5G: The Next Extinction? Featuring Ian Jarvis

Speaking at WCH General Assembly #61 on Monday, October 17, Ian Jarvis gave a concerning presentation about the dangers of 5G and wireless technology.

Who is Ian Jarvis?

Ian Jarvis has over 30 years of IT practical experience for the UK government and private industry, as well as some 25 years experience in body therapy and movement. Ian has one of the earliest degrees in computing science available in the UK. 

With a B.Sc. in Computing Science, he has dedicated himself to researching 5G in addition to the issues around all RFR/EMF/WCR, working as part of Wolves Action Group to prevent more 5G towers from being erected. 

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on October 17, 2022.

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  1. Fantastic information provided by Ian.
    How do we contact him for help regarding approaching our local councils

  2. This is a criminal cabal forcing these harmful infrastructures all around us. Thank you for your work. This, along with the other mechanisms being pushed on us is clear evidence of what they are trying to do and are doing. Outrageous and now the people are finding out. Another example of how the very ones doing this are indemnified.

  3. Don’t forget the sufferers who know about the damage of 3g, 4g and 5g are doing. The man made electrical and magnetic fields as well. We have no say to be accepted for being ES, no help from the medical world, no human rights to speak of. It requires everyone to wake up to damages of RF radiation and start to learn to live and practice using safe technology. Educate yourself please. https://www.es-uk.info

  4. Is Ian Jarvis’s email posted anywhere on your website? I thought I heard during his presentation that it is posted somewhere.

  5. Radar works on higher frequencies with a higher power. Is there a colleration between illnesses between those that live near radar stations and the general public?

  6. There are a few of is in Leicestershire very interesting in sending notices to councils. Is there any links you can send to help our challenge.

    Kind regards,