Global Truth Network

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GTN is a curation of publicly available information that reveals ‘the other side of the story’ on global issues reported by the MSM – Covid pandemic; global warming; net zero carbon targets; ‘woke’ agenda; identity politics; transgender issues; WEF plans, etc. The ‘other side of the story’ covers facts & opinions provided by experts who have been silenced, & real-world data that is being suppressed. GTN is a resource for those who want to research these issues, but don’t know where to start to find these experts and data.  A ‘one stop shop’ for information on important issues impacting everyone’s lives. 

GTN seeks to ‘open people’s minds’ to information they have not previously seen or heard; encourage them to research to form their own conclusions about the truth; and provide practical steps to build a better future that respects individual human rights and freedom.