Caribbean Health Summit 2021 — Day 1

Caribbean Health Summit 2021 — Day 1


Rush Transcript — [00:00:00.000] Hi. [00:00:11.310] Everybody on Facebook and welcome to the Caribbean Health Summit 21. My name is Dr. Naseeba Kathrada. I am a gentle faction in Durban, South Africa, and I want to welcome each and every one of you to the Caribbean Health Summit 21 on behalf of the steering committee of the World Council for Health. So we’ve got an absolutely jam packed lineup for everyone over the next three days, not just from a medical perspective, but it’s a health summit, right. So we’re going to talk to you about medical issues, but legal issues that affect your health and about the latest scientific data, because that’s what the World Council for Health is about. [00:00:49.210] Yes, a Disclaimer before we start, just remember, we’ve got lots of speakers from all over the world, and the World Council for Health does not necessarily share their pain Union and facts and statements that are made by the speakers. But we are all in agreement that there is a better way. So with that, I’m going to hand you over to our my co coordinator for the summit, who I’ve met all the way into the dad and Tobago. Linden Mac Hi. [00:01:20.760] To everyone around the world, wherever this is Wednesday streaming as you know, my name is Linda Mark. I am a human rights activist from the Republic of Trinidad, Tobago. And the reason for this summit came a stemmed out of pandemic or what has been known to be an organized pandemic by business around the world. As we are seeing for me, I am seeing one of the highest right being violated across the wood. That is the human rights low. And of course, over a couple of years ago, we made declarations after 1940, 719 40 beat. [00:02:07.920] That what happened, what happened in one particular control of Germany. We saw an atrocity happening where 6 million Jews were sent to the gas Chamber. We made declarations out of that. Before that, there were other events that would have occurred, of which we make declarations 1830 412 15 539 DC these are historical events that created out of them laws that allows us to have a special type of freedom to day. Today we are seeing moves that are being made to restrict those freedoms and infringe on your rights. [00:03:02.830] And from that, I decided to get involved. And I am very happy to be here coordinating this event with the Wood concept of health. Dr. Kathrada for all her health and all the other amazing person I’ve met along this journey, you know, Anisa Batis from Sinfin Anade Grenadines, but a Medina from China to Beagle. We met a lot of questions around the of which we all share the same similarities based on the blatant violations of human rights. And even when it comes to the new book code, we vote that before that things like this will never happen again. [00:03:52.780] So this summit, of course, as Dr. Not Bala said, we have an interesting line of speakers that will bring to you not just the medical science, but to have powerful kind of discussions that will deal with early treatment that will deal with covering various topics vaccinated with unvaccinated wanting to cover a wider scope of those conversations. Common law in your book code. We wanted to be able to bring to you the Fax and the data surrounding these investigative medical products now being labeled as vaccines. And we are hoping that after this three day summit, it will give more persons a wealth of information to go by. [00:04:42.740] Thank you so much for that Lendon. I’m quite sure that everyone is going to learn so much about each other and what is actually going on around the world. And with that, I’m going to hand you over to our first speaker. He actually needs no introduction, but I’m hoping that he’s going to do a little bit of that himself. I’ll tell you a little bit about how I met over. We have all these surrounders information and misinformation regarding this pan Demi. And for me, the thing is, we were looking for somebody who’s going to give us information as the truth. [00:05:21.930] And when I read OMA’s article, I mean, I’ve been reading hundreds, but when I read the article, the article that he did, the first one that I came across about the pandemic, I think he was called Chaos Company or something with that work in in the beginning. And I found his email address and I emailed him and I said to him, I’m blown away with the Monterey Research that he does before he prints. And he writes, I would say with sarcastic, which is very much up my alley. [00:05:50.790] So with that, I’m going to hand you over to our first speaker. I’m super excited to hear him home for over to you. [00:05:58.910] Hello, everybody. My name is Omar Khan. It’s a real privilege to come. And when I was invited to provide a kind of pentronic sweep before the specialists and the experts take us on a deep dive, it was daunting and exhilarating, having been asked to do just a wee intro, I will say I’m a global consultant. I get to work with leaders. And so I get to see leadership in action, and I get to see leadership in action as in the failure to act. And some of what Lyndon was speaking about certainly has been a horrifying spectacle of mismanagement and poor leadership. [00:06:41.240] Our company is called EPL Global. This ethos pathos and logos ethos being who we are, our convictions and character pathos, common passions and logos logic, all of which have been violated in a scandalous way during this pandemic. And I’ve been researching COVID since it came about and has had the privilege of learning from so many clinicians and frontline doctors. So what I’m going to try and give you is a harvest. None of this is probably going to be entirely new to people who come to this but I hope having it threaded together will illuminate it to see the whole mosaic come together, though you may have seen pieces of the puzzle before, so with that and without further Ado, let’s kick off. [00:07:36.130] Let’s go to our first slide and the covet can. And the premise was a Con. And I think that’s the important thing to realize because we were told this was a novel Corona virus. It’s the first thing we all remember being told. And of course, it’s absurd because there were at least seven coronaviruses floating around in the US itself. There’s four of which this is not even necessarily the most prevalent. And saying the word novel in scientific part is very deceptive because novel pathogens were the type that Columbus took to the New World and wiped out most of the Indigenous population with as in they had been never experienced by the immune system before. [00:08:25.590] In this case, novel meant a newly emergent strain. But by using that and a lot of the medical spokespeople not clarifying that they were using it. In that context. People thought this is unprecedented, something for which we have no immunological response, and we are entirely vulnerable, all of which, of course, were none of which is true. And we discovered that soon, but perhaps not soon enough. Next one, please. Next slide. So the interesting thing was that we were told early on that the fatality rates we’re going to be terrifying. [00:09:09.540] You know, we were given well, as you read here. And of course, these were meaningless. When the Seroprevalence study started coming out, we discovered it was a fraction of what had been cited. In fact, the one stated here on the slide, you know, today, who says zero point 23%? Professor Anita, I think it’s 0.5%, but certainly there are nothing in the category of crippling terrifying. The percentages. And the problem was people were looking at case fatality rates and people who were presenting themselves were initially sick. [00:10:02.200] Not well. And so of course there is going to be a high percentage, but then extrapolating from that to the whole population was ludicrous. Once we got to the IFR it became tame. And this was data that was emerging, should have been known should have sobered us, but it didn’t. Next slide, please. Now, Fauci flops. Of course, you could go on all day and just run a session on which Fauci are we dealing with? The one who initially said that this would be like severe seasonal influenza masks wouldn’t really be needed. [00:10:42.500] Who wasn’t promoting lockdowns? And of course, we have the troll of emails showing some of the summer salting, some of the juggling acts. And that hasn’t changed. We were told even with the vaccination that when we hit 50%, surges would stop. We were then told that by the summer things will be pretty much back to normal. Then we were told by early autumn now as well, maybe by spring 2022. And so each day brings a new location, and there is no embarrassment, especially with a very subservient public media who sends softball questions his way. [00:11:30.320] But once upon a time, up until 2019, the public health establishment was unanimous walked down for not a good idea. Masks were not recommended. And that was the case at who? That was the case at CDC. That was the case in the UK. That was the case in Europe, and no new data had emerged to require a total capsizing of everything that had been prepared for in the pandemic tables, at least until some of these simulations and early previews were to come the Johns Hopkins case studies and so on. [00:12:13.260] Okay, next one, please. One of the earliest one of the things I find when I’m constantly talking to people is they refuse to acknowledge that it’s an age stratified illness. And the moment you insist on speaking about this as an equally lethal challenge to everybody’s immune system, you have a problem because it is horrifying. I mean, recently who paper here in Sri Lanka proclaimed that 10,000 people would die every week. We didn’t lock down how they suddenly invented that. No one has any idea. Again, I’m not going to read each of these to you. [00:12:57.520] They will be familiar to you. But as you can see, until you hit 70, you have a 99.5% or higher recovery rate. Even there’s, the level of comorbidities chronic illness is that a company that determine your chance for a rebound. And of course, all of this can be improved through early treatments and intelligent prophylaxis, which we’ll talk about, which were totally run out of the public sphere, but vastly age stratified. Basically, the average age of death exceeds most life expectancy, most of the globe. And so unlike other pandemics, which struck people down when they were young, while we mourn every life that is lost, it is a slightly different assessment. [00:13:55.700] If you were doing a cost benefit, or if you were using the precautionary principle, then something that strikes people down in the literal prime of their life. Next slide, please. Of course, the assessment of who’s infected was itself infected from the outset because of this fraud. There are now wonderful videos circulating of Terry Mullis, the originator of this technology. Speaking about the misuse of this even relative to HIV, but certainly it was clear that you don’t use this as a diagnostic tool. It amplifies whatever you find. [00:14:36.280] And of course, that’s also in the paperwork that accompanies the PCR test. It says not for diagnostic purposes, even who, which eventually sneaks some recognizable facts into their orthodoxy, has now said that you should not use these by themselves, but look for how people present clinically. But clearly it said not for diagnostic purposes. Every PCR test says that. And as Dr. Mcculla also pointed out to me, Peter Muller, he said, it also clearly said the EUA that was given for these that it is not for testing a symptomatic people. [00:15:19.360] So a testing fraud was perpetrated from the literal outset when we knew we should not be math testing a symptomatic when we knew that the cycle threshold issues, the amplification was crucial. Of course. What’s also funny is that the Drustin test went through a Socalled peer review in 48 hours, which is not a peer review, and the magazine that published in he was on the editorial board of this has since been challenged and no satisfying reply has been given other than just assertions in the manufacturing for the test was also ready to go as if they knew it was going to be approved and work had begun on it even before I think the Chinese released the first sequencing. [00:16:13.530] All right, let’s go. And yes, Christian Dos Roston himself was not promoting a symptomatic testing, though he did. It’s not something that he was blurting out too vocally, but in line of sight. We kept doing this and I’d love to put this one on up because in May 2021 there’s this wonderful open letter to the Prime Minister from 161 doctors from an India talking about the PCR test. I’m going to read you. We don’t have that on the slide, but I’m going to read to you some of their points. [00:16:48.800] They said we would like to base our claims purely on facts and evidence. Here we would like to highlight documents published by the FDA about the efficacy of the PCR test on 4th February 2020. Both documents stated is only capable of checking the presence of genetic material in one’s body. Detection of viral RMA may not indicate the presence of infectious virus or that cover 201. Nine is the causative agent for clinical symptoms, their letter says. The FDA document points out this test cannot rule out diseases caused by other bacterial or viral pathogens, which is quite a hoot. [00:17:33.990] They also mentioned that according to the guideline received by the Indian Council of Medical Research in May 2020, whenever death happens in is mandatory to conduct an RTPCR test of the disease if the test results are positive, even if the patient expired due to suicide accident, any other ailments the cause of death will be mentioned as death due to novel coronavirus. There was a question about getting a copy of the letter. Yeah, we can help with that subsequently. The document further States that even if the test is negative before death, doctor has complete discretion the attributes of the deaf due to suspected COVID-19. [00:18:19.040] This is one of the great accounting frauds of our time and this has been done in more than one jurisdiction in the UK for a long time. It was anybody tested positive in the last 28 days in the US there were insurance incentives and the EU of that test has now been pulled by the US. The February 2020 PCR tests because and they suggested that we need other testing modes that can distinguish between influenza and COVID-19, implying that this cannot next slide. By the way, of course, I should say also that there was until recently no unanimity of what the CT thresholds were now. [00:19:12.280] Consensus covers that it should be 28 or below maybe 24. Ideally, however, people were using essays up to 45 above 30. Harvard as well as other locations, have suggested false positives to these highs 85% to 90%. So who knows? Who knows? In the early stages, what we were picking up the woman use dynamics. I always love to show this picture. This even comes straight out of the science fiction novel. Nobody’s ever seen that before or since. And somehow this amazing bit of lockdown witchcraft succeeded in two months in eliminating COVID for virtually all of China for a while, but not the rest of the world. [00:20:02.110] We could be a little suspicious about some of the graphics. Unfortunately, when Lombardi panicked, a lot of places made the mistake. Most of the deaths happened in tear homes, where people who are especially vulnerable multiplying each other’s vulnerability and infectiousness. The head of public health in Italy, when asked later, though, said that when they assessed the situation, he reckoned that about 12% died from Covin, as opposed to multiple comorbidities, in which maybe COVID was an accessory. But these flash points shone certainly inside the desired panic. [00:20:45.160] Yeah. Next one, please. Yes. The Diamond Princess. Of course, one of the most ignored data points floated into view should have been a floating petri dish elderly population. They couldn’t jump off, and yet everyone’s shock. The age corrected lethality was 0.0. 25%. Two 0.625%. If you want to contrast that with the Spanish flu, which idiotically should not is often mentioned as some benchmark but should not be heat. When 50 million people died in a very different population. Reality for the world. So the they had about two age adjusted fatality during that period. [00:21:44.150] Out of the out of the people on the Diamond Princess, 26% tested positive, of which only 48% were symptomatic. The primary explanation for this is that we had cross reactive immunity. This wasn’t our first rodeo with this, but of course, this was scrupulously ignored. Even when other environments and case studies seem to corroborate it, it did not fit the pandemic narrative. Okay, go ahead, please. Yeah. Next one, please. So a lot of people were censored early on when we thought that the world was coming to an end and we had increasingly credible people telling us that was not the case. [00:22:39.680] You would have thought that was not from heaven if you initially thought, oh, my God, we’re about to have the black death. We’re about to have the Spanish flu. And some of your most credential people come and say, Hold on. I don’t think so. They’re mitigating data. Here are some studies here’s what we need to test. Surely, before we blew up the planet, we would have said, Tell us what you have to say. And we would have gotten a roundtable of some of the smartest people. [00:23:12.230] But no, what makes one suggest that there was some preexisting narrative or at least a predisposition the head in a direction was that when certain types of things were said, such people were immediately attacked near D platform marginalized you name it. There were many more than I could recount. But here’s a few. Go ahead just to give you an idea and I won’t read them to you. You can read them yourself. These are just some of the when people like this are telling you something, you usually want to listen, especially if it could save the planet, save lives, save economies, save social structures. [00:23:57.480] The fact that there was such a rush to verify them tells you that this was not a serious scientific assessment that was ever made. Keep going. Next one. Go ahead. I’m just so these are just again, some of many and we didn’t have space or time to say to list all the brilliant people who were trying to bring us to our senses. And as I said, it’s not as if what they were saying was even assessed. People have to know from the beginning what was off piece that was not allowed. [00:24:41.740] Go ahead. Of course, there at the very top is that sainted man from Sweden who bucked the King bucked. World pressure would not be daunted. And I just saw a wonderful graphic yesterday showing the age adjusted mortality in 2021 in Sweden is lower than 1991 anyway, and all the way down to every one of these people. And when you pointed out the folks that these people have nothing to gain, they were sacrificing their careers in standing and you knew were people who were peddling the narrative at again, what would get such a collection of experience, intellect, Ed brilliance to converge on similar points at great cost and harm to them again, as somebody who is a psychologist, as an a counselor, before I got into other things, it speaks for itself. [00:25:44.040] Go ahead. So as I say, when these folks are the ones you censor, you know something’s wrong. Go ahead. I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this. Thanks in proportion two. And to be rude, there is a collection of about 30 papers showing that lockdown produce no positive impact. Of course, we know lockdowns were never practiced in the way that we practiced them since the Middle Ages and even in the Middle Ages. I don’t believe there is a precedent for locking up the healthy. [00:26:24.700] What you did was that if something was located in a town or village, you locked in that town or village, so it wouldn’t go out further. As Professor Harvey Rich of Yale said to me, said, is totally incoherent when it’s already spread. What are you locking in? It’s an airborne pathogens. And there we see why they didn’t want to admit it was airborne, because once you say that the game is up. So again, you can find these if you go either onto their Twitter feed before their ransacked. [00:27:00.400] But there’s a synopsis of papers. And as I said, I’m not going to take up your time reading them to you. But over and over again, we found no positive correlation. The Oxford Stringency Index, by the way, uses nine factors to look at the stringency of lockdown, so it’s on the scale up to 100. So Denmark, Norway and Sweden, which have now dropped all of their COVID regulations, Hover around 27 on that list in terms of score. Sri Lanka, where I sat, which was a little perfume crazy for a while, was the highest most bringin 86 until overtaken by Palestine. [00:27:46.660] The Oxford Stringency Index found an inverse relation between the degree of stringency and positive public health outcomes. So I mean, places like Singapore, UAE, about 47 Bangla date would just come well out of this 50 largely open. So it’s not even a question of you had any restrictions or not. I just can you let society function? Okay, let’s go past this. So again on the data. And this is another thing I would say some people will tell you lock down work. They almost always are referring to a model on the data. [00:28:28.300] It just doesn’t show up. Even JP Morgan admits it. There you go, right from the belly of the beast. Okay, go ahead. So lock down had an insane premise that you lock up the healthy. How that’s supposed to help the people who are vulnerable? Remember the age, stratified nature and those who are vulnerable that you’re going to lock in something that’s airborne the data was against it. And you see open jurisdictions like Florida and Texas. You see lockdown light countries like Japan and you certainly, of course, see Sweden, you see Belarus. [00:29:17.150] So when that happens and you don’t see them imploding, that 900 number of deaths that we were supposed to see in Sweden doesn’t materialize. The data should tell you this is not a theological debate if such a live jurisdiction as possible. And then of course, collateral damage has never been discussed. I think to anyone satisfaction, usually leadership is cost benefit. All leadership looks at cost and benefit. And there are wonderful places like Panda. They’re wonderful places like rational ground where you can go and see some of the collateral damage. [00:29:55.560] And they’ve been reported from various places. But we still await the US or UK to sit there and give us, among other places, a dispassionate assessment in terms of all types of impact. Because if there was a debate that said one viral strain was the only source of harm that mattered and domestic abusive matter and educational belt down didn’t matter and people going bankrupt didn’t matter and deferred medical care didn’t matter and delayed medical treatment didn’t matter and increased suicides and addictions didn’t matter. I missed that debate completely. [00:30:36.940] I was clearly asleep for it. And we said no, only this one source of harm. All of the world wired through a filament called Covin. Okay, go ahead. [00:30:46.960] So. [00:30:51.660] Here are some of the bits of collateral damage. 130,000,000 people threatened by starvation. Go ahead. 150,000,000 pushed into extreme poverty. These are probably low ball numbers. United predicts 1 million child deaths. Go ahead. 1.2 million closing in on 50 million new jobless claims. Go ahead. Catastrophically differs treatment, tragic delays in diagnosis. What the tool is going to be in terms of cancer, heart disease. We don’t know. Go ahead. That’s fine again. And by the way, Funnily enough. The CDC says the two biggest comorbidities are obesity. So you lock people in so they can’t get any exercise, even though there’s virtually no outdoor transmission that’s been recorded. [00:31:56.310] Even CDC says one less than 1%. And certainly if there are, it’s so minuscule. You’re going to hear from Dr. Heddy later on in the program for who my admiration is boundless his open air clinic where he’s done some of his amazing work. He’s not had a single infection among his staff, he tells me or himself over this period. And that’s why those open there finish work. But what we’ve done is we’ve said biggest comorbidity besties. Don’t let people exercise or move second anxiety and so flash. [00:32:35.400] 24/7 panic born. That’s a way to stimulate the immune system. Okay, next one, please. And who knows what happens when schooling is? Well, I tell you some of the things that happen. Child weddings happen. So enforced, late child labor happens, destruction of likelihood possibilities happen. Stunted development happens, lack of marketable skills by which you make a living and look after your family anyway. It’s Legion. Go ahead, please. The online learning. I’m not going to flog that, but study after study shows that we weren’t ready for it. [00:33:20.170] I’m not saying if they’ve never worked, but in many cases the stunted social development, the isolation and the wrote nature of it take us far away from the creative aptitudes and the expression of personal creative energy the future will require. Go ahead, please. So just quickly to finish. No, no. Back to lock down for a second. We should have been looking at Sweden, Florida, Japan, Haiti is kind of interesting. Has yet to have its first vaccination, though. Could have since I wrote this down, but as of that day, they hadn’t had their first job. [00:33:59.640] 245 C 19 debts pretty terrifying. Asia with 60% of the world’s population. So Asia, by the way, doesn’t really lock down very effectively, even where they say people are teeming in the streets, the masks are half on half off 60% of the world’s population, 16% of the related Cove debts. India, when I was having a Delta surge was interesting because we were rightly concerned. And then a lot of good herd immunity. And Ivermectin wrote to the rescue and you could compare the States that did or didn’t use that type of treatment. [00:34:44.450] But 200 die of TV every day in India and 2000 die of diarrhea every day in India. But for some reason, that’s not a concern. Only one source of concern, even though the debts in India per million are a third of that of the UN US population adjusted, of course, airborne. I’ve already mentioned I’ve talked about the outdoor, but most transmission happen indoor, virtually all of it. So why you lock people in rather than having them, even if prudently spaced out outdoors where they can get fresh air, vitamin D, enriched Sunshine, exercise absolutely spell blindingly confusing, except that everybody knew this, but it suited them. [00:35:36.800] Yeah, too healthy. Indeed. Immune system might have rallied. Next one, please. The mask fraud. Again, I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this. This is an interesting slide. It just shows you about the Nano particles and where masks work are where there are no viruses. Masks are very good for macroscopic particles. Somebody pointed out when you use that type of cost mask, there was anthrax. Would you use it? Would you use it for as best as? Of course not. But those particles are larger than covid 19 particles. [00:36:21.020] Somebody jokingly said it’s like secondary smoke. It would be the same. We could cure the whole smoking problem. We just wear clock masks and people can smoke around us. They won’t get through. Of course they will. I’m not saying that seriously. I can, however, pointing out that. Nope. For a group of ten, there’s no randomized demonstration of efficacy. Every trial they have tends to flop. The who cited in 2019 multiple peer reviewed studies that said they don’t work. All of those studies, of course, conveniently out the window. [00:36:57.340] There’s a new narrative in town. You can’t breathe properly. They collect probably more bacteria and pathogens. Yeah, exactly. Build it. The wire fence to keep out mosquitoes would be about as intelligent and then people collapsing after workouts or running a race the CO2 levels. I was told by a Swiss public health person that you have while you’re breathing in the mass would not qualify as acceptable quality air in most European capitals when I cycle through buildings or otherwise. Okay, whether he was right or wrong, I don’t know. [00:37:42.470] But if that’s even the case, but here’s deny Oncor and also sometimes sarcastic but wonderfully insightful person in Canada, he says the magical one way mask, which does not protect the wearer but act as source control, is an invention of propaganda. It is contrary to the physics of breathing aerosol particles suspended in the fluid air. It is ridiculous fantasy. Okay, let’s move on. A symptomatic fraud. There’s no demonstrated instance. I mean, asymptomatic used to mean that your body was perhaps processing without symptoms, using its natural immunity to deal with a viral interloper and no symptoms developed other than that. [00:38:36.360] Other than that, there’s no such instance been recorded. Whether you look at JAMA meta analysis, which shows miniscule or 3 million strong wovens study. Again, I’ve spoken to a number of our clinicians. Dr. Teddy spoken to me about it. Dr. Mccullough says he’s never seen one. And he says if you see a symptomatic, call them healthy. But the reason for the asymptomatic again, a reason to lock down back and denying the airborne nature. Now who even says don’t mass test the asymptomatic and if there’s a way out, it is, deal with the symptomatic and move on. [00:39:20.930] Alright, let’s go to the next one. Here. By the way, was Belarus in the spring demonstrating their enjoyment of social distancing and their fear of the Asymptomatic. I also invite your attention to the interesting graphics. Alright, so go ahead. So this May 24, 2021 was set of tests the UK ran. Why the UK decides that there’s still an issue? I don’t know. The article behind that points out that UK officials stage nine large scale attend events, including an FA cup final and the Brit Awards, exempt from COVID rules. [00:40:19.610] And unfortunately it was a meltdown for those in the narrative. Out of 60,000 total attendees out of those nine events, 15 alleged cases or infections emerged. Okay, go ahead. Go ahead. Next slide, please. I guess we’re stuck. I shall continue. Oh yeah. Indian festivals again. I’ll go back. Indian festivals. Only to say that again, there were about 300 people at this religious festival. Ira MeCan was among others. Prophylaxis were distributed. They had three. There was a three K surge that emerged from this. This was about a week week of camping. [00:41:19.460] Okay, go ahead. Norway recently went nuts after shelving all of their restrictions. They really went nuts. I think so. But if there has been a Norwegian surge after this idea to come across, go ahead. These are just more instances. Wimbledon, US College football protests, all of which have not yet managed to produce the dire scourge of outbreaks which only seem to happen in gatherings that are politically inconvenient or not blessed by the authorities. Go ahead. But if you really wanted to see the share hypocrisy, you can see the US and them. [00:42:13.610] They are the grannies. There’s a European football there’s asked, of course. And there are those dangerous children who are infecting and afflicting the planet and who therefore has to be muzzled anyway, heart rending, stupid, grotesque and shows that they don’t even believe what they’re saying. Okay, go ahead. Death certificates we talked about is an accounting fraud. When there weren’t enough debts, all of a sudden we started counting cases. And of course we defined a case as a positive test, whereas in medical terms the case used to be somebody with a symptom. [00:43:04.760] If you went back to that and again, you see that dichotomy. And what we should be looking at is excess mortality, because that’s the relevant variables, not how many panic porn numbers you can keep flashing. So the UK over this period has continued to have about 350 positive tests on a daily basis, with about 100 or so COVID ascribed debts. Not sure how they’re being accounted for, but certainly a big divorce between those numbers and the deaf numbers. Excess mortality pandemic used to mean excess debts everywhere. [00:43:43.460] We’ve had excess debt virtually nowhere in 2021 on a sustained basis, though fascinatingly enough. And maybe the people who will talk about vaccines will touch on this. We hear there are more cases and more debts in the US this year than they were last year, even though there are a lot more people vaccinated at this time. Last year. Scandinavians, as I said there, I think they’re virtually all dumped the COVID regulations. Norway, Denmark, Sweden by the way, people are always saying the Sweden didn’t do so well compared to its neighbors. [00:44:20.340] If you look at 2019 and 2020 together, however, that seems out. They had a very mild season in the flu season. In 20, 19, 20, 20, they had a lot of dried Tinder. It was the opposite for Denmark. If you look at the two years together, it’s much more comparable. And of course, we did have that issue with care homes, but if you do it on that basis becomes much clearer. Go ahead, please. Early treatment again. People are going to talk about this therapeutic nihilism is what Dr. [00:45:00.490] Peter McCullagh calls it. Dr. Jackie Stone calls it passive genocide. First time in medical history. Perhaps doctors were doled out to treat until people were blue in the face and an ICU when HQ was making strides, smear papers and Lancet which were blatantly fraudulent, were let in, exposed, retracted, but too late for the popular memory not to be sullied. Recently, Ivermectin has been undergoing ludicrous attacks. Here is a they say. Oh, well, you know, they use it for animals. Yes. And there were seven years of safety trials between who and Merc in its transition to human use. [00:45:46.810] It has been used by humans close to 4 billion doses. It won a Nobel Prize for its human use. Merc donated it to the world after virtually secured river blindness, saying it probably saved 250,000,000 lives. And we Dr. Chetty, who I had mentioned again, also made an excellent point the other day. He said its safety profiles and been tested efficacy. You can argue till the cows come home. In fact, if you went on to the who website and Typed in poled vaccines, you would see adverse effects close to 2 million from 2020. [00:46:26.810] Today. If you put an IVR nectar 90 92, there’s been about 4000 adverse effects, 16 ascribed deaths with pose to 4 billion doses, whereas aspirin remdesivir all of them much, much worse. But those are okay to use. I didn’t want to call out. I didn’t want to call out. Thank you very much. I did want to call out Dr. Chevy’s protocol only to say again, his breakthrough about the eight day which he’ll talk about was a profound breakthrough and it shows why using antivirals like remdesivir the early stages backfire later on. [00:47:14.800] The aim of all this is to produce Sizer Mecom the new antivirals that are coming out of merchandiser which will cost us which of course have no real data behind them will cost us a mere $70 a pill. So instead of, you know, something that might cost sense, we can pay $700 for a treatment. Go ahead, please. I’m almost done. So. Okay. Adverse reactions Ivermectin gone up T05677. I suspect some of that is us inflated. It was in the 4000, but all these people calling in to talk about dosages and I wouldn’t be surprised if a few trolls got involved, but that’s still very tame. [00:48:02.190] With 4000 doses coming from 1992, let me just sum up a vaccine by any other name. We’re going to hear about this. A vaccine that does not stop transmission and does not stop reinfection on its EUA calls itself in gene therapy and is primarily offering a therapeutic benefit. So it should be compared to other Therapeutics in terms of efficacy, costs and safety. And also those other Therapeutics would only be given to people who needed it, as opposed to on mass to the world. They keep saying we don’t have enough evidence. [00:48:47.120] Well, we’re the randomized trials for masks were the randomized trials for Lockdowns, where their randomized trials for these vaccines for which we didn’t even have any vulnerable people in the population and we only looked at relative improvement, not absolute improvement. And again, Harvey Rich, Professor Rich points out that when Cochrane took a look at randomized trials and nonrandomized clinical experience and evidence, the results are almost always the same. Penicillin would not have gone through if we were doing randomized trials at work. So we kept doing it. [00:49:28.610] How many adverse effects? Well, who knows the numbers that cited on who are hard to believe. But I’m sure their experts here will tell us how undercounted even the Theirs database admits that they only capture one to 20% and that’s probably still been trimmed. As I said, therapeutic versus therapeutic, CDC was in such a panic. Like who tried to define a way, you know, immunity and said that only vaccine immunity is real. That went away the no. [00:50:08.620] I’m picking up one little thinking. [00:50:18.060] Alright, I’m back. They also CDC redefined vaccine as something that does not confer immunity. They have to rush to do that because people pointed that out. Next. Please let me just finish by saying a lot of the things that were used to strip our civil liberties were argued as being an emergency. Well, I would humbly add that the word emergency does not mean what they think it means. It means something emerging. It can’t still be emerging all these months later. Go ahead, please. And so it’s furious. [00:50:56.640] So we have to stop the lending dance to say Lord and master. Tell me who I may be tell me with whom I can commune. Tell me what I may think. We have to restore the doctor patient relationship and its entity. We have to realize, no, you don’t get to call this an emergency. There’s nothing new happening. We know how to contain, manage and treat this next, please. So we have to hold the mirror up. We are partially comparable. We have partially enabled. And that’s okay. [00:51:31.220] Not to feel guilty just to say enough. Enough. Enough. Go ahead, please. There has been commentators who have said that lies are like parasites. They made a human host and wish to proliferate your job in mind may not be the debate. Every lie, but is not to let the lies passed through us. Every single one of us can make that dedication. The lies will not pass through us. And here is Martin Luther King telling us about nonviolent direct action. Our job is to create a crisis and foster attention. [00:52:11.920] So that what we’re saying has to be confronted to dramatize the issue so it can no longer be ignored. Go ahead. [00:52:21.960] So. [00:52:24.990] There’S no Benin explanation for the charade. It was always a calm. Those American founders were either right or wrong. These rights are unalienable or they’re not. If we wanted an experiment with civility, we had it. It sucks. Let’s reclaim our humanity. And I would just humbly suggest it is time to transcend the monumental stupidities and in humanities of this period. High time. That’s it. Thank you very much. [00:53:01.110] Thank you so much. That was absolutely amazing. You definitely did not disappoint. You can see from the comments that you bought. It was absolutely amazing. I’m going to just hand over to Zoe to see if there were any questions. As you can see the comments coming through. Amazing. Can you let us know if there are any questions or. [00:53:23.420] Yes. Hello, everyone. So I’ve got a question for do. Do you want me to read the questions out, or do you want me to invite these? [00:53:32.360] Yeah. [00:53:33.300] So this is quite early on. Hi, Doc from South Africa here. Thank you for this event. Dr. Robert Malone has said that he does not believe that the RNA technology is capable of shedding the spike protein, except possibly in the context of the personal exchange of fluids. Other experts and many anecdotes appear to indicate that there may well be situations when shedding takes place. Is there any scientific evidence available either way? [00:54:02.040] Well, I’m not sure I’m the definitive subject matter expert on that. I have heard Dr. Malone. Those say that he has looked at, and I don’t put words in his mouth, but the Sock Institute and others say that these do spread through other organs and there have been autopsies. I’ve heard about where they found that it was not localized. My understanding was that Dr. Malone’s view perhaps evolved on that front, or maybe he was misunderstood earlier. But again, I don’t want to put words in his mouth. [00:54:36.700] I will say that the Soft Institute study was fairly damning on that front and that these things do leak into other organs and show up. There were again a couple of autopsy results. Whatever they do clearly is not denying. So the mechanism we might wish to study further, but I think we can all agree that the lack of knowing and the booster shots make it worse because flooding the body with that much spike protein, nobody has any idea what that’s going to lead to the fact that we’re just doing that Willy nilly onto the fourth booster shot in Israel. [00:55:13.820] Now, in desperation, I think even Fouche was saying that the new definition of vaccination Fouche flops again would be somebody with a booster shot. See, they just hang it change if it doesn’t work, just change the definition of immunity. And that’s why eventually one has to say, sorry, not credible, not working. And we hope more people will find that foot spa. [00:55:41.850] Thanks so much, Omar. Sorry, Hassan. You’ve got your hand raised. You want to ask a question? [00:55:48.540] Yes. [00:55:48.850] Thank you very much, Maria. Excellent presentation. I must say, a really wonderful information that you’ve exchanged there just on the issue. [00:56:01.520] Thank you very much. [00:56:03.640] Just on the issue of autopsies. I remember paper was published in the first top is done on a vaccinated person. It was found that there was multiple organ damage, heart lungs, et cetera, et cetera. One of the interesting things that came out of that study was that actually it was bacterial pneumonia that they discovered in the lungs and not as we have been led to be, that is vital induced. So here’s an interesting case of wasn’t there. [00:56:39.620] Perhaps. [00:56:41.560] I know that’s not a so maybe for the doctor. [00:56:46.140] I’m going. [00:56:50.240] Yeah. [00:56:51.250] So the question there is if we look at and you mentioned that the spike protein is one that probably did the damage, even therefore, a case, therefore, that most of the damage that we’ve seen so far over the last year and so on and that was reported was actually misdiagnosed as a result of Covert 19, but actually was most of it was and even the proxy was as a result of bacterial infection, really, rather than stripe cocky infection, other than really the spike protein. [00:57:26.970] Just a question. [00:57:27.750] Yeah. Well, all I can tell you is that nobody knows because nobody knows what anybody was actually down with. In some cases, it may have been COVID-19 in other cases because the symptoms are so similar to other things, it could have been something else. Another issue is that, as a number of people have pointed out, when you start getting lung problems, that’s not the virus that’s plotting in the lungs when you get into the inflammatory phase. So again, you could be seeing residue from that. And so now when suddenly we find that the flu is back in the UK and these things research, we realize that we truly have been firing blind, and we therefore may find very bizarre results. [00:58:23.080] As I say, the Soft Institute study showing that the spike protein certainly was one of the big issues. And again, some people have a hyper sensitivity to it as well. And that’s another thing that triggers long COVID and so on. According to some practitioners. So I think all we can say is yes, that’s a plausible explanation. But so is the fact that there was a misdiagnosis. You know, we’re firing blind a little bit. And again, their fear of autopsies is very indicative of the concern, because if you’re really looking to find out, that would be tough of your priority letter. [00:59:06.870] Thank you so much for that absolutely phenomenal presentation. And I knew I picked the right man for the job to give us an overview with you. Your insight is just amazing, and it’s the words that you speak are so powerful. So we’re going to hand over to our next speaker. But please, if you have a few minutes here and once again, thank you so much. They ask a few questions in the chat that were directed to you. If you can just maybe reply in the chat so everybody can see your answers before you. [00:59:37.350] I know you have a busy, busy schedule, but thank you. Thank you so much for your beautiful and absolutely amazing presentation. Thank you so much. [00:59:47.620] It was a great pleasure. And anyway, you’re going on to my good friend Nick Hudson. So you’re in very good hands. [00:59:54.350] Thanks for that. So yes, of course, we are definitely going on to another amazing speaker. And our next speaker is Nick Hudson. So, Nick, are you with us and are you going to be sharing your screen? [01:00:10.400] I might share a screen if my timing works out impeccably, but if it doesn’t, I’m just going to be talking without slides. [01:00:18.360] Well, that’s alright because we have a little more time for you. So we’re giving you a little more time because we really want to hear from you. So thank you so much. Okay. [01:00:27.580] Okay. Can I get going? [01:00:29.720] Yes, please. [01:00:31.040] Well, thank you very much for inviting me to join this event. I loved AMAs presentation, as I can see from the comments. Everybody else did, too. I do think a little bit of a quick recap is going to be the way that I choose to start this presentation, because a lot of what Omar said is just stunningly important. Panda, Pandemic data and analytics, the organization that our chair has been looking at exactly these questions for more than a year and a half now, and I’d completely vouch for everything that Omar said in his presentation. [01:01:11.080] But what that presentation reveals more than anything else is that our governments and our public health institutions have been lying to us. They’ve been lying to us. Flat out. Here are a dozen lies, and it’s a subset of the lies. The narrative goes that there’s a new and dead virus and an SV all locked on and where our masks until vaccine has arrived. And until every arm on the planet has been vaccinated, we’re all going to die. We’re all susceptible. There’s no cure. There are no treatments. [01:01:47.570] That’s the rate. But let’s just unpack some of those lies quickly. The first one is that the virus is particularly new. It’s not. It’s closely related to for broadly circulating viruses, and we therefore have widespread prior immunity. Preexisting immunity. Our bodies recognize several epitopes of this virus, even though we may not have been exposed precisely to this variant of a coronavirus. The second one is that, as AMA said, it’s not particularly badly. Lockdowns don’t work. They’re pro contagion. We see no relationship between excess mortality. Well, no excess mortality. [01:02:36.720] Improvements in countries that lock down the hardest masks don’t work. The idea that they ever would cloth masks is a ridiculous one. A symptomatic transmission is not a driver of the epidemic. The PCR test does not diagnose covert and the thing spreads in the air. It’s not spread by droplet and foamy transmission. And that means that an accomplice to this huge fleet of lies is every silly little sticker and Perspect bored and every attempt to sterilize and sanitize and wipe down surfaces and sanitize your hands. [01:03:15.340] None of this has ever been shown to be plausibly helpful. There is no evidence for drop, light and droplet and format transmission. Of course, the idea that there is no treatment, this flagrant violation of basic medical practice is false, completely false. Put aside the huge controversies around the specific drugs Hardo Chloroquine and Ivermectin in particular. Just put that aside. A failure to simply treat the inflammatory stage of this disease has killed many, many people, and it’s shocking. You can stop this thing from putting people into hospital by simply monitoring them for when they go into the inflammatory stage and treating the information before it gets out of control. [01:04:11.090] If you wait until they turn blue and go to the hospital, it’s too late. We don’t have robust statistics around this, but my belief is that a majority and possibly the vast majority of death, could have been avoided by observing this simple Maxim. The idea now of the vaccines being something that should be shoved into every arm is complete nonsense. It has no basis in medical or epidemiological reasoning. This, in particular, the failure to acknowledge that recovered people enjoy natural immunity that is far stronger, broader, and more durable than anything a vaccine could possibly give them is utter rubbish. [01:04:57.660] This idea that we should be vaccinating children and the young people for a virus that presents negligible risk to them is nonsense. And when you put that together with what Omar discussed, which is that these vaccines do not prevent transmission, we see just how ludicrous it is that they should be exposed to the risk that these vaccines so clearly entail. When we look at the there’s reports and the other measures of risk that we can see all around us showing that these vaccines are profoundly risky to young people in particular. [01:05:36.790] And then the last one, the 12th lie, was this idea that the virus emerged as a zoonosis, that this had been conclusively demonstrated. Now, I don’t know for a fact that it emerged from a lab or when it looks likely to me based on what the UN conflicted scientists are telling me. But the important thing about this is that party and others conspired to mislead the world’s population about the origin of this virus, and that has been visible way before the release of the false emails. [01:06:15.240] In particular, the World Health Organization appointed Peter Dasek, the ZAR of Gain of Function Research, to head the committee that was going to look at origins. The moment that happened, it was clear that there was a conspiracy to hide the origin. [01:06:29.340] So. [01:06:31.230] There you have it. A dozen lies and the lies continue. They continue every day. And the question that everybody asks when I put these lies to them is why why are we being lied to? And I want to discuss a few elements that construct this web of propaganda and line. The first one is an incredible degree of conflicts of interest. You cannot throw a stone in most countries in the world without hitting a public health institution or a University health Department that is funded to a large extent to a significant extent by big farmer or vaccine stakeholders. [01:07:23.460] It’s comical when you look at the people on the committees that make the calls around lockdown and so on, you find that they are riddled with conflict of interest. When I say riddled, it is very difficult to find a single individual on many of these committees who is not tainted by a profound conflict of interest. Another factor that has led to this proliferation of lies is the degree of centralization, not just of public health institutions but also of global media. What we find is that the same parties show up time and time again, dominating the control of media and the funding of even quite small and distant media outlets. [01:08:15.760] And what this does is it turns the power into an immense one. It’s always a problem. Who is controlling your media, who is controlling a narrative? But when at the touch of a button, a single unison chorus can drown out the entire planet. You have a real problem and I would like to just show you quickly. A video clip that illustrates very clearly Harvest plays out. [01:08:49.260] One time of explain our country, plugging our country. [01:08:54.160] The sharing of bias and false news has become all too common on social media. More alarming, some media outlets publish the same fake stories without checking facts. [01:09:04.190] First, the sharing of biased and false news has become all too common on those more without checking first. [01:09:21.600] And. [01:09:24.990] This is extremely dangerous to our democracy. This is extremely dangerous to our democracy. [01:09:30.830] This is extremely dangerous to our democracy. [01:09:33.410] This is extremely dangerous to our democracy. [01:09:35.800] This is extremely dangerous to our democracy. [01:09:38.030] This is extremely dangerous to our democracy. [01:09:40.850] This is extremely dangerous to our democracy. This is extremely dangerous to our democracy. Extremely dangerous to democracy. This is extremely dangerous to our democracy, is extremely dangerous to our democracy. [01:09:54.910] This is extremely dangerous to our democracy. [01:09:57.940] This is extremely dangerous to our democracy. This is extremely dangerous to our democracy. [01:10:05.520] Okay, there you go. If that doesn’t kill you, I don’t know what does, but what it illustrates is you’ve got these talking heads on TV. Everybody thinks is kind of thinking through the material law, has some hand in producing it, but they don’t. They’re reading off teleprompters. There are a bunch of airheads and they propagate whatever narrative gets put in front of them. And covert has been very much like that. And what’s been reinforced, what has reinforced that has been the generation of some very creepy initiatives, for example, fact checkers, fact checkers are owned by the same people and are much better understood to be keepers of the narrative custodians of the narrative. [01:10:53.740] They make sure that independent media who don’t propagate all of those lies and deceptions are kept in line by way of disparaging them by way of painting what they have to say as false. So very quickly, any dissenting voice gets shut down and the shutting down process gets promoted through mainstream media. Then we have censorship across all major social media platforms, and it’s draconian. You can be suspended from Twitter or Facebook. You can have a video pulled down on YouTube simply for publishing the results without comment of a peer reviewed study. [01:11:33.770] And this has been going on for the entire duration of this epidemic. So we have the centralized media control, the proliferation of fact checkers, and an incredible degree of censorship going on. And all of that fuels an incredible environment where one narrative is boomed out, driving fear into the hearts of the population. Now some of this is done with the benefit of incredibly manipulative techniques of behavioral science. We have seen time and time again that our behavioral scientists detect in the adverts and the communications very obviously manipulative techniques of native theory and behavioral science being used expressly to communicate things that are false ideas that are not true. [01:12:33.400] So, for example, we have the idea of universal susceptibility or universal deadliness of the virus, even though, as Omar said, there’s extreme profound age graduation to the mortality from covert, the idea that we’re not all safe until everybody’s safe, the idea that children at risk and that we need to protect them by keeping them away from schools. That kind of notion has been propagated falsely through the techniques of behavioral science manipulation. And it’s only after I’ve given you that little rant about the media and about behavioral science techniques that I can start to talk to you about the question of why? [01:13:18.480] Why has anybody wanted to do this? Why have all the lies been told? Why have all the dissenting voices been shut down? There is an agenda at play. And I want to be very clear about this. Asserting that there is an agenda is not the same as saying that there are seven people in a room, some form of Illuminati in a smoke filled room who came up with a cunning plan to take control of the world by way of a lie about a virus. That’s not an implication of there being an agenda. [01:13:57.820] Well, how can I say that? Well, whenever and the gender is propagandized with the intention of distilling it into an ideology. The way in which it is propagandized is by stating it as an inevitable outcome. Well, what inevitable outcomes am are talking about? They’re everywhere. They’re all around us. I’m talking about your great reset, your new normal, your build back better, your fourth Industrial revolution, your new world order. All of these statements are painted by the various institutions that promote them as the way the world is going to be in the same way that Karl Marx didn’t say, hey, guys, communism would be a great thing. [01:14:52.350] Let’s go. Communist. He said communism was the inevitable trajectory of the arc of history. So we see what the agenda is and that agenda is a move towards globalist control and towards intense centralization, towards a surveillance state, towards a kind of medical technocracy. It is everywhere you see it with new open publications which many of us would once have regarded as fairly bland and centrist publications such as The Financial Times and The Economist and The New York Times. There’s this relentless drumbeat. You see it when ever a politician trained in Davos such as Justin Trudeau, or just since I Don opens their mouths, that doesn’t take them five minutes to begin talking about build back better or some other crackpot nonsense. [01:15:54.170] And what these agendas all entail? What these statements of the inevitable future all entail is a long list of risks and warnings that must be addressed and can only be addressed at a global level. They don’t bear a minute scrutiny when you scratch at them. They are either complete fabrications or the idea that they need a global solution is something that can be easily demolished. But that’s the framework that we’re dealing with. This has been a long time coming. It’s not all to do with cover. [01:16:34.810] In fact, even the methods that were used during covert had a long history of planning. Many people have heard of Agenda 201, which was principally organized by the Gates Foundation in September 2019. On the Eve of the Coronavirus crisis, there was an enormous planning session entailing representatives from numerous public health and intelligence organizations from many countries at which we can see people sitting down and planning to throw up the conventional pandemic respiratory virus guidelines. They didn’t even mention them. They sat there coming up with a set of principles and policies and role playing, the enacting of those principles and policies in a way that flagrantly violated every principle of public health and pandemic respirate virus management that ever had been. [01:17:34.260] And it wasn’t just one planning session. These panning sessions have been going on for decades. We can see at least 20 of them in the period between approximately 90 92,019 and what they share in common is a very militaristic, control oriented, authoritarian, draconian kind of approach to managing a pandemic of whatever nature was normally a respiratory virus that was being role played. But they are everywhere. Often the same players are involved the Johns Hopkins University, the Blender Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation. Those names show up all the time, but we also see them inside intelligence agencies. [01:18:22.080] And so a very central element of them was precisely the kind of media controlled and silencing of dissenting voices that I’ve been speaking about. The censorship, they’re quite explicit about it. They don’t talk about the need to establish come committees to evaluate whether the resenting voices are true or not. They simply go to the conclusion that they must be suppressed. And so they were. And so what we have is a drive towards a very centralized approach, not just towards dealing with respiratory viruses or health problems, but towards managing society in general. [01:19:10.550] And the propagation of fear. Deliberate propagation of fear has been very effective. It’s induced in populations what I can only describe as a mass psychosis. Healthcare professionals have not been immune to that psychosis. I know several doctors who have told me straight to my face that they were lining up for the vaccine, even though that already recovered from covert. Any doctor should know that that’s a pointless thing to do. But what I’m dealing with there is not a person who remembers his medical school textbooks. This is a person who’s been fed a relentless stream of fear mongering for a year and a half and who’s lost his cognitive capacity. [01:19:53.940] And I think large Swedes of our society, particularly in the elites, have lost their cognitive capacity. That is why, if you ever have the fortune or MoUs fortune of sitting down to take somebody through the facts, to take them through the data, you can often see the light bulb going on and nodding head, and then a jump away toward some or other kind of statement that puts them back in the narrative mode. Something like, but I’ve lost people to this disease will come up as if that somehow refutes everything you said. [01:20:35.480] And that is a hallmark of psychosis that happens because people cannot confront the extreme trauma, the extreme dissonance of realizing that almost everything they’ve been told for a year and a half was a lie and that they were gullible enough to believe it. And this is the reality that we face is that large ways of the population are either never going to go through this process of dissonance and reconciliation with reality, or they will go through it in a process of great psychological distress and trauma. [01:21:19.710] Perhaps the most disappointing thing about this whole sorry saga is that it was attempted before in 2009, which that with the H one n one swine flu epidemic. Pretty much singlehandedly. Dr. Worthan Verda blew the whistle on all of this and a program that intended to launch a vaccine in every arm. Global Vaccination global Mandatory Vaccination was nipped in the bud in a particularly spooky turn of events. Even before the crisis started to dog was D platform. His Wikipedia page was edited to paint him like some kind of nut case, even though he was a Hardy, steamed in regarded doctor who had led the world away from that fake crisis that the World Health Organization and pharmaceutical companies attempted to launch twelve years ago. [01:22:29.160] And for me, that single little story is the vignette which validates everything I’ve been saying. I think that is going to be where I stop because I’d rather leave more time for questions than carry on with my laying out more thoughts. I have many other ones, but thank you very much for listening and for not leaving the room. [01:22:56.660] Thank you so much, Nick.  

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  1. Those were two amazing presentations. I am in Australia (with the most incompetent and ignorant politicians on planet earth, apart from Biden and Harris) and I am refusing to have the vaccine, and oh boy, am I the bad guy when I point out the real facts as opposed to the media spin. I am ex RAAF of 35 yrs and also a John Maxwell Coach, so my integrity is particularly important to me. Seems like others don’t have any integrity, especially our politicians.

  2. Most grateful for the two presentations.

    Tying up developments and contradictions in this dangerous public health exercise, with its’ unfolding political narrative to serve an agenda, these presentations here well serve the public.

    Its hard for everyone to devote time to keeping and reviewing a diary and notes as well as searching, reading and listening, in order to carefully come to a reasonable view, and express that to others, when dealing with what is so well portrayed here; terrible coercion, twisted words, toward sickeness and enslavement.

    Too much censorship and self-censorship accompanied by fear means there is scant hope of a doctors’ revolt against politically established narrative in view of truth.

    Exactly this kind of overview is needed that matches narrative, lies and facts in a politicised public health exercise.

    A great service.