HUMA Homeopathy Unicist Moroccan Association

logo HUMA

HUMA homeopathy unionist association created in 2017

The main objectives of the non-profit association are

– The promotion of homeopathy in the medical field (human and veterinary medicine) and in the agronomic field

– To organise professional and scientific meetings between its members to study homeopathy

– To promote the quality of the professional practice of homeopathy through continuing education

– To inform its members by all appropriate means of the scientific and technical innovations acquired in Morocco and abroad in these fields;

– Organising training courses, meetings, conferences, seminars and congresses to expose and discuss scientific and technical knowledge and new therapies;

– To assist in any initiative or study of a nature to develop homeopathy.

– To facilitate scientific and cultural contacts between Moroccan and foreign homeopaths;

– To represent the profession in Maghrebian and international institutions with the same objectives.