Fearless Canada

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Fearless Canada is a small, volunteer activist organization. We share credible data, including scientific studies, epidemiological data from our governments, government health policies and testimonials from experts for our visitors to view for themselves and arrive at their own conclusions. We provide resources for Canadians to use and share ideas on how to resist totalitarian, one-size-fits-all measures. We also cover and support major events and initiatives in the movement against overreaching, undemocratic public health measures.

Lockdowns, mask orders, and now vaccine mandates have devastated families and small business owners across the country. We demand an end to damaging public health policies and strive to ensure that such draconian, overreaching, discriminatory, and unjustified measures are never allowed to take hold again in our free and democratic nation.

Fearless Canada also routinely participates in protests and supports like-minded organizations nationwide in order to bring attention to the movement and take concrete action to effect positive change. We encourage all Canadians to get involved, take back their power, and exercise their freedom of personal and medical autonomy, as well as all other civil liberties that have been unlawfully usurped since the spring of 2020.