GAIHH : Gloabl Alliance of Integrated Hearts and Health

GAIHH Australia

GAIHH is a non-profit organisation founded in 2021, in response to the emerging mental health crisis being faced in Australia and around the world as result of the policies implemented to manage the COVID-19 pandemic.  GAIHH has 2 main arms:  PUBLIC SUPPORT: GAIHH aims to provide a safe and supportive online environment for people who may be confused, stressed, depressed and / or isolated in response to the various policies introduced to manage the COVID-19 pandemic.  We know how divisive these issues have been for communities; many of us have experienced relationship difficulties, even breakdown with friends and family.  These issues can become so heated, that many are frightened to even ask questions any more.  GAIHH is a safe place where you can raise your issues / concerns / questions without fear of retribution or judgement.  We can ALL learn from each other’s experiences in navigating this space and, in the coming weeks, we will be providing a growing library of information and resources to help make sense of this incredibly complex situation.  Sign up on the form below to be notified of our weekly zoom support groups and other initiatives.  We also have a public Telegram Channel which can be accessed here. PRACTITIONER SUPPORT: GAIHH aims to provide support, connection and “oxygen masks” for practitioners around the world responding to the enormous community mental health crisis.  The extent of this crisis has resulted in interns and retirees being called in to practice to cope with the extraordinary demand. GAIHH provides a platform enabling like-minded professionals to build connections with one another as well as share information, resources and practical tools to support individuals looking for healing after trauma.   Our  Practitioner Forum brings together news, views, and essential information, all written by passionate and knowledgeable community members.   Mental health practitioners please sign up here.