International Reset Freedom Foundation

To obtain funding for and to deploy autonomous research and development facilities with associated: –1. Natural remedies co-operatives,2. Control group blood banks and associated path labs,3. Legal aid centres and4. Rehabilitation centres5. Situated on off grid Agricultural holdings6. Under an International charitable Foundation7. With commercial outletsTo deal with the fallout from the patented mass formation…

Australia Exits the W.H.O.

Australia Exits the W.H.O. is a community of engaged people taking action to ensure freedom for the people of Australia. We are at risk of losing our sovereignty to the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) due to proposed changes to the World Health Assembly’s (WHA’s) International Health Regulations (IHR). Even if Australia votes against the proposals….

Agrupacion de Profesionales de la Salud e Investigadores Independientes (APSIIN)

Somos una agrupación espontánea de Profesionales de la Salud e investigadores independientes, inquietos por la crisis sanitaria desencadenada a fines del 2019 y declarada Pandemia por la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) y en nuestro país en marzo de 2020. Investigamos la información con los conocimientos aceptados por la ciencia médica, biológica, bioquímica, virológica,…

An Emerging Love Force

Based in Eastern Canada, our mission is to provide space, shelter, and guidance for youth to connect, become, and learn, and for adults to step into new world wellness and free flow economy within the energetic embrace of this pristine natural sanctuary.

The Wellness Company

The Wellness Company strives to build a new health care system that earns people’s trust, governed and operated with transparency, and offering the highest quality practitioners who align at their core with our fundamental belief – to put the patient first. By unequivocally and unapologetically standing up for medical freedom and the right to affordable…

FRI ZeroSpike

́Federazione rinascimento italia ́ (FRI) is an Italian civic association headed by lawyers, doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs, professionals, artists, etc.FRI has initiated the ZeroSpike project, in order to find out more about the toxic spike protein and what can be done to eliminate it.

Take Back Our Tech

Take Back Our Tech (#TBOT) was founded in 2021. We see technology as an extension of human consciousness, an important tool that can be used for good.Unfortunately technology and its users (us) are under threat of being surveilled and controlled by malicious forces. 90% of the current population rely on abusive software services and companies…