A Better Way for A Better World: Film Screening & 2023 Announcement

On Tuesday, March 7, the World Council for Health hosted the world premiere of a new behind-the-scenes documentary about the historic Better Way Conference.

After the screening of the movie, they were joined by the film’s director, Mark Lawrie, and editor Phil Wiseman of Oracle Films.

Re-live the life-changing event in Bath and don’t miss the exciting announcement from the WCH Steering Committee about Better Way Conference 2023!

This is the story of A Better Way for A Better World presented by your World Council for Health.

You can also watch this documentary on Rumble. For more film screenings, click here.

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  1. Thanks so much for this amazing presentation. The truth is coming out now and it’s so good to see 😊

  2. Thank you Oracle for creating this documentary! WCH has kept me sane through this confusing time. I am forever grateful. I will take some of the words from the highlights in this documentary and pass them on to as many of the human population as I can. You are all a very brave bunch of humans, and for sure…the new Hero’s of the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. thanks to everyone involved in this presentation it has restored my faith in humanity and health care and gives me hope for our futures it is so reassuring to hear from all of these wonderful people who are grounded in truth and transparency and not corrupted by the usual suspects.

  4. Thankyou all who participated in this conference , Thankyou to all who share these values and thankyou Oracle for producing a well rounded documentary.

  5. Dear All,

    Occasionally, you receive a video clip like this one that genuinely shocks you because of its clear, impeccable logic.

    The recently demonstrated advances of Artificial Intelligence (AI) combined with this clip demands that it be passed on to all our families and friends for their appreciation of the social implications of ignoring what is planned for them by “Big Brother” and prepare themselves to fight against every piece of this potential Orwellian Social Engineering progression into a “Post Human World”.