Alliance for Natural Health

The Alliance for Natural Health International (ANH-Intl) is an independent, non-profit organisation founded in 2002 in the UK by acclaimed sustainability scientist, Robert Verkerk PhD.  

The organisation was established initially to challenge unjust restrictions on access to natural sources of vitamins and minerals in food supplements by European citizens as the result of disproportionate EU laws. ANH successfully took a lawsuit through the High Court in London (2003) with the case being expedited to the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg in 2004. ANH-Intl has since expanded its remit substantially to include many other aspects of natural health and health system sustainability. Today, our work is segmented into seven key areas, namely food, health, lifestyle, sustainability, natural products, informed choice and regulatory.

ANH-Intl’s quest to help more people optimise their health by working with, rather than against nature, means we engage with a broad range of issues relating to health and disease prevention, especially those involving dietary and lifestyle modification. We work to help health systems to transition from their current pre-occupation with the management of ‘downstream’ diseases to ‘upstream’ approaches that maintain and regenerate health. We support the increased adoption of scientifically validated, natural and sustainable approaches to health creation, health regeneration and disease prevention, taking into account the needs and choices of specific individuals, social and cultural groups.

The threat of uncertainty, as well as regulatory and other pressures, including from large food and pharmaceutical lobbies, continues to limit freedom of choice in the field of natural health. ANH-Intl advocates for properly informed consent, the right for citizen choice in healthcare and the right to practice a diverse range of modalities incorporating natural health. It supports individual empowerment, medical autonomy, the rule of law, and respect for, and the protection of, the natural environment. 

Our international office is based in Chilworth, UK. As an international alliance, we collaborate with a diverse cross-section of natural and environmental interests around the world, including scientists, lawyers, medical doctors, other health professionals, politicians, companies and, above all, citizens. Through our membership base, we also represent a number of health professionals, citizens and community groups.