Karen Churchill: Action Against 5G UK Court Case

Speaking at General Assembly Meeting #70 on December 19, 2022, Karen Churchill (🇬🇧) updated us on the forthcoming Action Against 5G Hearing on February 6 and February 7, 2023.

Who is Karen Churchill?

  • Karen Churchill holds a BSc in Astronomy, Physiology and Biology, has worked for 10 years as a Computer Systems Analyst/Programmer, and has a diploma in Vibrational Medicine.
  • She’s been working full-time for the last three years to challenge the UK government on the biological impact of EMF wireless radiation including 5G. She is one of three claimants on the Action Against 5G Judicial Review.
  • Karen is also passionate about studying and applying alternative medicines having been diagnosed with ME CFS and a Functional Neurological disorder.

What is Action Against 5G?

  • Action Against 5G consists of groups of individuals across the UK, including doctors, scientists and engineers, supported by a strong team of lawyers headed by Michael Mansfield QC.
  • They have joined forces to commence legal proceedings to challenge the UK government’s failure to take sufficient notice of clearly identified health and safety risks of wireless radiation and the increased exposure from the deployment of 5G.

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This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on December 19, 2022. Jane Gunn and Sue Grey also spoke at Monday’s meeting. 

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  1. Big fan of the work done by WCFH. But my view is that Karen and Mark are totally unqualified to discuss this and input from people who have worked in this area would provide a more balanced viewpoint. As a retired telecommunications engineer (i.e. not paid by mobile phone people), I worked in this sector for many years since the early 70s. But their use isn’t new, originally utilised in point-to-point broadband telecoms for decades and only recently with mobile phones. But it’s not these commercial cellphone applications that worry me, it’s military ones that often run at very high power levels. Well-engineered commercial cellphone applications run at very low power levels. Even in places like Sth Korea where they have a far higher density of 5G users than most countries, health issues have not been seen. Ironically, as 5G use expands, cell sizes reduce, meaning radiated power levels around towers actually reduce and cellphones reduce their radiated powers at the same time. The use of 5G band beamforming technology and dynamic transmitters that essentially run in sleep mode also helps. Scientists and biologists not from the telecoms sector will have trouble comprehending how these systems actually work and I can perhaps understand their fears. Having a PhD or degree in biology doesn’t make you an expert in evaluating the safety of otherwise of telecommunications technology. Some see this 4/5G radiation as you would see a lightbulb being turned on and flooding the room. But 5G especially, is not like that at all. It’s easy to prove the levels of radiation and hence safety factor, using applied physics, formulae and math.

  2. How can I get to speak with Karen Churchill as a matter of urgency?
    My 22yr old daughter has been suffering from blistering lips and severe skin rashes. It’s all a long story. Does she have a phone number and/or email address? She has been living on a top floor flat in London. When she comes home we manage to get her better. Buy struggling this time. At one time she couldn’t talk or speak due to pain.
    Please call me on 07554440714 or email me diane.roberts@live.co.uk
    I look forward to hearing from you asap.
    Kind regards from an extremely concerned mum!

  3. There’s a lawyer in Queensland Australia who has successfully had 5G towers relocated with law suits based on the fact that the 5G energy penetrates the skin and therefore constitutes assault. I can get some details if anyone is interested. Regards Laurie

  4. Just listened. Very informative. Sorry to hear of the postponement of the Hearing and Mr. Maxwell’s injury. Hope he soon gets better. Am extremely impressed with the good work done by the World Council for Health and wonder if I could help in some small way?

  5. Dear wonderful Karen,

    I am deeply affected by this new 5G, I have had EHS since 1992, tinnitus and chronic fatigue on and off ever since but I can hear this new 5G / bluetooth signal, it IS disrupting something neurologically : I would love these mobile companies to test me and / or be added to your case ??

    It is ruining my life and no doubt countless others but more than that what is it doing to our children in schools and at home through wifi ??

    Kind Regards


  6. ‘Regulatory bodies’ across the board are member bodies. Anthony Stansfeld, former PCC of Thames Valley wrote to me….’There is a clear problem with the Regulatory Authorities, and the revolving door between them and the organisations they are meant to be regulating. There does appear to be wide-scale collusion and complicity. ‘ In my case it was in relation to solicitors and accountants, but ‘self regulation’ widespread and a joke. The misconduct in public office due to conflicts of interest is immense.

  7. I was first affected in 2019 with agonising pain in my inner ears for 3 days. I told my T’ai Chi teacher in Bristol (no longer a ‘safe city’) as he is badly affected by a mast of some kind outside the Fire Station in Patchway , as are many people, and especially children, there. He said that the Glastonbury Festival had turned on 4 5G masts and many riggers had gone off sick. I wrote to Michael Eavis – but he ghosted me.
    Then my right arm was paralysed by my mobile phone on a crowded train. The doctor just looked at me blankly. It seems that there is no place to register an injury. The NHS defines humans as a ‘chemical’ body, unlike Eastern medicine, which defines us as an ‘energetic’ body (more useful for this kind of injury) and Health Kinesiology (based on Chinese Medicine) cured my arm of paralysis. Some time later I was ‘zapped’ by a ‘smart’ TV when staying in a hotel in mid Wales. The radiation shot up my right arm and as it crossed the sweat gland (I later found the Israeli Study) went deep into my body and hit my heart. I had palpitations for some time. More recently I was affected by a 360 degree xray machine at the Bristol Dental Hospital. I didn’t want it but they said i wouldn’t get any treatment if I did not have it. Within half an hour there was a hot spot in the back of my neck and my deltoid muscle suffered damage – to this day. I am hoping to move north this year but wonder if I can live somewhere out of range of 5G. I realise that it is built on radar and so can go from space to earth, but is there a city, town or village that has decided to be 5G free? If anyone knows please tell me. Thanks.