UK Medical Freedom Alliance

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We are calling for:

Fully informed consent for all testing, medical treatments and vaccines.

Freedom to refuse testing, medical interventions and vaccines without penalties, restrictions, limitations or conditions.

Full transparency of safety and effectiveness data on trials involving therapeutic agents or vaccines, to allow independent scrutiny and evaluation and enable fully informed consent.

An alternative approach to handling COVID-19 and all future pandemics, based on focussed protection of the vulnerable, to allow herd immunity to develop safely while limiting collateral damage to society.

Our objectives are to:

Educate the public about Medical/Health Freedom issues by providing easily accessible, evidence-based information on our website and social media sites.

Become a recognised and respected voice in the media and public sphere on Medical/Health Freedom issues.

Provide information and resources to aid people who wish to challenge mandated Covid-19 testing, interventions or Covid-19 vaccines, and any resulting restrictions or penalties imposed on them.

Collaborate with other professional UK and International Groups who are campaigning for Medical/Health Freedoms and other Human Rights and Freedoms issues relating to the Government pandemic measures.