Awaken India Movement

Awaken India Movement brings together people who want to educate, uplift and spur collaborative and creative action, self-responsibility and awareness, about freedom of choice and basic human rights which are rapidly eroding. We present reliable information and resources, that are accessible to those with little scientific, legal or technical knowledge.

MKR Co-operation Network Finland

MKR Finland is a co-operation network consisting of citizens and experts of all fields.MKR has lots of independent small teams like News, Science, Health & Wellbeing, Economy & Money, Corruption Research, Covid & Other Crisis Solutions, Better Finland (innovating new society), Law & Politics, Arts & Entertainment, Peer Support & Conversation Groups etc. that get…

Safe Blood Donation

Safe Blood is a non-profit organisation fighting for health freedom around the world. A large number of people have made a conscious decision not to be vaccinated at all against Sars-Cov-2 and decline the mRNA-based vaccines – for whatever reason. They also have reservations about having blood transfused from vaccinated people. Our focus right now…

International Liberty Forum

The International Liberty Forum is dedicated to fighting against globalist encroachment by supranational NGOs such as the World Economic Forum. Our mission is to eradicate the undue influence these groups hold over world governments and prevent them from undermining and bypassing the democratic processes of individual nations.

Iniciativa 21 – zdraví a svoboda

Initiative 21 is a non-political community of doctors, psychologists, lawyers and other professionals and supporting active citizens who disagree with the state’s approach to the covid-19 disease based on exerting power, with the spread of misinformation, fear and panic from official places, manipulative campaigns of the state, control of citizens, restrictions on human rights, indiscriminate…