Police for Freedom

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1. To remind the members of the security forces, that our main responsibilities are:

◆ Keep the peace and ensure social justice.

◆ Protect and respect the freedoms and fundamental rights of everyone.

◆ Prevent and combat crime.

◆ Facilitate assistance and service to the people.

2. Seek union between civilians and members of the security forces, facilitating direct communication between both, knowing their concerns and advising them in the best way.

3. Educate civilians and members of the security forces about the fundamental sacredness of Human Rights, as well as expose the warning signs of a rising tyranny, in order to protect social justice and peace.

4. Provide moral support and advice to anyone who is experiencing injustice and challenges with the police in their community.

5. Advise police who are suffering from peer pressure, harassment or discrimination in their workplace for wanting to carry out their work with professional ethics, according to the Constitution of their country and in resonance with the Universal Human Rights declarations.

6. Offer members of the security forces new tools that they can incorporate into their work and personal life, such as emotional intelligence, mindfulness, meditation, peaceful communication, leadership and self-mastery. All of these skills are necessary for a police officer in the 21st century.