TARSAN Teen Adverse Reaction Support Advocacy Network

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TARSAN- Teen Adverse Reaction Support Advocacy Network, are a group of concerned parents, brought together by the lack of informed consent and sheer volume of adverse reactions our UK teenagers are being subjected to in correlation to the CV-19 Vaccines. Our aim is ultimately to Stop the war on our youth. To date over 2,000 child adverse reactions have now been reported to the UK MHRA Yellow card scheme, in just 16 weeks.

We aim to provide emotional, physical and legal support and guidance by our specialist partners to those families adversely effected.

By urging families to unite, whatever viewpoints on the vaccines, we can promote unity, help those in need by providing factual information and assist in the formation of local support groups.

We are also in the process of collating water tight statements of injured parties to present a case and gain a hearing to ultimately stop the jab roll out out to our children.

Our support is Free and always with no judgment.