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Prenatal Alliance is a purpose-driven organization with a mission to promote awareness about the relevance of the beginning of life, from conception, pregnancy and birth to breastfeeding, for the quality of Human Civilization.

Our Vision is:
. That every person on earth is aware of the utmost relevance of conception, pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding for a planet peopled with thriving, loving and altruistic children and adults

. Every pregnant woman supported and inspired by her community, as well as by her partner, both of them conscious of the power nature gave her to form and nurture in her womb a healthy future adult, capable of self-love, love towards others, our planet and the sublime – a “Homo sapiens frater”

. That every baby is conceived, gestated, born, breastfed and nurtured in a loving, joyous, healthy, harmonious and respectful way