Catharina Roland: New Earth Manifesto: A Beautiful Vision of Healing Life on Earth

Catharina Roland joined us from Austria to discuss The New Earth Manifesto.

Catharina is a visionary, mother, author, adventurous life researcher, world traveler, paradise gardener, yoga teacher, nature lover, and filmmaker. She addresses the themes of consciousness, awakening, and the complex interrelationships of life.

Learn more about The New Earth Manifesto here.

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on February 7, 2022. The full General Assembly Meeting is available in our multimedia library.

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Here’s what WCH members, staff, and coalition partners are saying about Catharina’s presentation:

“So important to have a vision of the world which we will face soon…thanks so much Catharina.” –Christof Plothe

“Agree Catharina love is the answer. 😍-Dr Tracy Chandler

“YES!! Transmute our thoughts from lead to gold! It’s the true law of mentalism. With is the higher spiritual law in which enables us to create our realities! Super empowering! Thank you Catharina!” -Interest Of Justice

“Ultimately it is all about love and fear….let’s build a vision of love….(For a change….)” -Christof Plothe

“This was beautiful. Thank you.”

“So important to have a positive vision Catharina!! So hard to wake up people from their trance..but also their loss of trust and confusion if they stop believing the narrative of so many subjects will need it!” -Christof Plothe

“Thank you Catharina! You are such a beautiful ray of sunshine and manifestation!” -Zoe Strickland


Catharina Roland [00:00:00] Dr. Katarina Lindley: Our next speaker is Catharina Roland, um, Catharina is a visionary mother, author, adventurous life researcher, world traveler, paradise Gardner yoga, teacher, nature, lover, and filmmaker. So many great things. She’s going to talk us about themes of consciousness, awakening, and the complex interrelationships of life. Thank you for being a speaker today, [00:01:00] Catharina. Catharina Roland: Thank you for introducing me in such a nice way. And, uh, thank you for the invitation to introduce you all to the New Earth Manifesto. And I will first take you on a short journey into my life. And from there we journey to the New Earth Manifesta, which grew out of my life. So you already told many things that I, that I did, um, already soon in my childhood, I have the strong suspicion that there’s much, much more in heaven and earth that frankly philosophy or school’s tried us to make believe. So for 20 years, I was working internationally as a, as a commercial director and I could take a deeper look into the astonishing, astonishingly easy way how we humans can be driven in the trance of believing that we are separate from nature, that we need things to be [00:02:00] happy, that there’s no deeper sense in life, that we need to fear other beings, wars, terrorists, CO2, ticks, or viruses, and that we need to fight to survive. And that we are all alone in the universe. And God is if he is somewhere far out and not reachable. And all those ingredients I learned, um, I needed to put people collectively into this fear of life and this hypnosis, the trance we perceive now everywhere. This, uh, into this illness and we don’t even need a vaccination to, uh, to become ill through the whole life. And what we just learned from Professor Barnes, what I realized is that every part of the manifesto, every part of our life is completely switched. Most is 180 degree of what, what keeps us healthy and our relationship to nature. [00:03:00] So my deep wish was born out of this realization to dedicate my life and talents as a filmmaker, to the theme of awakening from the old matrix into a higher consciousness. So my first movie, it’s called “Awake” [Speaks German] in German and English it’s “Awake in a Dream.” Um, which became in the German speaking area, a kind of key movie in the, in the consciousness and spiritual, uh, scene. It’s supporting people to realize who we truly are in our essence, underneath our programming, which is infinite and eternal beings of light, pure consciousness and pure love. I think that’s the, the answer to everything. Um, 2018, my second movie is called awake to paradise premiered in a German speaking [00:04:00] countries. And I soon will release it also to the English market. Um, this movie shows the intimate connection of us humans to each other, to nature, to the plants, of course, um, to the Earth and how we can awaken and finally can become gardeners of paradise. And, um, in the summer of 2019, after a phase of 5G, uh, active wisdom where I tried, um, not very successfully to, to, um, to show or to make people realize that that, uh, technical, um, produced, uh, electromagnetic radiation is not good for our bodies is not good for the plants, it’s not good for animals. Um, something very interesting happened because I started to write my third movie inspired by this 5G research and, um, a science fiction film, which, [00:05:00] uh, which, um, takes place at the end of the Kali Yuga. So this I don’t, I guess you’re all familiar with it, this, this area of darkness, which is called, which is described in the Vedics, for example, or on different parts of the world, which we are leaving now to enter a new phase of humanity, a phase of awakening. And, um, what I wrote in this film, um, was that the, the, um, the dark side is trying to suppress as humans before we can ascend and to trying to finally enslave us into transhumanism. And I wrote it 2019, and I wrote, wrote that the dark side, uh, would spread a virus, which was created in a laboratory and increase the chance of people by weakening them 24/7 into a state of fear till they scream for [00:06:00] salvation, which is, was a vaccination, that not only changes our holy DNA that we need for Ascension into a more divine consciousness, but also, uh, include RFID microchips, um, to connect us to a kind of smart grid. That was the movie plot of the dark side, in a few words, but there is of course the side of the light, which is much stronger and it will win. When we are enough humans that realize our potential when we come together, like we are now and remind each other who we really are and what we are capable of when we deprogram of sales from the matrix, unify our powers, um, and, and, and come together, create the new world from the depth of our hearts. [00:07:00] Um, then we, I’m sure we can even create paradise on earth. So one thing we really need to realize is that we inherit amazing powers, that we are, and I guess we all know, but it’s always good to remind us that we are true creators of the world we perceive around us and we know the law of attraction. We, of course we use it also as you, as doctors, that says that everything we think and empower with the feeling, might be joy or fear for example, draws like a magnet into our lives what we think and feel. And I think this is key to understand now that we, everything we collectively think and feel creates our collective reality. So by constantly repeating the danger of a virus, the danger of loving connections, the [00:08:00] danger of breathing freely, the danger of children playing together, the danger of hugging our grandparents were co-creating this situation. And I see that we are kind of abused to keep the old matrix going by everything that comes out of the media. Um, so, and we are like made of, made like, um, real junkies of the media media and put into this collective hypnosis. And when we are fed with more and more of those horror scenarios, Um, then we think the horror out there is normal. So, um, somewhere now we crossed the border between my movie script and what we are experiencing now. So, uh, when I realized that already when I write it was writing that 2019 and the more important it became when I, when I continued my research and [00:09:00] the whole movie started to appear on the, on, on the outsides and on the screen of my life, I thought what we really need is, um, we need good thoughts collectively, and a good vision that we can share collectively of what we do want to create, a kind of ray of hope. That’s at the end of the tunnel and sparkles for us. So we, we know where we go and we can, um, envision a world, an earth where life is healthy. Again, our relationships to ourselves, to each other to nature are healthy and are based on love and compassion. And the deep knowing that we are interconnected with nature, like with the plant, like Professor Barnes was telling before, with the integral parts of nature, um, on so many levels. So we [00:10:00] can consciously put our attention to this beautiful world and create this world. And I like the, like a quote of Buckminster Fuller, who everybody knows, of course. And it’s, it’s also quoted very often, but I like to repeat it. It’s “You never change things by fighting the existing reality, to change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” So in the summer of 2020, after a deep journey into the dark side, that we all accounter now on our adventurous journey here on Planet Earth, I started to collect solutions for every area of the world of the, of our lives, uh, beautiful projects, uh, from gentle birth to changing our concept of death. And, um, I started on my own, but the whole thing grew very fast with my friend, Coco [00:11:00] Tash who joined the vision. And then we ask amazing people like for example, also, um, Christoff Plothe, which I, whom I saw here, uh, to fund the, uh, council of wise ones of specialists, each area of life and, uh, We now had 200 people like actively writing the New Earth Manifesto and which was born in 2021, uh, officially. And I’m happy to invite you now to a journey. I was editing, um, a short movie of the manifesto this afternoon, and I’m happy to share it because it has nice music and the like that to enjoy it like this: Screen Sharing: Video: The New Earth Manifesto, consists of eight main chapters, and the following guiding principle. Each of our actions [00:12:00] and every law is always oriented towards the good of all life, in respect, compassion and mindfulness for the Earth and true diversity. In Love, Truth, Freedom, Equality, Fraternity, Peace. The first chapter deals with the health of all life and shows very concrete solutions from rebuilding the base of all life, the soils, to cleaning our waters, our air, from renaturing our forests, the production of healing food to pollutant free production, or treating our animals in a loving way. In the new healing spaces replacing the old hospitals, people are healed in harmony with and supported by nature. Humans are seen as much more than physical mechanical bodies but as multidimensional beings as [00:13:00] an intimate part of the Earth ecosystem and living organism herself. It is seen as essential to support the excellent self-healing powers and the immune system to heal and prevent diseases. Every illness is furthermore seen as an opportunity for healing and growth. So medicine no longer focuses on symptoms, but on identifying the causes and preventing the disease. People are offered healthy, rejuvenating foods, holistic therapy methods, natural herbs and remedies, and well tested and already successfully applied healing methods based on quantum frequencies, energy information, are fully recognized, applied, and taught. The birth of humans and all living beings is honoured as a sacred ritual. The fear of death is gone. [00:14:00] Any form of artificially applied technology that can negatively affect living organisms or the entire Earth will be shut down and dismantled. Technique is only used to serve people and nature. Only Light frequencies are used that the human immune system and we reconnect to Earth natural cycles. So we also proposed to come back to a [inaudible]. The second chapter offers the beauty and power of developing our potential. From the very beginning, children are supported in remembering their inborn potential. They are empowered to find their unique talents and they are offered adventure playgrounds connected to nature and to sustainable farms, to explore life according to their own inner play. Chilcren of all ages are encouraged to question what they have learned and [00:15:00] find the answers within themselves. Children and adults are supported in finding their unique artistic expression, the creativity, learn craftmenship and reconnect to the cultural expressions of our ancestors. Universities are fully independent. Students are asked to question the old scientific principles, tap into higher wisdom and soon universities can become workshops for the future. Our elder people and people with special needs are fully integrated into our society. Our new reason to travel is to offer our support for healing and to explore and protect the Beauty of nature. People in former exploited countries regain their self determination and autonomy. The third chapter shows how our economy can work in cycles, with no waste. [00:16:00] Products have a long life and are easily repairable. The goal of companies is no longer primarily profits at the real satisfaction of customers needs. The happiness of employees and the enduring health of the Earth. Only small, and medium-size companies that work truly sustainable are funded. With research new sustainable energy systems, free energy, and of course, all old patterns are free now. Our economy is based on fraternity and cooperation. Chapter Four invites us to explore and enjoy the joyful life in the new villages and green cities with their sustainable architecture, their beautiful collaborations, their nurturing neighborhoods and their autonomy. Chapter Five offers us how a new form of administration free of party systems and lobbyism [00:17:00] can work. Based on the universal principles of nature and supported by cycles of wise people who have proven in the past that the are not only highly competent and responsible, but also capable of thinking beyond their actual area of expertise. While having demonstrated that they’re loving, concerned about the wellbeing and health of all life. Chapter six introduces our peacekeepers and legal guardians and offers a new way of supporting people who committed a crime to realize themselves and support the community at the same time. Of course, our money system, Chapter Seven, the base of slavery up till now is also completely new and serves the growth of human potential and the restoration of nature. And finally Chapter Eight shows [00:18:00] our media transformed from being awakened into a constant reminder of the beauty of being. Our lives became so interesting that we seldom feel the necessity to watch or listen to media. But when you do so we receive news that always transports solutions and remind us of our self-responsibility and inherent beauty and powers. Catharina Roland: Thank you for journeying with me with the New Earth Manifesto. This was about six minutes. The whole manifesto is much, much longer and very, very, very detailed. There is, um, a movie about, uh, of the manifesto, which can be used. Um, and I know a lot of therapists were using the [00:19:00] manifesto. Um, to, to first give hope to the clients. And I can just share when my mother who’s vaccinated, like the rest of my, like, like my, my family, um, who were very suspicious of me because I’m talking on conspiracy theorists, uh, stages, and I’m not wearing a mask since the beginning and I’m not believing the whole thing, but she was really touched. And then for, from people who are, um, like on the other side of the, of the, of the, of the big, uh, [speaks German] that they are, uh, I think this, this, this shared vision can bring us together. And, um, I’m very happy if it’s going to be used by all of you. There are like communities built on this and, and radio shows built on this. And we’re now, um, building a platform where we, uh, give them even more details. And [00:20:00] every, every single theme where people can connect and create, uh, create, uh, um, projects and it’s in, in kind of all languages available and on the 22nd of February, 2022 at 2022, we’re intending and I want to invite you, a really huge thing all over the world where we want to invite people to, um, to come together and, and watch the videos in every language, create this, uh, this vision inside of them. The, the images feel them smell them, put them into the, into the field of information so we can really make a huge shift on, on the earth. And I think it’s possible. And I say, thank you. And I’m ready. If there are questions, I’m ready to answer the [00:21:00] questions and thank you, Maria, for, for inviting me to come here and, and, um, allow me to share the New Earth Manifesto. Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg: Thank you so much, Catharina, you are really, um, so, um, you know, you’re such a big inspiration for so many people because, um, you and your friends and, um, all, all of people around the world who are like-minded and like-hearted, we know that there is a better way. And we from the World Council for Health we also know there is this better way, and we can, we can find it together. We can walk the path together. And of course we know that all these points that this beautiful short movie showed to us, um, it is possible, uh step-by-step to come towards such a future. And I know that there are people who say this is utopian, and this is not going to work and so on and so forth. And we all know this, but we know that if we have something, you know, in mind and in our hearts, that [00:22:00] we will together build this new, um, architecture for life, for wellbeing on Earth. And I know that even if just 10%, and I know all your work, you know, and all of the movies that you have made so far. So I know that even if we just reached 10%, the world would be just such a lovely place to live on. And it is a lovely place to live on because we know that we came here because we have things to do. And, um, we know that it is as it is, and we had to find each other. And so even, um, better to know where we can reach out to and your platform, the New Earth is a webpage that was translated, I think, in English, but in the other languages with this automatic translation program. But it works pretty well. I think even in, in so many other languages and people can find all the information there. So I think there are, um, there’s one question, but more, there are so many lovely comments in our [00:23:00] chat and I want to read out some of them if this is okay for you. And then of course, a question as well. Um, there is somebody in the chat and wrote, “Yes! When you were talking the, transmute our thoughts from lead to gold, it’s the true law of mentalism with, with it the highest spiritual law in which enables us to create our realities. Super empowering. Thank you, Catharina!” And then, “So important to have a vision of the world, which we will face soon. Thanks so much, Catharina then another lovely comment, pure alchemy. Um, and then, um, there is so many other lovely comments that, um, Mark Trozzi says, uh, we would love to have links to the Manifesto and Catharina’s materials and work. And we really appreciate if we can spread the work, you know, and, and legals to our groups as well. And, um, your is, um, a very lovely, um, [00:24:00] important question from my colleague, Mark Trozzi, “He says I strongly support urgent disabling of 5G, essentially a weapon being pointed at everyone. I’ve spoken with Canadian federal government on this, and they told me, “Honestly, cell phone companies have more power than the government. And though the bureaucrats I spoke with believed my concerns re: um, EMF and especially 5G are very real and they also fear for their children, but they said they can and will do nothing. Any ideas. How do we get rid of this?” Catharina Roland: I, I strongly believe, uh, after, after doing a lot of activism on, um, in this area and trying to, to, uh, introduce people to this idea, because I think if we would all become aware of what’s going on, um, I know countries where people started to bring down the, the 5G towers and I think it’s, it’s it’s we have to overcome the [00:25:00] trance and we have to awaken people. Cause I, I stopped doing this activism and I started to, to do, to go the other way. And I think that’s much stronger. And I think when we really become enough people who say no, but this also means that we don’t use them anymore in the way we are using it. That’s like my friend or our friend, Christopher Cloeter we do, I don’t know if you ever had one, um, and, uh, and become good examples of how we can live without it. Um, Yeah, I think, I think it’s really, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s really this, and with this shift in our mind and our consciousness, this will crumble because it’s so much interwoven also with the, with the pharmaceutical and the, and the, and the financial, um, like huge, huge companies and powers that we need to strengthen our powers. And we are so many more and we just have to, to [00:26:00] support the growth of consciousness, and this will fall away because it can’t work. We are so strongly feel that we are at the edge of this, of this shift and that, because this is also a way of, of, of, of super manipulation. I wrote a fairy tale and they would love to put the link into the, in which also describes how this, for example is used to manipulate us, but we need to grow out of it and become super conscious in everything we do, what we buy, what we, what we think, what we put out into the field. Of course, I would love to say, take dynamite and burn the whole thing down, but, uh, maybe this is going to happen when we have this big, huge realization that we are much more than flesh and bones collectively, and that we are electromagnetic beings. I think this, um, to introduce this idea to people, [00:27:00] because I think 99% of our amazing powers have totally suppressed. And we’re in the Truman show to introduce this, talk about it, put it out into the field and also make people aware how amazing they are. Like being in an electromagnetic being is a miracle. It’s beautiful. You can use it for wonderful things. If that grows, we will soon realize, oh my God, what are we doing here? Let’s, let’s stop that. That’s, I can’t say much more at the moment, but I’m, I’m feeling we’re really close to sifting the whole thing. Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg: Thank you so much Catharina. So this is, um, of course the topic, 5G, that we know that we cared about a lot already before the pandemic started. So the thing is, I think, um, yeah, as in our vision, you know, without, without all these extreme technologies, of course we are right now using technologies to, you know, get in contact with each other. But I think we know there’s [00:28:00] 4G or 3G and should have worked already with that. And we know 5G. And there’s much more about that. Then we will have, um, speakers about that as well. I hope in the future, but the thing is, um, there are so many, um, um, you know, thoughts that people bring and is there a chance that they get, you know, if they have ideas for their manifesto that they can get in contact with you? Catharina Roland: Absolutely. For now in the, in the manifest, by the way, which is also directly translated in English and in French, because language is so important. Um, there’s a field first as a field of comments underneath every chapter where you can put your ideas for the moment. We looked through all the ideas and every year we, we met, like, we it’s like an organism that’s growing every year. We, we renew it and we write it. And in the, in the, in the, in the near future, like our idea is on the 15th of April, we will launch the living Earth.. [00:29:00] The living Earth is a, is a platform for networking and for information. And there every one of you has the opportunity to write articles, put your projects in, find people to work with. That’s the idea, um, send you recipes, your tools, everything put all the information we have that’s related into building the new earth into the living earth, one platform, living Earth platform, and you will find it on the living and the best thing for now would be to subscribe for the because they’re we’re constantly sending news information. And we also invite for telegram groups on building communities or, um, installing new, um, new schools are other topics and you’re very happy to be there. And either we [00:30:00] answer or the collective intelligence will bring the answer. Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg: Lovely. So thank you for that. And, um, so people that hear you now know that they can become part of the Manifesto with bringing in their comments, bringing in ideas and you, and your lovely team will work on all this input. That is great to hear. So thank you so much. And, um, yeah, Catharina, um, I can’t thank you enough because your, your movies are their true inspiration and after a hard day, when you look at one of your movies, you, you know, relax and calm down and, you know, there is a better way. So the thank you so much for your work, keep up the good work, and we hope to see you soon again, and, um, would love to, of course, work together with you in so many ways. Thank you so much. Catharina Roland: So lovely, lovely, thank you, Maria. And thank you for this, for this amazing platform and that I was allowed to be here and talk to you and connect to you, and I’m happy for everything that we will create together in the future, [00:31:00] bye! Dr. Katarina Lindley: Super. Thank you. So I hand over the mic to Catharina Lindely, okay. Thank you. Thank you, Catharina for sharing your vision. Um, I’m a family doctor and I find that when I discuss even the biggest problems with my patients, if we send positive energy out, receive positive energy, and then we always talk about the power of prayer, the power of hope and power of love. So it’s wonderful to hear, um, about the manifesto and, um, that be all need some love in our life, right? We always tend to look at these big problems and, uh, forget that there are lots of things we can do to, for all of us have a better life. So thank you very much for sharing your vision with us. [00:32:00]

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