Dr. Ira Bernstein: About The Canadian Covid Care Alliance

Dr. Ira Bernstein introduces an affiliate organization to the World Council for Health, the Canadian Covid Care Alliance (CCCA).

The CCCA is a group of independent Canadian doctors, scientists, and health care practitioners committed to providing top-quality and balanced evidence-based information about Covid-19 to the public. Dr. Ira Bernstein is a co-founder of CCCA.

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on December 20, 2021. The full meeting can be viewed here.

Ira Bernstein

Here’s what WCH members, staff, and affiliates are saying about this introduction to the CCCA:

“CCCA is doing an amazing job.” -Rochagné Kilian

“Thank you Dr Ira Bernstein for your courage and sharing your wisdom.” -Sue Grey

“Ira, we all stand together and support you!!” -Stephan Becker



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  1. So pleased to hear about this in Canada. I live in Waterloo and interested in any further information. Thankyou for what you do. I am a retired Public Health Nurse.

  2. Thank you thank you so much for the time and professional expertise you give to this cause. I am not in the medical field. My 51 year old son was treated in Mexico with Ivermectin, first line of health was an IV drip of vitamins with a boost of Vitamin C, then Azitromicin, Dexamethasone and Loratadine. With a high fever, he went outside every day, day 5 & 6 took Loratadina by 8th day took a short bike ride with his 2 daughters 13 & 15. His wife got covid, took 2 Ivermectin, the girls got a little cough and runny nose for 2 days. You are absolutely honorable, honest caring and loving professional. Thank God for sane people.

  3. I am elated you are a caring physician. God never leaves his children without a witness. I am not in the medical field but I’m concerned that people are being coerced into taking an experimental drug which does more harm than good. I will continue to connect and learn from you the caring physician.

  4. Thank Dr. Ira Bernstein for standing up against a government that has done so much harm with their unethical mandates. You are saving people’s lives. Thank you also to the other Canadian doctors who have stood up with you.

    1. Your comment is ignorant and disgusting. Everyone but you knows that Ivermectin is an approved human drug, which won the Nobel prize for it’s use in humans. It has been used millions of times around the world as an anti viral and has a superb safety record.