Freedom Rising

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Freedom Rising is a platform to connect Canadians who are feeling coerced by the vaccine mandates and passports and who want to know what they can do to help create something different and make positive changes going forward.

They are a nationwide Alliance of organizations and individuals inviting and invite you to join us.

Here you will find thousands of Canadians in over a hundred organizations, all striving to put an end to the tyranny that has stolen our rights and freedoms and upended our economy and our communities. You will find links to the people you can connect with in this growing Freedom Rising movement. And to view the current announcements and actions these groups are planning, you can visit our sister site Freedom in Action. 

We have documents that can give you a new perspective, and where you can declare your commitment to co-creating a world where the human spirit is embraced, freedom is expressed and our individual rights have been restored in every community.

And we have downloadable Freedom Rising Graphics that you can use on emails or social media posts, to bring others to this site, or for business cards, bumper stickers, lawn signs, posters and placards to bring to rallies, to spread the word and spirit of Freedom Rising from coast to coast. 

While the “Freedom Rising” cry began in Canada, here you can see the spirit of its message manifesting globally with our international partners and allies around the world.