c19 Transparency Advocacy Group

c19 transparency group

MISSION: To support transparency and promulgate the most up to date information to the stakeholders in Trinidad and Tobago in response to SARS-COVID19, and to demand accountability from those currently managing the local response consistent with our human and constitutional rights. OBJECTIVES:

1) Prevent Constitutional Changes that mandate Vaccines for any Citizen regardless of age, physical constitution, or occupation

2) Full & Prior Informed Consent must be made available to those choosing to vaccinate

3) Prevent coercion and actions by companies, Government institutions, other bodies, entities or persons that seek to mandate vaccinations on their employees by threatening loss of jobs, income or any other form of penalty

4) Disclosure of Vaccination Status in reporting COVID19 Health impacts

5) Lobby the Government to institute a Web-based T&T Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting Platform or if necessary, CTAGTT will host a Platform using its own resources

6) Promote Harmony among All Citizens regardless of decision to accept or decline Vaccination

7) Overall equity and justice in National response to declared Pandemic

8) Align and share the T&T Advocacy Experience with similar Public Interest Groups acting Locally, Regionally and Internationally