Anette Paulin and Jens-Ole Paulin: About The Center for Natural Hormone Therapy

Anette Paulin and Jens-Ole Paulin joined the World Council for Health to introduce WCH Coalition Partner, the Center for Natural Hormone Therapy.

The Center for Natural Hormone Therapy creates treatment protocols based on the research in natural hormones and other natural substances that cannot be patented. NHT also strives to raise awareness of how this research is being distorted by the pharmaceutical industry.

Anette is an alternative health practitioner, author, and head of NHT-studies at the NHT Center for Natural Hormone Therapy. Jens-Ole is a journalist, author, and head of the NHT Center for Natural Hormone Therapy. They are co-authors of the book, Natural Hormone Therapy.

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on March 7, 2022. The full General Assembly Meeting is available in our multimedia library. This presentation is also available on Rumble and Odysee.

March 7 General Assembly Center for Natural Hormone Therapy


Anette Paulin and Jens-Ole Paulin === [00:00:00] Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Moving on then to our second partner introduction at today’s general assembly, and they will be represented by Anette Paulin and Jens-Ole Paulin. And the organization is called The Center for Natural Hormone Therapy, a very warm welcome to Anette Paulin and Jens-Ole Paulin the general assembly. We have 10 to 15 [00:01:00] minutes to present followed by Q&A. The mic is yours. Jens-Ole Paulin: Thank you. I would like to begin. It’s good to be here. I’m Jens-Ole Paulin from Centre for Natural Hormone Therapy. And then you might think this is about women and menopause. Well, the good news is we all have hormones in our body and taking care of them is a unique opportunity for all of us. We actively strive to advance natural therapies in general, by including natural hormones, because the benefits are profound. It might also help these post vaccine symptoms. So to begin with I’ll do a bit of myth-busting here. Because this is also the story about how [00:02:00] suppression of natural substances didn’t emerge,in the last two years, it’s has been going on for nearly a century. A new born child stuffed with hormones, Progesterone, Estradiol, Estriol, Testosterone, to name a few. These hormones perform crucial functions in our body at every age. So whether you’re a 12 year old girl with endometriosis, a 50 year old woman with arthritis and migraines, or a 40 year old man with multiple sclerosis, hormonal imbalances will be part of the problem. And natural hormones can play a major role in recovering. Without hormones, this baby would die within seconds. Our hormones are essential for survival. They’re [00:03:00] not drugs any more than the blood in our veins is a drug. And just as our blood doesn’t have side effects, nor do our own hormones have side effects. Why do I point this out? Because we have come to think of hormones as something unnatural, something that should be avoided by all means. A lot of alternative therapists think this way, too. "The treatment involving hormones cannot be natural." And that’s really sad because this is precisely what the pharmaceutical industry wants us to think. Natural hormones, identical to the hormones produced by our own body cannot be patented. And so the industry can’t make any profit from them. They have invented their own drugs which they also call [00:04:00] hormones with severe side effects. And they have to make us think that our own hormones are just as bad as their drugs. So how do they do that? It’s quite simply really. They tell us that our own hormones are the same as their patented drugs. And they tell us this story everywhere. You just have to do a Google search on, for example, the content of the birth control pill. This is what comes up at the top. Birth control pills contain man-made forms of two hormones called estrogen and progestin. These hormones are made naturally in a woman’s ovaries. So the ingredients in birth control pills are made naturally in women’s ovaries. That’s what Google tells you. And since we all know that birth [00:05:00] control pills have side effects that follows that female hormones have side effects, therefore the female hormones are dangerous, but of course there are no hormones made by the ovaries and birth control pills. They consist solely of patterns and substances, and they are responsible for all the side effects. The fact that is never mentioned. And here’s an example from 20 years ago, when the women’s health initiative study was abruptly halted because of severe side effects, they created the impression that it was a trial about female hormones and the front page just passed on this impression worldwide. An estimated 6 million women take the drug’s Estrogen and Progestin to replace the hormones lost at menopause. How can a [00:06:00] drug replace a natural hormone produced by the ovaries? Of course it can’t. The women’s health initiative study was not about female hormones because they never used female hormones, only patented substances. A fact that was, and still is 20 years later, never mentioned. Yes, not just a media scam. It’s a science itself that has been corrupted in numerous ways. I’ll use progesterone as an example, there are similar scams of estrogens, but progesterone is one of the most beneficial hormones produced by both men and women, especially important for women’s health. How do they manage to cover up those benefits? Again, it’s very simple. They gave their own patended hormones the same night, [00:07:00] they also transfer the side effects to natural progesterone. You might have noticed that in both examples, the hormone is called progestin. This is a mystery hormone because it doesn’t exist. There is no single hormone called progestin. It’s a name of a group of hormones and that’s the trick. What they have done is they have placed their patented substances in the same group as natural progesterone, medroxyprogesterone acetate, which was the substance actually used in the women’s health initiative study. Levonorgestrel and so on. These are just examples. There are hundreds of patented progestins and they all come with serious side effects and I’ve placed them together with our body’s [00:08:00] own progesterone in a group called Progestin, also known as Projesterones, or simply progesterone. By using this group name, you give the impression that it’s all very much the same. Talking about progestin instead of the specific hormone means that you can no longer distinguish between them. You can’t tell which are the natural and which are the patented. And that means that you can transfer the side effects of the patented progestins to the natural progesterone not on the basis of any science, but simply because they belong to the same group. And here’s how it shows up in everyday life. This is what a woman will be confronted with when she is prescribed natural progesterone. That is progesterone. That is 100% identical to her own hormone, increased risk of [00:09:00] blood clots of breast cancer, heart attack, stroke liver disease. That’s what we call the phony side effects, because it’s a hoax. These are the side effects that are automatically transferred from the patented progestins, these side effects have never occurred in any study with natural progesterone. The purpose of all this is, of course, to cover up the superiority of the body’s own hormones, opposed to the hormones produced by the industry. Not least it covers up the vast potential of progesterone. This is what the science actually shows. Notice, for example, that progesterone is necessary for a healthy pregnancy while the passenger progestins are made to create an abortion. And, they are layout telling us that these are [00:10:00] the same substances and they are telling women what they use all the same substances and that the patented progestins can serve as a substitute for progesterone. However, we believe a lie that is so obvious because they have kept on repeating. And since the 1950s. For 70 years now, like many other natural substances, progesterone is multifunctional. Contrary to the leaflet. It has shown to be cancer protective, both in the lab and in clinical trials. And it also has the potential to be effective against COVID-19. There are some of the functions. Here are the, some of the functions of progesterone, that explains why they could be effective against [00:11:00] COVID-19. And what is clear from the thousands of studies into progesterone? That is that real progesterone, is that if you do have a progesterone deficiency, it will cause illness and that progesterone deficiency is common in both men and women. In order to recover and stay healthy, we have to take care of our hormones. And then we’ll tell you more about how we can do that. Anette Paulin: Yes. I’ll talk a bit about the practical things of our work today. We are living in a sea of estrogen. We are surrounded by thousands of chemicals that are endocrine disruptors or Xenoestrogens as they are also called. Since most of them have an estrogenic [00:12:00] effect in the body. This is an overview of some of the health consequences of the xenoestrogens, but this can also be seen as the consequence of an imbalance between estrogen and progesterone. Progesterone is not as you see it often in the media, just a female pregnancy hormone. Progesterone is produced by men as well in the adrenals, the testes, the brain and the nervous system. Progesterone is a neurosteroid produced by and for the nervous system in men and women alike. Progesterone production declines with aging, but also for younger people there can be an imbalance between estrogen and progesterone because of xenoestrogens and other lifestyle issues, including stress. And this is why we are working with many tools to restore the balance. The endocrine [00:13:00] disruptors avoid and remove. We look at all areas where we get in touch with these chemicals, personal care products, kitchen equipment, and so on, and replace them with non-toxic products. But we cannot avoid them completely by oxygens and perfluorinated compounds for instance, are everywhere in nature. They come down with the rain and into our food, even the organic food. So it is important to engage in a constant detoxification process to get them out of the body again, and there are some very helpful things like sauna that can help us remove them. Adequate nutrients, eat real food, organic or biodynamic. Keep the blood sugar stable, high blood sugar will increase testosterone in women and decrease it in men, the opposite of the ideal. Supplements, vitamins and minerals are vital for the production [00:14:00] of hormones. For instance, Vitamin C and many people are deficient in important nutrients. Stress reduction, aligning body and soul Cody soul has been called the connection between the spirit and the body, because our emotions and our psychological state of being influences, the production of cortisol. Cortisol is produced from progesterone. So you can say that cortisol steals progesterone. A high stress level contributes to an imbalance between estrogens and progesterone. Meditation, EFT, and other tools can help reduce the stress. Balancing hormones, that individual status. We work with detailed questionnaires to assess the different symptoms of hormonal imbalances. And we use a saliva test to assess the actual levels of hormones right now, so that we [00:15:00] can see what needs to be brought back to balance in order to restore good health. If necessary, we recommend bio identical hormones, especially progesterone, and estriol. Our motto is remove what is harmful, add what is missing. It sounds very simple, but in reality can be quite a complicated process depending on where the individual client is, but the results often come within weeks. One example is a male client in his early forties, diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. After starting on NHT. He felt the first improvements within a week. He kept improving and within a year he had no more symptoms. Then he had his regular scan and it showed that all lesions in his brain had disappeared. He is back to working full time feeling well and very happy. So using the [00:16:00] research in natural substances, including natural hormones, combined with stress reduction and detoxification, we get very good results treating and preventing the diseases associated with hormonal imbalances. For instance, multiple sclerosis, osteoperosis, fibromyalgia, depression, headaches, migraines. And all other diseases, which involve auto-immunity or inflammation, which is basically most diseases. We have an education of one and a half year for those who want to become an NHD practitioner, the education is a hundred percent online and all consultations can be held online as well. We have a lot of information on our website So far it is all in Danish, but you can use Google translate and get it translated into English and [00:17:00] other languages. We have written a book on this Natural Hormone Therapy with over 400 scientific references. It is also in Danish. Sorry. We haven’t had the resources yet to get it translated into English. Hopefully that will be one day. Thank you very much. Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Thank you very much, to your organization for presenting to us today. Some very valuable information that going to be helpful. I think especially, perhaps, timely ahead of International Women’s Day, but also relevant for health in general. I just want to stay very warm, thank you. To you for presenting today. Over to your Tess for questions and comments. Dr. Tess Lawrie: Thanks very much. And it’s really fascinating the work that you’re doing. And,[00:18:00] it’s great that you’ve brought it forward here because, many people, including myself were not aware of many of the points that you’ve raised. We’ve got a question from Kim Knight, "Does one have to be a doctor to do the training?" Dr. Tess Lawrie: I think, you’re muted? Anette Paulin: No. Dr. Tess Lawrie: What is the basis for training? Do you, that you need to do the work? Most of those we have trained. they have already had some kind of alternative backgrounds, like acupuncturist or dietician or, but we take everybody really just wants to learn and to help others because we provide all the necessary training, everything you need to know, really. Dr. Tess Lawrie: There are quite a few people asking and interested. One of the questions that keeps popping up is the training in English. Anette Paulin: No, unfortunately not yet. But- Jens-Ole Paulin: Our practitioners, we have [00:19:00] practitioners that can give counseling in English. You can find them on our website. We would love to go international. But slowly, we so far we have practitioners or all over Denmark and we have, one on the ferry island and next month I think we’re opening up in Norway. We had Trina Wiggins on our last education. It just finished. And, but they of course understand quite well, from no way. But we’re hoping to go national, international. Slowly. Jens-Ole Paulin: But we don’t prescribe hormones. we simply recommend what should be needed from the symptoms and the test results. And then we can tell people how to get them in a legal way, but we don’t prescribe them because we are not doctors.[00:20:00] Dr. Tess Lawrie: And it’s really, very interesting. And we’re so pleased that you have presented your work to us today. And hopefully presenting here, will connect you up with others around the world and you will be able to go international, with this type of healing in due course. Jens-Ole Paulin: Thank you for being here. Anette Paulin: We had maybe another time we can do a presentation on progesterone, and in general, the hormones related to COVID and, the research on that area. Dr. Tess Lawrie: Thank you. Shabnam Palesa Mohamed: Thanks very much, Annette. And Jens-Ole Paulin from the Center for Natural Hormone Therapy, such a valuable contribution. [00:21:00]  

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