Opening Ceremony with Del Bigtree and Dr. Tess Lawrie | Better Way Conference

Watch the opening from the May 20-22 Better Way Conference in Bath, UK with Master of Ceremonies Del Bigtree and Conference Host Dr. Tess Lawrie.

Learn more about the Better Way Conference here.

Public release of all conversations begins the week of July 25. On-demand passes to watch all of the weekend’s conversations are still available here.

Find all of the available conference videos in the WCH Video Library.

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  1. Delighted to hear of it. we enjoyed the initial transmission, looking forward to remind ourselves of the brilliance of it all. Well done, all of you.

    The best, Peter and Cate
    Adelaide, Australia

  2. Wow, what a glorious surprise! – I heard about it from Sheila Broun, and wish I had known early enough to participate…
    Regrettably I went down with Covid virus last Sunday, and still feeling very weak.
    My wife and I succumbed to 2 shots of the Pfizer-vaccine last year, before taking Dr Mercola’s advice. I am also halfway through reading Kennedy’s book, The Real Antony Fauci, and have read that revealing conversation between Dr Lawrie & Dr Hill…
    I made enquiries about getting Ivermectin, but was told it had to be taken within the first 5 days
    The New Age is dawning at last!