NatuneHeal – Holistic Wellness & BioEnergy Therapy Centre

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Our vision

To provide honest education and to increase the awareness, acceptance, research and proper practice of Natural Health & BioEnergy Science for true healthcare in New Zealand.


To offer communities of all backgrounds and ethnicities in New Zealand a professional, affordable, un-rushed, effective, drug-free and non-invasive Integrative Health Service with negligible side-effects, customised solutions, and a causal approach, for sustaining a completely healthy lifestyle.


“Sustaining prime health always”.


– To lead a successful practice of Natural Integrative Health Medicine via static and mobile Clinics, remote connection and home visits.

– To create long-term partnerships with like-minded individuals, organisations and communities.

– To communicate to key stakeholders the connection and evidence between Natural Integrative Health & BioEnergy Science, Traditional or Conventional Health, and ancestral Spiritual Wisdom.

– To research and raise public awareness of the various interconnected dimensions of Health (emotional, mental, physical, spiritual) in the prevention and healing of chronic disease.

– To provide and receive continuous education and training in Natural Integrative Health & BioEnergy Science and ancestral Spiritual Wisdom.

– To improve the current Standards of Practice in the Natural Integrative Health Medicine industry.