Vitality Wellness World

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VISION: To facilitate a collective health change across the world, Vitality Wellness World and Breathe Salt Wellness have begun the footprint of change in Surrey, Langley, and Vancouver of British Columbia. In a few months, the company has grown to three wellness clinics with the next phase of growth happening with pets and elderly care. The next vision is to establish our mobile and franchise divisions to help to recover people and animals through restorative cellular health across North America and into the hearts of Europe and Asia.

“Bringing vitality to humanity, one cell at a time.”

PHILOSOPHY: We believe that breathing is not a commodity it is essential. Taking care of your lungs and the immune system is a necessity. Health can be a wide spectrum. By combining science with your genetic makeup, we can produce an immediate analysis of your past, present, and future health conditions. Effective PEMF (Pulse electromagnetic frequency), full-body analysis, and treatment based on cellular rehabilitation, halotherapy, and biodynamic ionized water should be a vital part of your regular wellness plan. Lungs are about 85% water. Our treatments should not take the place of your medical treatment. Always consult your licensed physician if you have questions or concerns.