Vitamin C 4 COVID

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We stand for public health and healthcare policy to be based on science with the aim of saving lives. We are calling for: The government and its public health and nutrition agencies to thoroughly assess the evidence and fund studies of this inexpensive and safe nutrient.

The government, NHS, health care and medical associations to recommend to all citizens to supplement vitamin C during this viral epidemic, based on the available evidence. Content on ‘vitamin C for COVID-19 or corona’ no longer being classified as false information in both digital, broadcast and print media. GPs, doctors and nutrition practitioners to be allowed and actively encouraged to recommend vitamin C supplementation for anyone with cold symptoms or coronavirus infection to reduce duration and severity of symptoms as an allowable health claim.

All covid-19 patients to be tested for vitamin C status and treated accordingly. Vitamin C to be given to all covid-19 patients as early as possible on hospital admission. Intravenous vitamin C to be trialled as a standard adjunctive treatment for all critical covid patients in Intensive Care Units.