International Legal Alliance for Health (ILAH)

International Legal Alliance for Health International

ILAH’s values, objectives and focus are solidarity, awareness and collaboration. Solidarity leads to greater awareness of human rights issues in every country, and collaboration in sharing ideas, resources and taking action.

ILAH’s current focus is on access to safe and effective treatments; educating against mandatory shots, jab passports and medical apartheid; and, advocating for compensation for jab adverse effects being experienced.

ILAH welcomes national chapters forming in each country, which can include legal practitioners, health care workers, and allies from other fields. 

ILAH was conceptualised by South African mediation practitioner Shabnam Palesa Mohamed and co-founded with Indian advocate Dipali Ojha after they met through a trailblazing interview about various legal actions related to C19, including legal action against the WHO and Big Pharma. ILAH then launched in 2021 with a steering committee of international legal practitioners committed to truth, health, justice, sovereignty and freedom. They are from South Africa (mediator Shabnam Palesa Mohamed and advocate Sabelo Sibanda), North America (attorney Jay Anthony Sanchez) and Europe (attorney Edward Patrick Flaherty).