Zimbabwe COVID Frontline Clinicians Society

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Covid worldwide has significantly impacted the planet from human tragedy to economic negative impacts. Zimbabwe, a Low Middle Income Country situated in Southern Africa has not been spared. To that end the Covid Front Line Doctors Society of Zimbabwe (hereinafter referred to as the ZCFCS) was formed by a nucleus of dedicated front line medical professionals, in the front line of COVID 19, attending directly to the people infected with SARS Co V 2. Using a combination of the FLCCC protocols, Thomas Borody’s combination therapy protocol and traditional medicines we managed to reduce the death rate by a factor of over 10 fold in hypoxic patients. We feel strongly that the impact of lockdown on the economy, with the resultant social, health, and mental health implications to the population, must be avoided, at all costs.

The pandemic and its knock-on impact of lockdown and reduction in trade, industry and tourism disrupted livelihoods, especially in urban areas, and added 1.3 million to the extreme poor. Estimates suggest the number of extreme poor reached 7.9 million in 2020—almost 49% of the population. Surveys indicate that nearly 500,000 households have at least one member who lost their job in 2020, causing many to fall into poverty and worsening the plight of the existing poor. Urban households suffered most economically. Ninety percent of nonfarm businesses, which skew toward urban areas, indicated that they faced a drop in revenue or did not receive any revenue at all (ZIMSTAT Rapid PICES Phone Survey of July 2020). Wage earners in urban areas and the extreme poor were disproportionally affected by the pandemic, as their pay was either cut or not received at all. Rural households rely less on wage employment and nonfarm businesses.①

The goals of the Zimbabwean Front Line Clinicians include:

1. To save lives.

2. To practice Evidence AND Experienced Based Medicine to find safe, effective, affordable and available treatments that can be used by Zimbabweans to prevent hospitalisation.

3. To prevent lock downs any time in the future and permanently eradicate the economic impact of COVID 19 as a stretch goal.

4. To help to restore the Tourism industry.

5. To resume sport and schooling safely.

6. To share success with people in other countries.

Lawyers are required to ensure compliance. Lawyers are also needed to defend those doctors who have had disciplinary and criminal action taken against them for using ivermectin before it was “registered”. It is critical that these doctors are exonerated from action taken by the Medical Council, so that doctors all over the country are not intimidated into not giving safe and effective protocols.

Training of health professionals all over Zimbabwe needs to occur so that there is consistency of effective COVID 19 management countrywide.

We will need funding for a website and IT infrastructure/support.

The tourist industry has been hardest hit with COVID 19 travel restrictions.

Regarding Tourism:

1. We need to fund experienced professionals in the Society to engage with the Government Covid Task Force to develop and have a coordinated plan for prevention and treatment of safari operator staff and all those involved in the hospitality/tourism industry and their clients in the event of them becoming unwell.

2. We need to set up a Telemedicine service along the lines of Royal Flying Doctors in Australia to ensure that clients who become unwell are assessed via telemedicine so mild COVID cases remain in their camps/hotels/lodges etc and are promptly treated, and contacts given prevention and moderate to severe cases appropriately managed. The goal is to ensure that Zimbabwe becomes a premier destination for tourists and develops a reputation as a safe country to visit with rapid and effective treatment and prevention if patients become unwell.

References: ① The World Bank Zimbabwe Overview https://www.worldbank.org/en/country/zimbabwe/overview