ve known doctors have enormous fines. ~You know, ~there was one person who employed one of their patients to do garden work for them and receive a $25,000 fine for doing business with a patient. ~Um, ~I live in a small town where everybody in the town is my patient. ~So, you know, ~Under those rules, I shouldn’t be able to buy gasoline, food, ~um, ~anything. ~You know, I mean, I, ~I, and you’re, ~you know, ~you’re not supposed to give medical care to your friends, but if you live in a town where everybody is your friend and everybody is your patient, what do you do? Do you live as a hermit? It’s absurd. ~Um, so, ~so in some senses they have been, they would, I think they were rather over pedantic about ethics ~and, ~and now have completely abandoned the ethics, which is really weird going from one extreme to the other. ~But, but, ~But they [00:20:00] have never persecuted doctors who advocate for patient safety. ~I mean, ~And that’s what I have done. I have ad- ~I’m, ~I’m passionate about patient safety ~and, ~and I, so ~I, ~I, as something, I think it’s a spiritual darkness because I cannot understand how so many people can cooperate with this. ~Um, ~ Dr. Tess Lawrie: Thanks very much Dr. Hoffe we are running out of time and need to move on. Do you want to just have ~a quick, ~a quick word on the placebo? ~If, if you, ~If you have an opinion on whether people have received placebos? Dr. Charles Hoffee: Yes. Yes. As far as I’ve been able to establish somewhere between 20 and 30% of the shots are placebo. Are so, we don’t know what,~ well,~ not necessarily placebo, but ~they, ~they appear to not have the messenger RNA. In other words, they’re saline, they may still have some of the nanotechnology we don’t know for sure. ~Um, but, but, ~But yeah,~ so, you know, ~forcing people to have a shot with secret ingredients is of course, highly unethical. Dr. Tess Lawrie: Yes, we agreed. Alright thank you so much for that ~really, ~really interesting [00:21:00] perspective that you shared.

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  1. Thank you so much, Dr Hofte !
    As your colleagues in New Zealand we have been following your path from a distance, including the burning of your practice. Our situation in NZ is very similar and we have all lost our medical jobs.
    Your emphasis from the beginning that this is a spiritual battle is shared by all who want to delve deeper into the ‘why’s’ of this world-crisis. Thank you so much.

  2. Thank you so much for speaking out, every person who speaks out counts for so much in this terrible worldwide emergency which is not due to the virus but the (creatiion?) and political response to it. Please keep speaking out every chance you get.

  3. Hello Dr. Hoffe, I have read with great interest all your theories about this awful clot shot. I took a copy of your findings to a local dr. at a walk in clinic in Banff, James Clem. He took the information, threw it on the floor, and said” I’m not reading this! All this resistance has been paid for by anti-vaxxers.” He also said that if you couldn’t see something on an MRI or a scan, it didn’t matter! I was just appalled, I had gone to him for an exemption letter from this Thing, because my regular doc was away. He told me” You’ll get covid you will, I’ll see you in the ICU” I told him he was crazy, and what about the coercion aspect of having an injection of poison that I didn’t want. He then stormed out. Last week, I took more evidence about capillary blockage to my regular doctor, who read it with great interest, and thanked me. I then asked for a d-dimer test, which was promptly arranged, and I have to get the results next week, as the office is very busy. I then popped across the road to the other clinic and left all 6 pages with a message for Clem ( he doesn’t deserve to be called Dr) saying that I thought he might find it useful!! Incidentally, I am 70, and in the supposedly highly at risk group and have had not even a sniffle. I didn’t buy into this nonsense in the first place, and after I read Robert Kennedy’s book about the evil twins Fauci and Gates and their vaxx mania, I knew I was right. I read that the Justice Centre is helping you fight this persecution, and of course, I wish you the best of luck!!

  4. Hello, if no one is taking responsibility for the Council of Health and denying they represent the medical opinions of these doctors, then where is the distinction between the two current World Council of Health and the one that is still operation as the WHO and how then can one tell the difference between what one is advocating as a better medical practise while the other is perhaps not the best for the patients?

  5. Has the World Council for Health had Dr. David Martin do a presentation? Dr. Martin has all the patent owners crimes listed with all the criminal codes matched to their crimes and so much more all ready for the courts yet it is not being taken into the courts, why????? What in your perspective will stop this crime against humanity??? Protesters are being targeted with LRAD systems and police brutality and huge censorship ….what in this world will stop this madness??? Cease and Desist orders going out and still this goes on??? Who or what do we call on to end this?? I have two friends left not vaxxed and 20 of my vaxxed friends have died and families will not admit it was the vax. Just the frustration will be it’s own killing field. What can we do??? Thank you to all the brave doctors but more has to be done.

  6. I agree totally with Dr. Hoffe’s conclusion that Covid is a spiritual crisis. This is our karma. All around the world too many of us have become disconnected from ourselves, each other, and the earth. And now it is time to pay the piper! The way out of this is to replace the negative energy of fear and blame with the positive energy of individual responsibility. And set yourself free.

  7. Thank you Dr. Hofte, very educative and precise, I congratulate you on your courage and persistence for the benefit of all people. Please keep up the good work and may God bless you.

  8. An absolutely brilliant presentation. Thank you so much Dr Hoffe. I have shared it with every contact I have.

  9. I want to contact Dr Charles Hoffe to give him a copy of a appeal court decision where court found lawyers judges and Public trustee committed crimes in our malpractice that ended in fraud proving our courts are corrupt contact donella_o@yahoo.com

  10. Hello Dr Hoffe and thank you for all that you are doing. I have been following you since the beginning and what you and Dr Bahkdi have had to say is all I need to know about the injection. i would like to draw your attention to a possible treatment for the clotting ? It is at least worth a look. I know many are working on various treatments for the injected but there is a book by Arthur Firstenburg titled the Invisible Rainbow where it starts by explaining the history of electricity. I wasn’t aware that electricity was used in therapeutics the 18th century and again at the beginning of the 20th century (page 38). Many good results for electro-therapy were documented, as well as bad. Apparently, electricity can be healing and harmful. It is a matter of intensity. If scientists were able to induce hemorraging in patients, then would it be possible to apply this treatment in patients who are clotting ? I want to keep this brief so i will direct you to page 38 of the book where the effects of electricity on blood are described. You can quickly access the book on archive.org for free. I hope you or any health practitioner will read this and look into the therapeutic applications of electricity. Thanks for your time and for your courage to speak up on behalf of all of us. J, from the east coast.

    1. I agree with this doctor it is a spiritual darkness. an evil that always was present. I have experienced it, witnessed it, and suffered due to it. and have survived to expose this corruption.

  11. First Do no harm. The college of Physicians condoned harm done to me and approved falsified fabricated documents by Interior health doctors. They approved a ban from all clinics, the lab, and physiotherapy in 2014. previous to this in 2009-2010 CPS approved falsified fabricated records written by Interior Health staff. They overlooked the fact if they did investigate what was sent by these unethical doctors that there was enough evidence to prove the statements were falsified. This was done in an attempt to cover up fraud, a misdiagnosis, and also incorrect medical which caused serious chronic health conditions. I need medical and a doctor that can help. Obviously, they do not know the Health Act of Canada, since privatization corruption has taken over the health services

  12. Dr Hoffee,
    We spoke this yr. and you helped my son, so graciously..God is blessing you!
    I just wanted to tell you my experience, being around the jab..last yr…I am unjabbed
    and have lymes..which we know is also a bio weapon. I live is a senior complex..my 3 neighbors we
    were all hanging out, they were all 2 and 3 jabs, before I knew their maybe transmitting spike protein.
    I was experiencing heart problems..i could feel my heart doing weird things, I was not going to the hospital..the killing fields..lol so I put my blood pressure
    monitor on, and noticed my heart was skipping every other beat.I suffered with this for about a week..put to and to together..stopped hanging out and it stopped within a day or so..thought this might be helpful…keep up the great fight!!! love you !! God bless thanks. Robyn .

  13. He “moved to Canada in 1919”? If he is over 100 years old, we need to hear from him on longevity! Seriously, it would be useful in this arena for you to have your facts straight and to appear legit.