Caribbean Health Summit Day 1 – Q&A


There are. There are a lot of questions. And the Dot has asked the exact question that I was going to. So my question was going to be up first. And I want to know, you know, we always get speakers telling us we’ve come to a point when it comes to treatment as doctors. When we started getting a handle on how to treat covet, then suddenly we all are faced with vaccine. So now we are doing there’s no directed from any government that’s coming down except to vaccinate.

They haven’t spent enough time on telling us about treatment about vaccine injuries, of course, because they don’t know or other. My question is we know this, those of us that are here and those that I’ve gathered here, how willing to listen to another story, not what we forced on our throat. So what can we do? So what, in your opinion, is the next step. And I’m not talking about protest action and whatever I’m talking about for the future in the big picture. What can we do?

So this is for doctors in particular?

No, I’m talking about we as a people, as the world. How do we go forward? I mean, in my opinion, I don’t think we can stop this. We have to. There’s something else we probably have to create a parallel. We’ve chatted about this several times before, so I love your take on it. So yes.

Okay. So I do believe we can stop this. What kind of society we go back to or go to? Words I should say is an open question. In some regards, it will be better. In some regards, it will be worse. The crucial thing, I think, is to dig deep for reserves of compassion. You need to bear in mind that there are three groups in the population, roughly speaking. I mean, obviously a precise categorization is always a mistake. There’s a spectrum, but it’s useful to think of the population of people out there as falling into three groups.

There are people like me, many people like me, maybe a fifth of the population who called BS on this whole thing right from the start or not too long after it started. And we have no persuading to do for that. Google, on the other side of the spectrum of people who have partaken in the criminality around this epidemic, and they will never be convincing of them. For the most part, they will have to rationalize. And they will always believe that every step they took was correct.

In the middle are a group of people. They’re not particularly visible because what we see when we open our newspapers and we read when we watch television or social media is the Echo box of a fairly small elite. And it is that elite that has been the target of the propaganda. So it’s there very often in this camp that is so profoundly entrenched in the narrative. But below that level, there are large groups of people who can see that this has been nonsense in South Africa is particularly visible from very early on.

I noted when I visited one of our local townships, very poor Township, on average, called Ka Lite. And from very early on, the citizens of Kylie had called time up on masking and on social distancing, and they were hustling. They were getting on with their lives by necessity. And they will put on a mask if they’re ordered to when they come to report for a job. And I wonder, I wonder whether some of them will even take a vaccine when they are called to report for a job and it’s mandated as an employer.

But for the most part, they see very clearly through all of this. And so what you have is the higher state in terms of income, being the most propagandized, the most psychos that middle ground has to be reached because those people are in various degrees of coming out regarding this in terms of the strength of their feelings. And so you need to think about talking not to the people who are rapidly on the other side, the people who are in the psychos deletes, but to people who maybe are I’m sure maybe I’ve begun to suspect something or they’re actually quite firmly of the opinion that something is wrong, but they’re not conversent with the science and the details.

They will need somebody to help them get over the line to get them to raise their voices. And I think that process of communicating requires great compassion, and it requires us to speak to people on a very personal level, one by one.

That’s amazing foresight, Nick, but do you think that it’s time that we come to the point where we need to be doing things like setting up our own little villages or cities or something where those of us who are the others are not being forced because the one thing that surprised me a lot is here in South Africa because I’m also in South Africa, and it’s very nice to see so many South Africans on the world stage. I mean, all of those are even less that’s lucky.

But I’m saying, you know, we took really long he of Africans to do the vaccine rollout as compared to the other countries. Right. So if you’re looking at the UK or Canada or the USA, our root has been fairly slow. However, we are almost on par with the other countries in the world when it comes to the government push it’s as if they’re sitting and talking to each other and they have this decision made and there was a timeline. I mean, we know they already have time and what this wave is going to come at 345 on the 3 December, et cetera.

They know that. But it’s also as if they sat down and said, it doesn’t matter what our vaccine rollout is on this day. It’s going to be passports. And this day it’s going to be two vaccines, and this day is going to be three vaccines. So we are in the same situation, although we have maybe reach 30% of vaccinations here is as if there’s this push from all of the government heads. So my question in preparing is I mean, I am a little more hopeful that you think that it can be stopped.

But I’m saying in the event not, what else should we be doing to prepare? I mean, it shouldn’t let you know when we have the lock down here, everyone was rushing to get toilet paper. Am I talking? I mean, bigger than that. Well, what can we do right now to pay?

Well, what you’re essentially talking about is the concept of parallel society. And what I like to point out to people about parallel society is that it’s not only defined in terms of geography. In fact, I would go to Forest to say that it is to a minor extent defined by geography. The major extent of it is networking and creating communities or organizations that stand in opposition to this grand narrative of globalization and centralization. Centralization has been tried many times in history, and it has 100% failure at the reasons for it are very well known.

What happens when you centralize is that you turn off the process of knowledge creation. Knowledge creation only happens by evolutionary processes that include the very important process of error correction and centralization, and that process are fundamentally incompatible. So we must remember at all times that our parallel societies, such as this meeting are generative and creative, whereas the world of the globalists is not. That means we can solve problems and they cannot. And so I think it is important to open our minds and to think in the very broadest of terms for what that parallel society might look like.

And I believe it’s not a perpetuation. It’s not a suggestion of loss of having been vanquished that takes us towards this. It’s actually the main moment that we have in opposition. This is the means by which we will win.

Mr. Hudson, thanks so much for your presentation. Just for reference, you just tell everybody your name and which company represents in terms of the data and the information, if you don’t mind me asking.

Sure, it’s not a company. I’m the chairman of Panda Pandemics Stayton Analytics, which is a global organization of scientists and activists who have been studying the pandemic from a context of open science and vigorous debate with plenty of internal descent. We’ve been working very hard on this for a year and a half subject, of course, to plenty of censorship and smearing and so on were as a set of global organization with hundreds of members in more than 30 countries.


We stand for open science. It’s a not for profit organization funded largely by crowdfunding.

So if I’m just doing the question with respect to power society. Personally, I would like to see, I think it’s not something that we have strongly attempted to try. I would like to believe that I re. I remember going to College and the question was said to me, if I was supposed to start an island or a community and they gave me a doctor, they would give you the specifics who you choose in order to set up this new society. When you started with the doctor, when you started with the inventor, you know, and listening to questions like that would throw you back into critical reasoning.

Who will you choose when you choose the order wife with barren, with no children, etc. Now, if we are supposed to really approach this, is it that we are saying, no, we can bring together the professionals, the creators, if we were supposed to establish this system, and if not, I want to pay back to Dr will be James question. How do we hold our government into accountability if the courts are corrupted and if you can’t hold them to accountability at the International Criminal Court level? You know, if the two, if we can try one, how do we attempt in fixing number two?

Okay, I’m going to answer that last question first, and I’m going to answer it by actually creating some doubt about whether it is ever the case that our societies are truly governed by the documents in which we encode our laws, our constitutions and our laws are enforced because they have a sufficient body of support. We do not have sense as judges. Judges are humans, like doctors are humans, and they too are susceptible to propaganda and to false narratives. So my answer to the question of when the courts will come around is when we get a sufficient majority of people making a noise that is at least loud enough to break through.

I don’t think it has to be as loud as the megaphone that these creepy characters like 40 and Gates and Cloud Shrub have. But we do need to form a sufficiently large mass of people who are speaking out. And then I believe that there will be some rehabilitation of our courts who so far pretty much all over the world, have failed to uphold the constitutional principles in their countries and who have made some very strange determinations around all of this.


Think it’s basically to summarize, we mustn’t live in a fantasy world where we make the same mistakes as the globalists, that the world is some kind of giant system that we can control by pressing the buttons and pulling the levers. No, we need spirit. We need human agency, we need creativity and generativity and courage. And when we have enough of those things, then the system will start answering to that voice in terms of how you find your people. Your first question. I would say that we need to throw away our old conceptions of the political spectrum left and right is gone.

It’s irrelevant. It doesn’t count at all. We have people who are authoritarian and on the other side, people who believe in human agency. And that is the distinction which I would seek to deploy when trying to form networks of parallel society. You need to find the people who find authoritarianism abhorrent. And that will require us to find a new common language, because inside that group, we will have people of the old lifts, and we will have people of the old right. We will have people who once called themselves practitioners of civil civil liberties and people who once called themselves libertarians.

And we’re going to need a new language to make sure that those people can talk to each other. And I think we need to reappropriate some territory. For example, I would like to persuade people from the old right and the old left that in being authoritarian antiauthoritarian, what they all are is Liberals of some of other sort. And we need to take back that territory from the authoritarian left, as it were who have been such storage promoters of all these Draconian policies. So that would be the main dimension that I would encourage people to attend to.

Thank you so much, Nick, that we’ve got two people who raise their ans. I’ll, Sari and Roma are I’ll go to you first and then we can take a question from or comments so far.

Thank you.

Nick is always good listening to you really insightful talk there and help people take to what you have put forward. We’re very insightful. Thank you very much, Nick. Just I want to sort of one or two questions, but differently, the issue of vaccine passport, of course, comes into mind. And you’ve kind of alluded to in a way because we’re looking at developing a different society. But yeah, we’re going back to the old for those who are foreign visitors in South Africa, we had a system year of a party which was separated on the basis of color and race and this kind of system that they re envisioning that is now being promoted by our government.

And many governments around the world is kind of going to drive us in that direction again, just between the vaccinated is unvaccinated. Again, you know, there’s move to food, you have course alluded to it. How do you see as navigating that path? So that’s the one thing. And then maybe a second question question on the issue of conflicts of interest. You alluded to in your talk. We’ve got a major problem all over the world. In fact, I think most countries are afflicted by the World Health Organization, seems to have selected certain individuals to be the.


In a way. I mean, we have some of them in our country and they are hit. They hit the Sacra. The overarching chair of the African Ministerial Committee on Curved 19. If you have this in many countries in London, I’m so so we can speak to Chris Witty and Company and Ouchyou already mentioned. Now, the question related to that is these people have got clearly conflict of interests. And how is it that our governments, you know, and I’m sure in our country for the public who maybe not be aware, we have had secret dealings, secret agreements being signed with Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson without any of the public having any say.

Now what has been agreed to? Maybe there’s many more questions in there, but I’ll leave it there because other people also want to also anyway, your comments?

Yes, there was a lot in that, and I just want to process that quickly. I mean, perhaps an answering the first point of departure for the answer. I’m going to start with another little vignette. I don’t know the date of it, but Bill Gates at a presentation, I think it was actually I think it was much of 2020 at Ted Talk, where he first, to my knowledge, anywhere, he first proposed idea of vaccine passports. The very interesting thing about that proposal is that he said that the passports would signify those who have recovered and those who have been vaccinated.

Now to show you how perverse the whole setup is, get Talk was edited by sorry, I’m not sure how much was lost there. Where did I get up to before I was muted.

We didn’t get anything up after you said you’re waiting for the noise. So from there.

Okay. Yeah. So Gates talk in which he said the vaccine passports would be there for people who had recovered or people who had been vaccinated. That was edited to remove the pot about the recovered people. And there you see this criminal criminal conspiracy to delete from history, the actual facts and the reasoned scientific basis, assuming that you accept in the first place the idea of a vaccine passport, I most certainly do not. I think the community out there, the people who think it’s a great idea I would largely describe as Bedwetters and the politicians who are promoting it.

I would largely describe as your typical political criminals. They are doing what they’ve always done and succumbing to lobbyists who have a particular agenda, which we’ve already discussed. So in my mind, we will see that elements of society refuse to go along with vaccine passports. You may find that life is uncomfortable in certain ways, that certain types of travel or tendons of certain events does indeed become a problem. But this is a war. We must make no mistake about it. This is a wall. Expect your life to become an inconvenient.

Do not capitulate in the face of these authoritarian modes. There will be no end to this drift. If we capitulate on the question of the corruption and what to do about it. You’ve got to be very careful. The work must be done. You’ve got to be very careful. You need to do the proper research to get all the points correct. And we have a couple of projects inside Panda where we are building up the case, building up the articles because you don’t have to go to court.

You can just publish a newspaper article laying it all up, but you have to do it really well so that you don’t get sued. I make the appeal all the time for people who have time, energy and ability to join us in that effort, because the reality is that any kind of resistance movement is driven by hard working and passionate people. I’ve got far too many people joined Panda only to treat it as a kind of social media for them, where they just come on and pine and spread their opinions and learn plenty from all the other people.

But they actually do not work. And so the people who have the real fire in their bellies and split in their eyes or must come forward and help us in that kind of effort to clearly delineate the perverse conflict of interest to publicize them and to go on the front foot against these scientists make it really hard for them. And as that process gathers currency, you will then be able to fund the legal cases that are required to put these people where they belong, which is behind bars.

Thanks so much for that, Nick. And I totally concur with you. We have no time to make the sheep up with time to wake the lion. So I’m definitely with you on that one. So we’ll go to Omar. Thank you so much for staying on Omar. You and Nick are just both amazing, and we would love to hear an interaction between the two of you. So how are the floor? Is your.

You move the demo.

AMA, you muted.

I was going to say it’s always a treat to hang out with Nick. And it was true when I was, it was muted, and it’s even more true when I’m unmuted. So just a couple of things to fortify what not the Nick needs fortification. One thing on the vaccine passports is also their utter irrationality. I mean, if they worked, then why would you care if everybody else was vaccinated at the vaccines worked? Then he wouldn’t give tuppins if everybody else was vaccinated or not? And when they don’t worse.

And why the shift you want everybody other than the fact that we know it’s not for that purpose. So I mean, it’s just irrational on the face of it, beyond the fact that criminals and others are using it for purposes that purely are not therapeutic. The other thing I would just like to mention is that, you know, there’s been a lot of dress rehearsals for this, indeed is Nick rightly? Pointed out, the swine flu was certainly one where again they were excoriated, they changed the definition of pandemic again, by the way, at that time to compel people to have to buy these stupid vaccines and put in pandemic plans.

They changed it from risk to just presence of socalled cases. So this is that same playbook where you just change a definition to suit the current contrivance. But historically, it’s been a problem. I was listening to CJ. Hopkins the other day wonderful political satirist. And he was saying that he came of age during the assassinations of JFK and then Martin Luther King, and then Robert Kennedy and the perpetual Vietnam War, which was started on a complete lie. I’ve spent a lot of time in Vietnam, and it’s amazing to see the Grace of the people as Americans when we go in the Museum in Hochman City and they show us the pictures of the napalm and otherwise.

And you think, well, there’s a greatness to a spirit that can forgive, but there’s a little bit of what we saw in World War One. If you want to go back there, nobody knew what it was about. I mean, some arch Dukes nephew had she was in the wrong parade and off we went, it’s called the Sun Cost Fallacy. We’re literally stupid things, multiply new things that can’t have been for nothing. I have to get something out of it. There was the same logic used in Vietnam for those of us following other things.

We recently saw the Afghanistan debaco four presidents later in the Taliban or back. And this time we’ve equipped them with a military force perhaps greater than Israel. But we donated in seven.

And there was.

And I’m recounting this alluding also to the Swine flu, just to say that we are kidding ourselves. If we think that up until 2019, governments were found so probity and clarity, they just pick new enemies, you know, whether it’s the Vietnamese, whether than the Cold War through a wrench in that. And I don’t say that there are no Islamic terror. But then there was Islamic terrorism. And then suddenly that disappeared. And they were all Russian trolls who are hacking elections. And what’s funny is that they switch it egregiously, they just sort of announce it.

And that’s why I said we have to end the Leming dance. And that’s why I need these other communities where we can be each other’s antibodies for bullshit. And that is best done. That is best done indeed, when we have a variety of people, when it’s not just an Echo Chamber, because what makes describing is so lethal, because when you have the Echo Chambers, the moment they hear anything off the Echo Chamber, the walls come down, right? The eyes glaze over. That’s it. They’re not with you anymore.


I just say too little vignettes and shut up. I was working in the US with a gentleman, would have been in a congressional office. And things have gotten a little worse, he said back when he was working in the Congress tip Oneal and Ronald Reagan hated each other, but they could still get work done. I mean, they could still make things happen. And the congressional age would be over a beer and they say, Listen to your boss can take the following boat, so keep him out of the floor.

Just don’t have him vote against. And they made these things happen today. If you did that, you’d get fired for disloyalty just to be seen. And that’s where dysfunctionality begins to come in. You know, gone are the days where I mean, this is really showing my age where David Brinkley could host George Will and Sam Donaldson. And they disagreed, but they could fight intelligently. So I think those communities are different perspectives. And if I could just put in a little pitch for something, what we do, which is I’m convinced that human beings is a last resort.

We’ll learn how to communicate when we’ve exhausted everything else. When we have exhausted everything else, we’ve tried to blow each other to Smithereens. We’ve tried to decimate the planet as a last resort, but everything else has failed. We might say, oh, shit. Maybe we can try to communicate, and I think we just have to make that more of a first resort. That’s our only hope.

All I’m missing here is a glass of red wine and a crackling fireplace. This would be an hour long conversation that you just teed up.

Look forward to that.

Yeah. Yeah. That’d be great. I’m so glad you mentioned CJ Hopkins, because I’ve also been very impressed by him. And it’s worth also mentioning some other names on the list of people who are I regard as particularly good analysts of the situation. They’re from the University of Gent, Matia Demet from the Organizational Organization for Propaganda Studies, PC Robinson. Also Bobby Kennedy Jr. Who’s often derided as an antivaxxer. But he’s just not. Whereas he really is just concerned about vaccine safety and corrupt pharmaceutical companies. And he’s an environmentalist, there is also.


Max Elemental.


Kristen Miller with new Web. I could probably go on and list of black lines and Curtain susterman. Sorry.

Ed Curtain.


I’m not familiar with them. You see, I’ll learn every day. That’s why it’s good to have conversations in front of crackly fireplace. Yeah. It’s important to listen to these people because they give us guidance and they give us perspectives that will help us in the process of reversing the psychosis, getting the mad herd to regain their sanity one by one. You also raised an interesting question regarding the kind of the direction of how did you put it? Just give me a sound bite again that you want the antibodies be each other’s antibodies for bullshit.

Or is a different car.

Yes. The conversation. I know you talked about the need for recovering the lost art of communication.

Last resort.


Now I think that that is also a product of the propaganda. This propaganda didn’t start in February of 2020. The propaganda has been going on for decades in the direction of travel. And I think the polarization is always always part of a propaganda strategy. You want to divide and conquer. You want people to be absorbed with fighting each other so that they cannot even perceive where the threat comes from so they cannot see their enemy. And so I don’t find this. Many people say, but this is such an unusual climate, so toxic because of social media.

We never get able to recover from this one because of this. And I say, no nonsense. That’s always a future. There’s always a process of vilification. And then on the redemptive side, there’s a process of scapegoating, and there’s nothing new there. We don’t have to panic and we need to perceive we will begin to be able to communicate when we perceive.


Have an interesting observation at the moment that the left is starting to wake up the old left. As I’ve said, I think they’re starting to work up what I said earlier that the left right dichotomy is no longer useful. And I have a particular interesting story in this regard. You know, when I when I got going first, when I raised my voice for the first time, I was very surprised to see how my lefty friends responded negatively to this idea of ours. That was simply, you know, when we started, we simply pointed out, Guys, do you think that locking down is a good idea because it’s going to have collateral damage and that collateral damage will fall hardest on the poor and on the young people?

And do we really think that this is how we want to proceed in all of this? And shouldn’t we do a cost benefit analysis and I didn’t erase? Yeah, I didn’t think that people on the old left would have a problem with that message. But one of my friends who I at, a family friend who used to spend quite a bit of time with, who was very firmly in Sconset on the embrace of the left. She’s a student of Derrida and Fuko, adherent to critical race theory and also all of that kind of postmodern a jumbo you just a few months before covert, I’d been away with her and on walking along of each, she said a very surprising thing to me.

Well, I was surprised. Anyway, she asked me, how do people like me? How does a person like her save money when you’re not in the 1%? And I looked at her and I was incredulous because she was wealthy. We were at her Hollander house. Her children are in private schools, the same ones that my kids attend. You know, she isn’t a 1%. There was kind of a deluded Ness, and I think that deluded Ness was actually I begin to look back on it and just say there was a coaching going on of the old left towards this position where everything was blamed on an external force, coaching towards a position where authoritarian answers were required to deal with the bad people, the naughty people.

And so the libertarian, the civil liberties are deals of the left have actually been in retreat for decades, and she was one of the first people to come out swinging at me. She didn’t bother picking up the phone and saying, Listen, Nick, are you sure you want to be saying what you’re saying? She didn’t send me an email and say because that’s a bit surprising. She just went straight on social media and started accusing me of being all right, you know, and I tell that story by way of trying to illustrate that up there.

We have people who have been subjected to propaganda that predates covert. I believe that they will. They will come around when the jackpot gets a bit closer.

I just wanted to ask, you know, the Liberal sin skin when Shibolet are threatened. I’m not sure has ever been particularly impressive.


Just think that, you know, it was just things that we could more often agree with. And I think he has the Jack boots are closer than people realize. They’re always as far away as our willingness not to do the hard work of scrutiny. And on the plus side, you do see that people like you left leaning thinkers are suddenly supporting right leaning academics or vice versa, because suddenly everybody wants to support J. Bacari or Martin Color, and these might be people under their extreme right commentators because they were referring to data, whereas before they would have treated them as persona non grata coming from those right wing institutions, you know, like Harvard, that and then you see Stanford going after Scott Atlas, now going after Jay or a Professor Bateria for having spouted the heresy that masks may not be a good idea for kids, and maybe not every human needing to be vaccinated.

It’s ridiculous, but he’s so beyond the pale, and he’s clearly not experienced enough form of you with, you know, it is mind blowing. Yeah.

Look, before covered, I was able to talk socialist side of centralization and libertarians out of atomization. And I believe the time all exist when more moderate people are able to do that again and that it may be closer than we think so much.

If you guys read the comment. Wow, that is amazing. And on that note, I want to say just a Disclaimer again, guys, this is part of the word Count of Health in conjunction with the Caribbean team. I have to mention this Disclaimer that all the opinions shared here during this summit and not necessarily shared by the World Council of Power. However, we want to encourage people to speak out because we do believe that there is a better way and we’re going to find it together. And with that, I’m going to hand over to Zoe or Wine if there are any questions for both Nick and Omar here.

So if there are any questions or any comments? If you want to post it in a track, you welcome to we do have some time before our panel discussion, which is going to be also very, very exciting. But I’m so glad that we get to engage in this level from all around the world. So you’re welcome to raise your hand. And then if you wanted to speak to one of our speakers, that would be amazing. Rob, for Kara, I see you in the panel. Please. I’m quite sure you will have something amazing to add to this discussion.

So please, Rob, if you have something to add and to say, please join in. And anyone else who wants to ask a question and ask the question directly and not necessarily in the chat, you just have to raise your hand. So do we have any questions in the chat?


Lindon, do you find any questions in the chat?

So I’m here looking okay. And comment to Richard when he plan next summit, we will probably ask everyone to fly to the Caribbean. Right. Some amazing packages for you guys to Dr. Ruby and all those persons from Canada to make sure to work with you being suit and supper to get some amazing sun season. So your planets, you plan it around that time. So you have a longer vacation stay, maybe one week of Caribbean life could just change the perspective of it.

Yes, definitely a good place of thought. And you know, one of the reasons people are getting vac missed is because they want to shovel, except that people are getting the full information. There are certain things like you can travel to a specific country if you take that vaccine and you can go to that country to take that vaccine. And here in South Africa, the vaccine card that doesn’t work. You so regarded as an Honasan, and people don’t know that, but they’re so part of the misinformation was you need the vaccine to get to travel.

How many vaccines they didn’t say which vaccine they didn’t say, which means that they’re going to stop vaccinating everyone.

Yes, I’m sitting in Sri Lanka, and it might interest people to know that a lot of the Chinese vaccine landed here. So far, one of the doctors here that I know, and she’s fairly well credentialed. She said you might as well be putting water into people. That very assessment. Again, I’m not saying just like the World Health Council is not necessarily my I did not look inside it, but I have to say that I started calling it the Peking duck vaccine. I’m not sure it does anything in particular beyond that, but it is an issue that certain countries will take one or the other.

But I just wanted to point out the fact that, you know, when you’re in a country like Sri Lanka, you take what you get. And it’s just a shame watching people having been convinced that the Peking duck thing is well, it may be less lethal for all I know, it is just water.

Yeah. Maybe there are some people have done via studies who are. Some scientists have done studies of bile, and they found that they’re all not uniform. You know, you’ll find three files and one of them will be water, as you said. And then the other one will have something mild, and in the third one will have something completely different. So yeah, probably there is some truth to that. Definitely.

If I can just comment on almost a statement. Actually, actually, there’s been quite a few studies now that has been published in, in fact, in BMJ Paris Medical Journal, there was studies which indicated that actually the quality of the piece, in fact, has been brought into question. In fact, the stability has been brought into question. And they found that in this study, they found that some Pfizer vials have been shown to have less than 50% of its original amount of mRNA in it. And so the questions have been raised as to the stability of the fire active, noting that it has to be stored between -16 and -90 degrees.

And so this has been a major issue because this you can imagine if people are given a prize vaccine with a less than 50% quality. It would certainly mean that this individual may be more prone to the breakthrough infections. And maybe that is why. But Secondly, if we add to that argument, if somebody has been given a vaccine with a less than 50% qualitative vaccine in it, this, in fact, means that the Pfizer company has been fraudulently marketing this. And hence there’s a major question as to the validity of the signed agreement with these countries and also the money that has been paid.

So if this is true, then the governments are really stupid in signing these agreements. If the quality of the vaccines comes into question.

Who do we want accountability where that is on? If this is proven correct, so do we hold an accountability because, I mean, in my country here, we don’t even know the extent of the memorandum that is signed between governments, same and even where we are here currently, right now, I had to go through the extent of indicating that this medical experiment that we have person must have do right. And it’s not just myself, I think Dr. Fisher, he can back me up on this where medical informed concerns, it’s not happening because they are not even given citizens the simplest thing as the fact sheets in order to make a medical informed decision.

So they’re literally just going to they’re going to be vaccinated. And they’re signing these forms that gives you information on your symptoms.

If you have allergic reaction and it’s even worse than that, it’s even worse than that. The the biologic license agreement that was given to to is the FDA on 23 August. It’s even worse than that. I don’t know if people really read the BLA correctly or if governments did it. I’m sure we haven’t got stupid. Well, that’s another question, but at least in the National Health Service, I’m sure we don’t have stupid people there. But you know what in the BLA, one of the conditions that was given for approval was that within 14 days of the 23 August, the Pfizer company had to make known the contents of the FISA vaccine to the FDA.

So that is quite start, because that statement itself means that therefore the FDA didn’t know the contents of the size vaccine, which means that the world didn’t know the contents of the race, which means that whatever agreement was signed was, in fact, the secret agreement that was signed between government and FISA was actually fraudulent illegal, you know, and I mean, the legal mind. And I see Ricky is also on the chat, so the legal minds can come in there and maybe give us guidance on this so effectively, we none of us knew what is in the vaccines.

And so whenever that was injected into somebody so Baga informed consent, they themselves didn’t know what to in the vaccines. It’s as crazy as that.


I right to see with respect to that being done? That also just breaches the Nuremberg Code because there is a ten step policy process that guys that call in someone subjecting themselves to what is deemed a human experiment, the fact that we’re not even taking the time to educate this. And as to say, are you aware that I mean, in my country, we don’t even have what the United States have. You can still call the Federal Drug Administration. I mentioned I still don’t trust, but they have a policy process here.

We literally don’t have that type of process. Is it safe for me to say no, that literally all countries at this point in time in violation of this new book code. So from that perspective, and how do we now move forward with that data and information to see let’s try our government because I don’t know in the drug, but you forced me to take it.

Yeah. Thanks for that. London. I’ve got Tegan who wants to make a comment? Tegan, you have the flow. And then we’ve got here. So tigen, the floor is yours.

Hi. Can you hear me here?

We can.

Okay, great. Just coming back to South Africa. I’m in South Africa. Just the authenticity of the vaccine. Passports that are the lady that works for me has come to me this morning and a flat pane and sit on the news and the radio this morning. It was said that they would need vaccine passports to be able to shop after the elections in South Africa. And very obviously fear driven considering going where she is elderly. And he’s very concerned about the the safety of this vaccine. And I had to let you know.

So don’t worry about that. We’ll find some vaccinated friend that will go and do your shopping for you. But on the other hand, the corruption in this country. I’ve heard from several people that you can actually go buy your vaccine passports. And then how Grace is that? So people that can afford it can go because of the fraud of it here. How do you even know that the guy who’s showing this vaccine passport was actually vaccinated? And we know with the stats that there’s no benefit to taking this vaccine.

Do you feed into this by buying a vaccine passport? You’re not helping the problem at the end of the day. But when you speak about like a parallel society, isn’t there something for that person, like an exemption that you could say in this society? You have doctors, I could say, but we’ll sign off on this and say there’s your exemption or vaccine passport?


I just wanted your thoughts on that on the corrupt Ness. And you know, what do you say to people when they’re considering buying something at me being unvaccinated and also just a decent human being that doesn’t want to go into a corrupt way of thinking? What is your advice?

I mean, the first piece of advice is not to panic. I mean, there’s a long way to go before South Africa has got the competence to implement anything approaching a vaccine passport system at the level of shops that’s just not on the cards. I mean, these guys can’t even build a power station. So the first thing I do is calm people down and just say to them, think about how many times you’ve been lied to along the way here. This is probably another lie. So I would start when it comes to the exact form of resistance.

And I think many people will take flagrantly illegal options. And you know what, when laws are on just so you should. But there’s just too much water yet to go under the bridge. So I would mainly just take the route of calming people down. Same with the employer mandate. A lot of them have already been repealed because they involve too much liability for the companies. And the companies work less often. They slow down. So, you know, I’ve said to people, the oil company said, you must have been vaccinated by February next year.

That’s five months away. Just calm down.

Thanks so much for that, Nick. We going to the next button. The rise and clear the floor is yours.

Thank you, NASA. I actually just want to thank Nick and Omar or very stimulating things that they’ve said. And, you know, I think that’s proof of what Nick said on that why it’s important to speak to one another, especially on a platform like this. And just two further comments. Nick is completely correct. And that is that this is driven by fear. It started off on the basis of fear. Nobody asked questions. And that’s why it’s important to realize that we must just not submit to the fear nothing.

Nick is right. There a long way to go. And Secondly, this is a war. And on a lighter note, that just made me think of a thing that I read never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. And I think that’s what we are facing and on an intellectual basis, and on a thoroughly research basis, we must change the narrative and reach people. And I agree with Nick sentiments.

Thanks so much, pie. But before you go, the lady before you had a question about legal rights and you’re probably the best one to give us that advice. She wanted to know currently about the vaccine passport. Can you just perhaps feel like for people regarding the UA and the right to take the vaccine or not?

I didn’t expect to be giving legal advice.

Asia, you can send me a girl here. You can send me a bill.

You know, they’re saying it’s worth what you pay for it. In any case, what I want to say to that is I don’t think it can be enforced. And I think even if the laws are changed to accommodate that, and I think that’s where it’s probably heading. It’s far off and it’s going to be very difficult to implement, as Nick said, but it’s so difficult to say. And Nick made mention of that as well. And I’m sorry to repeat that, especially as a lawyer. You have a judiciary that’s not necessarily entirely objective.

I have a lot of respect for the judiciary and many members of the judiciary, but we also have what I call rogue members, members who have been roped in by the narrative, even innocently. So they really believe that we who resist are wrong. And that is where the change comes in. And that’s where I still believe that intellectual debate and a properly proven opposition against this. What is happening outside in the world is the way to go, as Nick suggested in a good advice. But I’m ambivalent on whether from a legal perspective, we will really be able to change things at this stage in the courts.

It will come over time.

Well, why don’t we learn to coexist in? And I know you guys wear the robe and that’s thinking on your head. You can get the guys with the tin foil and then you get the other ones. It doesn’t matter. You know how you go to court as long as you coexist. Why can’t we do that?

We can. But lawyers are notoriously have an inability to coexist. That’s why they fight. Always. There’s always two sides to every case.

Thanks so much. That per. Thanks for your comments. Manuel Gonzalez, the flower.

Yes. Hello there, everybody. I’ve been watching this debate maybe for a year, and I love the comments that I’m hearing, and we want to have intelligent conversations. It’s impossible. And I’ll explain to you why nobody wants to listen to us. Why? Because we represent a threat to their business. So once we understand this script, we will understand what’s happening with the world. We have the world that is controlled by certain elites. Right? And they’re not going to give away their business just like that, because some smart assets like us come up and question them.

They’re not going to accept that. So they’ve come up with this very them that they’re imposing on everybody. And they’re not going to let anybody know that there’s a thing called even making that works because it’s completely against their business. Alright, so we have to start taking in a different way of thinking that we’re going to out maneuver them by being intelligent. We have to work the other way around. And that other way around is we have to make people understand there’s cure for code. There’s a way to eradicate copies.

And that product is called Ivermectin. Other Pradesh in India has made a wonderful job and nobody knows about it. They’ve kept it secret. The whole world doesn’t know about DRADIS. So the only thing we can do, the only thing we can do at our own level is we have to take it to the community, to our community, to where we live, to our neighbors. And when you first talk to them, they’re gonna say, you’re crazy because we’re talking a different language. We’re talking at the language that nobody understands.

First of all, they don’t want to understand that’s. Why? Because we have been conditioned to think and to believe that vaccines are good. So they’ve sold us for many, many years that vaccines are good and they are. But they’ve come here and they’ve said, look, we have a new vaccine. It’s called distance and vaccines. But they’ve sold them as vaccine. So we have a handicap. We have to overcome this thinking. We have to tell people, look, these things. If you want to get vaccinated, go right ahead.

But that’s not going to end our troubles. All you’re going to do is you’re swallowing the narrative. You’re making them stronger because you’re buying more and more of their products. And look around us. We have a completely upside down word what’s happening. Look around you. Look at their families. In Europe, for example, there is an artificial shortage of food, food prices are increasing, gas is increasing, cost of gas is increasing cost of electricity is increasing gasoline, the sky high. So this why is that? Because everybody is saying to help with everybody else, I’m making money for myself.

So we have to start thinking in a different way. We have to start thinking now with a very basic list of content, which is love your neighbor as yourself. And so for me, we have to now go to our neighbor and then, look, we are being full, okay? But if you want to get placated, go ahead and get facilate. I am not getting vaccinated and I’ll explain to you why now what we need to do is we have to reach those other people who don’t know what vaccination is.

I’m listening to people here were from all over the world, but there are many communities that take the vaccines, hook, line and sinker, and we don’t even know what’s going to happen next year with them. Nobody knows. So the thing that we have to do is to be able to educate and we have to make ever making available. But in Europe, for example, it’s impossible to purchase ever making impossible. And yes, it’s a project that has been proven to work. So if you’re in a country, whatever making works, get on that bandwagon.

That is how it works. Say how they give it and bring it to everyone. That’s the only way we’re going to stop you, because even Mekisha and it works.

Thank you so much for that. Maria. I really appreciate your passion and the message that you’re bringing across. And I’m quite sure they all of us on this panel mostly will agree. And if each of us spends the word like we said to your neighbor and tells us that the person we can definitely make changes. So we’ve got to rep jail Philip, and then we unfortunately have to move on to the next part, which is our panel discussion. So Raj, the floor is yours. Anybody else? In the meantime, if you’ve got questions that you’re posting in the chat, if our speakers are still available, Nick and Omar and Manuel, anyone who wants to reply, please feel free in the chat to give your comments.

But Rajiv, the floor is yours.

Before he comes on. Dr. Nasibu, could you check your private check, please? And I also recognize Dr. Ruby Jen, Dr. Robert Beric. All these other persons are here as well.

So we’re going to go into a panel discussion with those doctors in about five minutes. So I just got these three people and then we’ll go on to I’ll check my check now. Thanks. Lyndon Ragi, the floor is yours, Regie. You had your hand up. Let me have a look. I don’t see him anymore. Jail. Do you want to take the floor? Yeah, you can go. Alright.

I consider myself to be a conscious too and possess unconscious. Right? I do not have any doctor degree or in reality medical set, but common sense. I wonder if it is enough emphasis for value is pleased on right. Once you have a good level of observation, you usually can filter out plenty of the bat. Right? What I would see is this right people, Susan, the agenda that we before inventing the start of the music, right? They have shown themselves to be President.


Okay. So what I’m suggesting, right? Is that the best the agenda we beat them by. We beat them by way of a debate, right. We challenge them to a debit or intellectual debit. However, it makes no sense. Right. You know that best RELION effort is you don’t have you’re gone super. Alright. So you’ll have some empty inform thus far. Right. There’s a gentleman who was speaking to right and line ask him what company he belongs to, but he correct. Man told him is not a company organization, right.

And nonprofit organization.


I’m just walking or wrong because I do not remember his name right now. What right. He referenced that his organization is formulate a couple of documents or approaches towards the situation. Right. Towards the trip and the agenda. Right. We need that is the type of ammunition at need return the commode and to depend in pebbles when bullets are flying in all direction. Right. We also have a solid approach the trusting situations. Right. So this is what I see. This is what I’m suggesting, right? They are predators, show to the predator and have our organs hundred percent prepared to neutralize the trip.


And that is a way of wow, that comes very fine. But you know what I’m trying to see, right?

Yes. Thank you. Thank you, Phillip. And you can get the information that Nick was talking about on the Panda website. Panda. They have an amazing website. And already if you go to the website right now, you will be able to get some amazing information and ammunition, as you called it, for many different topics. And what Nick was talking about is the stuff that’s still to come. So yes, we we are all spelling the word and that’s what this Congress is for. So we’ve got two more minutes before we move on to our panel.

I will have to be more right. Must be played out in the public domain. It must be a lie. I it is nothing that should be in. There is nothing that should be recorded and then and edited and played back for the public. The entire world population must be able to participate in this so long. In this challenge, the entire world public must see agenda being defeated. Fax by Fax, by Fax. This is the way for I honestly. All right.

Thank you, Philip. Thank you for that. And I absolutely love your passion. And that’s what we need. Like Nick was saying, we need to win the Lions. And I’m quite sure you are one of them. So, Bob Mary, we’re going to take your comment or question and then we’re going to hand over to London and the panelists that we have for our next discussion. So, JL, you can give us your comments. Yes.

So my name is Joel from Trinidad and Tobego it’s really just feedbacking on Manuel comment comment. The gentleman before I want to know what the statistics are. One of the statistics that I would love to know is the reinfection rate. So we have these pressors that occur multiple times per week on the National Airways. But they come there and they give us charts and they give us information that we don’t need. So the is that they’ve given us is like the gender breakdown of hospitalization and debt.

Okay, that might be. So they give us data in terms of gender and how many persons have been hospitalized, how many persons have died were male and female kind of thing. But I want to know the rate of inspect of reinfection because I have a problem accepting this. Well, we have something called safe zones that they’re going to establish from October 11 where you have to have your vaccination card to have access to these zones. My concern is that if it is, we are seeing that natural immunity is better than immunity brought on by these vaccines.

Why are we still pushing people to get vaccinated as opposed to letting represent their positive tests from whenever, all of which is just very, very concerning to me. So that’s the kind of data I want to see. And even in terms of the hospitalizations, how many persons have been vaccinated? This is unvaccinated. And the stages of vaccination first, those fully vaccinated, how many in terms of debts as well. We don’t have those kind of statistics at power process here in Canada. I’m not sure where the government is, what data they’re using to guide their policies or if they’re just using international what the world leaders are doing.

So I leave the link for me to get the data that you mentioned earlier.


Can I just interrupt goal very quickly? So all governments, all governance, the who, the press, the Pharma companies, they are all in bed together.


So they have told us they have told us that this big, big, bad disease and this big, big, bad disease is gonna kill everybody. And they have forced us with that story to stay home, to stay at home, locked up. Okay. Why? Because with fear, they can do anything they want with us, with fear, with people locked up the moment they released, as they said, give us the vaccines. We want them.

We need them.

Give it to me. Paula Die. All right. So that’s what he’s done with the whole world. So everybody is not able to think. I’ve just asked you to look at these figures. Look at Israel. Okay. Look at Israel. Look at when Israel started vaccinating. Okay. Look at the rate of vaccinations that they have in Israel. Look at the official numbers, which we don’t even know if they’re correct, because we don’t know who is selling at the right number. But look at this. Look at how many people they have vaccinated.

I believe it’s now over 80%. Okay. Now look at the chart of the new infections. Every day. They have had their new infections daily have been climbing for the last 50 days. Right? They have now for the past three weeks or so, more or less, their daily infections are higher than even before they started vaccinating. Okay. So ask yourself, why is that happening? If they’re vaccinated, why do they have so many infections? But the thing that you have to look, I look at the report at ten per day.

Look at the dead.


25 days, and you will see that their death rate is increasing. If the vaccines are so bloody good, why are people still die? Those are not vaccines. These are instruments to make money.

Thank you, man.

That’s all it is.

Thank you. Thank you so much for your comments, Linda. Thank you so much, everybody to participate in. All the people who gave us questions. Everybody who put your comments in the chat. You know, we’ve had such a robust discussion, and this is exactly what he’s needed. And perhaps a comment that was made about having a live discussion with everybody. This is where we start. We start small, and then we set an example. So, Lyndon, I’m going to hand over to you. You’ve got a great panel coming up.

We’ve got Dr. Rocker Car from the USA, Drag Sriram and Dr. Jane Ruby, Fred Corbin Friheten, Dr. Roger Hunter Khairani and Dr. David Mohammed. All of the panelists who are here, we’re going to have a nice discussion on vaccinated and unvaccinated. If anybody wants to ask this panel a question, you’re welcome to put it in the chat. And when you put your question in the chat, Lyndon will pick that up and he will direct it to the panel. So, Linden, I’m going to hand over to you and your panel.

Thank you so much, everyone, for an amazing day so far.


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  1. A doctor or inventor or such forth is not required to ‘create’ a new society… some kind of model based on some kind of spurious ideology dressed up as philosophy.

    People will engage in exchanges of mutual support in all material needs, defence, justice, and arts. Fathers and older sons particularly, in defence, and they will form a council, a defence force and, a justice system.

    In general, a justice system is won and held by those who will make the ‘ultimate’ sacrifice for the good; sons of a nation are warriors for justice. That will never change, excepting a centralist technocracy with military-industrial complex.
    I speak of nations – people who speak the same tongue, who have blood ties by family, land, culture. The base is land, because we need food and housing to raise ourselves in families. There’s no getting away from that.

    Moreover, people carry tradition in their blood and in their language, and that means knowledge, and means to gather knowledge of all kinds for all purposes.

    What of government? Local government means geographic jurisdiction. Larger compartments that share culture, law, exchange would mean wider jurisdiction of law and, councils of defence, which therefore means representatives from local area to more central.

    That central government if to be ‘small’, simply functions to uphold the basic ‘natural law’ and defence. The law is customary – traditional, natural law. It’ s enough to have a king whose power lies in the support of local war lords/barons. All power then is held by the people who support their local baron. The king is hereditary – the job reluctantly taken. They function as a judge in their own court – that is they see to procedure, the actual verdict or vote is held by representatives and the people. Complaints concerning justice are made ot the Baron or if dissatisfied, to the King.
    This is the old traditional, universal and natural model. The reason we know it is outmoded and ridiculous , and cannot work, is because that is what we a re always told, in one way por another.

    Concerning exchange, money denotes barter, but it is not equivalent. Nothing can match barter and, gifts. Barter includes morals and value, but excludes gambling practices or usery.
    Money as a promissory note has to be owned by the people,and not central banks, to survive without takeover. It should not be subject to ‘speculation’, which is basically gambling and worse – insider trading and ‘fixing’ (conspiracy to steal).

    Any part of this formation, beyond economical activity – freedom in exchanges without coercion or fraud, requires the finest minds with actual accomplishments to be involved in councils, including real philosophy, logos that can never be fully understood or conveyed without theology.

    IN other words, culture in the fullest sense. A Golden Age? There is no other way, except for half-way toward Global/Internationlist Tyranny.