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Mission Statement

Launched in January 2021, Réinfo Santé Suisse International (RSSI) is dedicated to protecting dissenting voices within the health community, providing independent scientific information and offering alternatives to the status quo. Committed to health freedom, RSSI aims to bring people out of fear and ignorance, into responsibility and self-empowerment.

Based in the French part of Switzerland, home to the United Nations and the World Health Organization, over 350 medical health professionals have joined us. Composed of doctors, nurses, midwives, caregivers, pharmacists, paramedics, homeopaths, naturopaths and scientists, RSSI

brings together a community of medical and healthcare professionals bound by the duty to first do no harm, practice the precautionary principle, and respect true informed consent.

Our mission is to unite people dedicated to promoting health, safeguarding our natural biological integrity, our rights to individual health and the practice of medicine in an ethical manner, free from discrimination and monetary motivations.

Led by a team of medical doctors, a public health expert, a naturopath and an independent researcher, RSSI is committed to defending health, exposing inconsistencies, fraud, conflicts of interest—both ideological and financial—and the misuse of science to promote politics and corporate profit-driven agendas.