Antje Grosch: A New Paradigm for Bereavement

Speaking live at General Assembly Meeting #74 on January 30, Antje Grosch presented a new paradigm for bereavement in a better world. She then answered questions from our live audience.

Who is Antje Grosch?

  • Antje Grosch is a death doula in topics such as communication, dealing with fears, dying and mourning phenomena, rituals, disease patterns, insights into pain therapy and much more.
  • It was through this passion about inspiring people to engage death and dying early in life, that her project PUZZLESTÜCK was born.
  • Antje encourages us to imagine if it were perfectly normal to file a death plan— a PUZZLESTÜCK as part of our standard paperwork, similar to insurance policies and retirement plans.

Download Antje’s slide presentation here

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This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on January 30, 2023. Fiona Hine and Shahin Afnan also presented at this meeting.

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